Defend Your Base With Wizard Towers Guaranteed!

Wizard Towers, the eternal nemesis of Balloons are one of the most powerful defensive buildings in the game. They deal splash damage to both air and ground troops, while firing faster than Mortars. All of this good stuff comes at a diminished range, but the amount of damage it dishes out to groups of Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Giants, Hog Riders, Balloons, Valkyries, Miners and Bowlers make them more than worth it.

We’ll be covering how upgrades, upgrade priority, ideal placements and how to attack Wizard Towers in depth below!

Wizard Tower Upgrades

Attack Speed
Damage Type
71.3sSplash - 1 tileGround & Air3x3
Town Hall Level TH
th 8
th 9
th 10
th 11
Number Available00001223445
damage per second
Damage Per Second
damage per shot
Damage Per Shot
hit points
Hit Points
hit points

Build Time
Experience Gained
War Weight
war weight
Town Hall Level Required
town hall
11114.3620180,00012 hours2074505
21316.9650360,0001 day2938705
31620.8680700,0002 days4151,2606
420267301,200,0003 days50915507
52431.28401,700,0004 days5871,8418
63241.69602,200,0005 days6572,1318
740521,2003,700,0006 days7202,3219
84862.41,4405,200,0008 days8312,51110
95672.81,6807,200,00010 days9292,70211
106180.62,0009,200,00012 days1,0182,89211


  • Deals splash damage
  • Targets both ground and air troops
  • High amount of hit points


  • Short range
  • High war weight

Should I prioritize the Wizard Tower?

Wizard Towers provide a lot of value for defending your base, so it’s generally a good defense to prioritize for farming, trophy pushing and clan wars.


Wizard Towers are amazing for defending your base against troops such as Barbarians, Archers, Goblins and Giants. They quickly melt down entire groups of these commonly used troops.

They’re not very effective against mass Dragon, but this strategy is too costly in elixir to farm with anyways. Laloon is more popular at Town Hall 9 and up and fortunately Wizard Towers are the perfect counter against Balloons. Balloons tend to clump up and since they move incredibly slowly a single Wizard Tower can single-handedly burn an entire pack of them down to the ground.

Trophy Pushing

Wizard Towers are powerful defenses for trophy pushing. At the lowest levels they deal a lot of damage to a group of Giants. At Town Hall 8 Golems become more common in armies which easily shrug off Wizard Tower hits, but they remain great against Valkyries, Wizards and Hog Riders.

At Town Hall 9 they’re super effective against Balloons to the point that an attacker must use a Haste or Rage spell to take Wizard Towers down. After X-Bows and Air Defenses, they’re a good choice for maxing out.

At Town Hall 10 and up Wizard Towers provide a lot of value against Bowlers and Miners as well. They’re not as important as big of a priority compared to Inferno Towers and the Eagle Artillery however.

Clan Wars

Wizard Towers add a lot more war weight than point defenses like the Cannon, Hidden Tesla, Archer Tower, Air Defense and traps, so you may want to upgrade those first. Since Wizard Towers are great defensive structures at every Town Hall level, you don’t have to worry too much if you upgrade them earlier.

Up to Town Hall 6 they provide great value against Giants, Balloons and Wizards. At Town Hall 7 and Town Hall 8 they’re important for defending against Hog Riders, Valkyries and Balloons. At Town Hall 9 they’re one of the most effective tools at your disposal to counter Balloons, while also offering important protection against Witches and Hog Riders. At Town Hall 10 and up they remain vital for defending against Laloon, but also help defend against Bowlers and Miners.

Where do I place Wizard Towers?

Wizard Towers are best used to defend against different types of troops at different Town Hall levels. They’re great against large groups of troops, but also against Wall Breakers, because of the splash damage it deals. For this reason, you never want an attacker to be able to target Wizard Towers directly as Wizard Towers are too valuable to leave them exposed on the very outsides of your base.

Wizard Towers go well with Giant Bombs, Skeleton Traps and Air Mines, but I’ll be covering that more in depth below.

