The Ultimate Wizard Guide For Farming, Pushing And Clan Wars!

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The Wizard likes to be the star of the show, pulling rabbits out of his hat and setting buildings ablaze. While his reputation might precede him, he adds a lot of firepower to armies, which makes him a great troop for farming, trophy pushing and clan wars.

Who is the Wizard?

The Wizard sure packs a punch doing the most damage per second per Army Camp space in the game. Take a few Wizards and let them loose on a few buildings and watch as they burn through them within seconds.

The downside is that they’re more costly than Archers and take longer to train. Also, like Archers, they need protection from troops like Giants and Golems.

Below I’m covering every upgrade of the Wizard and the best way to use them for farming, trophy pushing and clan wars:

Wizard Upgrades

Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement SpeedAttack SpeedRangeBarracks Level
NoneArea Splash 0.3 Tile Radius (Ground & Air)4161.5s3 Tiles7
Number of Available BarracksTraining Timetime
12 minutes
21 minute
340 seconds
430 seconds
Dmg P. Second
Damage Per Hit
Hit Points
hit points
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost
elixir cost
Upgrade Time
When Unlocked
War Weight
war weight
Lab Level
TH Level
Town Hall
70105902,000150,0001 day293300lvl 3 TH5
901351082,500450,0002 days415450lvl 4TH6
125187.51303,0001,350,0003 days509599lvl 5TH7
1702551563,5002,500,0005 days657747lvl 6 TH8
185277.51754,0005,000,0009 days881895lvl 7TH9
2003001904,5007,000,00012 days1,0181041lvl 8TH10
215322.52105,0009,000,00014 days1,0991187lvl 9TH11
2303452305,50011,000,00014 days1,099lvl 10TH12


  • Ranged attack
  • Very high DPS
  • Deals splash damage


  • Slow movement speed
  • Low hit points
  • Slow attack speed

Keeping your Wizards alive

In order to use Wizards effectively, you must always support them with tankier troops like Golems, Giants, Pekkas and Heroes. Keeping your Wizards well protected can often make the difference between demolishing a base and having it end prematurely.

Best Farming Strategies for Wizards

At lower level Wizards are not very efficient to use for farming. Of course you can use them for fun or request them from your clan, but Archers work just as well and don’t cost as much elixir and time to create.

Gibarch at Town Hall 8 and 9

At Town Hall 8 and Town Hall 9 you can include Wizards with your Giants, Barbarians and Archers in order to deal more damage than Barbarians and Archers do on their own. Especially at Town Hall 9 you’ll need more firepower to tackle maxed out bases. To save yourself time and elixir it’s always beneficial to request them from your clan mates.

You simply look for inactive bases or bases with full storages. Once you find one, you drop a line of Giants to attract fire from defenses. Drop a line of Barbarians and Archers to take out buildings on the perimeter of the base which will allow your troops to funnel into the middle.

Use some Wall Breakers to break into the core and then start dropping your Wizards and Heroes behind the Giants. A Rage Spell is all you need for your Wizards to destroy everything in their path towards the Dark Elixir Storage at the center of the base.

Wizards for Trophy Pushing

Wizards are great for pushing trophies. Along with tanky troops like Golems and Giants they can easily 2 star many bases no matter what kind of crazy contraptions they may throw at you! Below are the 3 most popular pushing strategies that include Wizards:


This is a very powerful attack strategy for Town Hall 8 and up players that will reliably get you 2 or even 3 stars. It’s a bit heavy on the amount of elixir it requires as only the Valkyries use up Dark Elixir. Also Giants are also vulnerable to Spring Traps, so you’ll have to be careful your valiant attack won’t result in misery.


GoVaWi replaces Giants with Golems. This is a more balanced army composition than GiVaWi, as Spells, Wall Breakers and Wizards require Elixir and Golems and Valkyries and Golems need Dark Elixir. Using Golems also means you won’t have to worry about pesky Spring Traps ruining your raid.


Ah yes, the once popular strategy that SuperCell still tries to shove down player’s throats. This strategy, while not really viable in clan wars, is decent for pushing trophies. Pekkas and Golems may get stuck behind Walls (or worse stroll around the base!), but with a bit of finesse you can get a solid 2 star on most bases if not better.


You can simply include Wizards to this army composition to give your army more punch. This army composition is undeniably the weakest out of the three, but it’s proverbially lighter on your wallet as it doesn’t cost a ton of elixir and doesn’t require any Dark Elixir at all. It is advised you only use this strategy at the start of your push when you still encounter weaker bases.

Wizards in Clan Wars

Wizards have various uses in clan wars. While they’re great at making players cry as their bases get 3 starred by them at the lower levels, they take on more of a support role at higher levels as either funneling troops or for cleanup. Reason being that they’re outclassed by Bowlers who often hit multiple buildings with their attack.

Town Hall 5-Town Hall 6

At these levels Wizards are your bread and butter in war attacks (unless you spam Balloons). As they have relatively low hit points you want to protect them with Giants at all costs. For this reason don’t be like an overexcited 8 year old kid and spam your troops in one spot.

Drop your Giants in a line with Wizards behind them. Break into the base with Wall Breakers and funnel your Wizards to lay the core of the base to waste. Keep a couple Giants in reserve to protect any Wizards that wonder off to the sides.

Wizards as support troops

funneling wizards

At Town Hall 8 and up Wizards are often used as funneling troops. This means that the player will drop a Golem or 2 and uses Wizards to clear out “trash” buildings such as Army Camps and Elixir Collectors.

Those Wizards unscathed go on to help take out pesky Dragons from the enemy Clan Castle and razing the base to the ground.

Wizards for cleanup

Using Wizards in this GoHoBo attack ensured the attacker didn’t run out of time

You meticulously destroyed every single defense with Hog Riders or Balloons. You cleverly avoided total annihilation by Giants Bombs or Air Bombs. But oh no! Half of the base remains and your troops don’t have enough time to backtrack and clear them all out.

Que in the Wizard. A couple of these beardy fellas will clear up all the buildings for you. Just make sure you deploy them as soon as they’re safe from enemy fire.

Wizards on defense

While Wizards do a ton of damage, but their slow attack speed and low hit points can cause them to be taken out before getting any shots off. However, if you combine them with a Dragon they should be able to gets some hits in. In this regard, Wizards face stiff competition from Balloons, which with their higher hit points can be more threatening than Wizards. Another downside of using Wizards on defense is that Dragons and Baby Dragons can one shot them.

Over to you

coc wizard
How do you use Wizards in Clash of Clans?

Wizards are a very versatile troop. Do you need your army to get deeper into a base? Adding more Wizards to your army composition can often do this for you. Whether for farming, trophy pushing or Clan Wars, maxing your Wizards is often a worthwhile investment.

Do you use Wizards a lot? Have you you tried using them to make your funnels? Let us know in the comments below!

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