Note on countering Balloons

It’s important to note that Wizard Towers are one of the best ways to defends against Balloons. Make sure that your Wizard Towers at Town Hall 9 and up do not have any Air Defenses in range, because you want your Wizard Towers to shoot Balloons down instead of doing a puny amount of damage to Lavahounds.

Also make sure your Wizard Towers are protected by Air Sweepers as you don’t want to make it easy for the attacker to steamroll your base with Hasted and Raged Balloons.

Farming Bases

The limited range of Wizard Towers aren’t as much an issue up to Town Hall 6 when base are still compact and a single Wizard Tower can cover a relatively large part of the base. Wizard Towers can be very effective against a pack of Giants if your compartments are set up in such a way that Giants will path around it.

Placing them next to your loot storages offers up great protection against Barbarians and Goblins.

At Town Hall 7 and up there’s typically less room in the core, but it’s still a good practice to protect Wizard Towers with some defenses. At Town Hall 9 you can opt to use a Wizard Tower in the core of the base to protect your Dark Elixir Storage from a Goblin Knife attack. However, since the Archer Queen is a bigger threat with her ability to snipe your Dark Elixir Storage, you’re better off using a moat and X-Bows in the core to defend against her.

Trophy Pushing

Without having to worry about loot storages to protect you can place Wizard Towers deeper inside the base. They’re more important than Mortars, because you’ll be hit by stronger troops at higher trophy levels, including flying troops such as Balloons.

Clan Wars

Wizard Towers play a very important role defending your base from getting 3 starred at every Town Hall level they’re available to you.

Town Hall 5

Wizard Towers are very important defenses up to Town Hall 6 to defend against Giants and Balloons. At Town Hall 5 place the Wizard Tower, Air Defense and Mortar in the middle of the base, but not directly adjacent so that Lightning Spells can take out more than 1 defense.

Town Hall 6

At Town Hall 6 the threat of your Wizard Tower can be negated by Healers. Fortunately you have 2 Air Defenses and an Air Sweeper to deal with those pesky Healers. It’s important your Wizard Towers are still up after the Healers go down to take care of the Giants. To do so, place the Wizard Towers at the center. A central placement for your Wizard Towers also gives them more time to shoot at Hog Riders if the attacker is bringing those in his Clan Castle.

Town Hall 7

Wizard Towers are important defenses at Town Hall 7 to defend against Hog Riders and high level Balloons as part of a DragLoon attack. A couple Giant Bombs between a Wizard Tower and another defense makes short work of any pack of Hogs looking to take out your base.

Town Hall 8

Place the Wizard Tower close to your Air Defense to protect your base against Balloons. Especially in combination with Hidden Teslas and a Red Air Bomb or two it can take Balloons out quickly. If the Wizard Tower takes out the Balloons before they can take out an Air Defense it’ll make it that much less likely that a Dragon attack will succeed against your TH8 War Base.

A Wizard Tower with a Giant Bomb does a lot of damage to Hog Riders and will force a Heal Spell. You can take out a large pack of Hog Riders by placing 2 Giant Bombs next to a Wizard Tower even if the Hog Riders are under a Heal Spell. Just make sure that there is only one way that the Hog Riders can path over the Double Giant Bombs.

Town Hall 9

You don’t want to clump all your Wizard Towers together as they’ll become a prime target for a Kill Squad to pave the way for Hogs to triple the base. You also want to place them on the side opposite to your Archer Queen, because attackers often attack from the side closest to your Archer Queen and you don’t want to give them much value for doing so!

Make pathing to the Wizard Tower difficult

Wizard Towers at the outer compartments is pretty much a must to defend against Witches, but you don’t want to allow an attacker to attack them directly with Hog Riders or Balloons. Making pathing to your Wizard Towers more difficult by using Mortars and/or Hidden Teslas. Hidden Teslas used for this purpose have the added advantage of making troops pause for a moment when they appear, giving your Wizard Towers more shots against the invading troops.

Countering the Skeleton Spell

While you can use a Wizard Tower to protect the Archer Queen from being taken out by a Skeleton Spell, it’s better to use your Bomb Towers for this as they won’t get distracted by Hounds, Balloons or Lavapups.

As X-Bow islands are highly effective at Town Hall 9 you may want to protect them from Balloons using a couple Wizard Towers. Remember to use Mortars and maybe Teslas to prevent troops from pathing directly to them.

Wizard Tower Kill Zone

The best way to defend against Hog Riders is to create various separated areas in your base that deal a lot of DPS forcing the use of a Heal spell. Wizard Towers and Giant Bombs deal a lot of damage to Hog Riders so it’s often a good idea to combine them.

Leverage the high amount of hit points of the X-Bow to give your Wizard Tower the chance to get more shots in. These areas that take a long time for Hog Riders to move through are also ideal for your Barbarian King to have an easy time at whacking at these Mr T wannabes.

A couple Wizard Towers in combination with point defenses and Air Mines is also absolutely deadly against a group of Balloons.

Outer Wizard Towers

If you have all your splash defenses and traps on the inside you’re asking to be tripled by Witches. Placing a Wizard Tower in the outer compartments of the base helps it defend against the popular Bowler+Witch attack.

Wizard Tower with Double Giant Bombs

The use of Double Giant Bombs is discouraged at top level play ever since they don’t deal 1.5x damage against Hog Riders anymore. Adding 2 bombs will help take out Level 5 Hog Riders. They can still be effective if they’re placed in between a Wizard Tower and another defense. While not ideal, it can still be effective if it’s hard to predict or if an attacker isn’t as experienced attacking with Hog Riders.

Town Hall 10 and 11 (anti 3 star)

Wizard Towers are very effective at countering Witch attacks. Place them in the outer compartments of the base, because Witches will always be used to take out the flanks of your base. By taking out Skeletons with their splash damage they allow for point defenses to take out the Witches.

A Wizard Tower in the core of the base is a great way to defend against Balloons, especially combined with a lot of point defenses and a couple Air Mines. Here they can also provide more support for the Archer Queen by defending her from Skeleton Spells.

You can also use Wizard Towers near or in your Inferno Tower Island to protect it from Bowlers, Miners and Hasted Balloons.

What’s the best way to attack the Wizard Tower?

Wizard Towers are very problematic for your troops as they deal a large amount of damage to lots of troops simultaneously. The Wizard Tower’s main nemesis is the Heal Spell rapidly bringing troops back to full health. Also Healers enable Giants to easily shrug off any damage dealt by Wizard Towers. But more about how to tackle Wizard Towers down below:


You can use a few Barbarians at a time to distract a Wizard Tower and use Archers to take it out, assuming the Wizard Tower is within range of the Archers. At higher levels they are often less exposed, but if you’re keen on pushing into the base you can use Giants to soak up hits and then heal it off with a Heal Spell.

If you’re using Lavaloon at Town Hall 9 you can distract Wizard Towers that have an Air Defense within their range with a Lavahound and then easily take them out with Balloons. If the Wizard Towers are not close to the Air Defenses you can use a Heal Spell to bring them back to full health.

If you’re using Goblin Knife as your farming strategy be careful that the Dark Elixir storage isn’t surrounded by Wizard Towers and use a Heal Spell to keep your Goblins alive when under fire of a Wizard Tower.

Trophy Pushing

When trophy pushing you don’t have to worry too much about Wizard Towers when you’re using troops like Giants with Healers or a Golem as their high hit points allow them to soak up lots of hits. Heal Spells are highly effective to keep your Giants, Valkyries, Balloons, Miners and Bowlers alive.

Clan Wars

Before going in to attack a base in Clan Wars, you always want to watch out for the Wizard Towers. From Town Hall 6 and onward you always need to support your forces with spells to counter powerful defenses such as the Wizard Tower.

Town Hall 5

You can use Giants to tank hits with supporting Wizards behind them to crush the Wizard Tower. Just watch out for Spring Traps as your Wizards may suddenly find themselves quickly roasted. You can use a Giant to distract a Wizard Tower in order to create a clear path for your Wall Breakers to break into the base (make sure to watch out for the Mortar as well!).

Try to spread out your troops to minimize the amount of damage the Wiz Tower can deal to your troops. If you see a Wizard Tower that’s exposed it will pay off handsomely to take it out immediately.

You can also simply take out the Air Defense with your ground army and swarm the Wizard Tower with level 6 or higher Balloons if your clan can donate them.

Town Hall 6

Town Hall 6 opens up two option to deal with these pesky towers. You can use a couple Healers to make your Giants nigh invulnerable, but be careful of well-designed bases. The defender having access to two Air Defenses can make short work of Healers if your Healers end up in their range before you can take them out. It’s typically a good idea to attack from behind the Air Sweeper to keep your healers onto your Giants.

You also have the option now to use 2 Heal Spells. These are of course great to keep your Giants alive and well. If you can get high level Hog Riders from your clan and combine them with a strong ground army and Heal Spells you can easily crush TH6 bases.

Town Hall 7 and 8

If you’re using Hog Riders to attack look at where the Wizard Towers are and if they’re supported by a lot of other defenses and possibly a Giant Bomb. These areas are ideal for dropping a Heal Spell to keep your Hogs at full health while they take out the defenses.

If you’re using Dragons you should be taking high level Balloons in your Clan Castle. Try to distract the Wizard Towers with your Dragons so that your Balloons can hone in on an Air Defense. If the defender is using a large compartment with only a single Air Defense in the middle it will likely also have Air Mines, because the defender anticipates that you’ll use your Balloons to take it out, because Dragons path away from it.

Town Hall 9

Dealing with Wizard Towers effectively can easily make the difference between a 3 star or a fail. I’ve listed what to watch out for for the most common strategies below:

Witches: If the base you’re hitting has her Wizard Towers towards the core of the base it’s a prime target for a ‘Bitch’ attack. Without enough splash damage to take out Skeletons Witches will have no issue taking out the flanks of the base.

Hog Riders: Wizard Towers are typically part of a high dps ‘Kill Zone’ for which you need a Heal Spell. Carefully analyze where these zones are so you won’t run out of Heal Spells. It helps if you can take out Wizard Towers with a Kill Squad, so that less Heal Spells will be needed for your Hog Riders.

Balloons: If the base has Wiz Towers and Air Defenses together you can easily distract the Tower with your Lavahounds. If you can get the Archer Queen and a couple Wizard Towers with a Kill Squad it should make mopping up the rest of the base with the Laloon portion of the base easier.

Against anti Laloon bases you can temporarily distract Wizard Towers by flying your Lavahounds over them with Balloons in tow. Combine a Rage or Haste Spell with a Heal Spell to counter a Wizard Tower farm.

It’s important to note that you can use a single Balloon to distract a Wizard Tower, preventing it from taking down your main pack of Balloons. Many attacks have ended in tears (and broken iphones), because a remaining Wizard Tower shot down a dozen battered Balloons, while a couple back-end Balloons could’ve flanked the Wizard Tower.

Valkyries: Valkyries are generally not that reliable for taking out well-designed TH9 bases as they have a tendency to break out of the base to take a stroll along the outside. This is especially dangerous if they didn’t take out most Wizard Towers at the beginning of the attack, because a couple Wizard Towers make short work of Valkyries that are stuck on a wall.

Town Hall 10+

If the defender has their Wizard Towers on the outsides of the base it’ll probably be tough to use Witches against it.

Any Wizard Tower on the inside of the base is likely to have Giant Bombs near it, so a Heal Spell or the Eternal Tomb will be needed to negate the damage.

If you’re using a Laloon attack make sure you time your Haste spells right to quickly eliminate Wizard Towers as getting through the base quickly is vital to keep your Loons from fizzling out.

Over to you

How do you use Wizard Towers in your base?
How do you use Wizard Towers in your base?

By now you know how important Wizard Towers are for defending a base, not only from Balloons, but most of the troops in the game. As you get up to 5 of them at Town Hall 11 it opens up a lot of possibilities for defending your base against those who would seek to defile it. The monsters!

In any case, let us know in the comments below if you think the Wizard Tower is as powerful as we claim, how you use the Wizard Tower in your base or how you counter them with your troops.


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