The Ultimate Wall Breaker Guide For Farming, Pushing And Clan Wars!

Wall Breaker Jaw DropThe destruction Wall-Breakers cause to walls is enough to make your jaw drop (pun intended). None other troop than the iconic Wall-Breaker is as committed to victory as good ol’ Larry, evidenced by his heroic suicide runs where he runs head first into a wall blowing himself up. Or maybe Wall Breakers just have a thing for walls.

Who is the Wall Breaker?

Suffice it to say, Wall Breakers are good for one and one thing only and that’s destroying walls. While they have pitiful health and do as little damage to anything but walls, upon hitting walls (which are their preferred targets) they do 40x more damage than usual.

To put that into perspective for you, that means that just 3 Wall Breakers are often enough to destroy a wall so your troops can pour into the base. The trick is to deploy the Wall Breakers

The trick is to deploy the Wall Breakers so they target the right wall without getting killed by defenses.

This guide includes all the Wall Breaker stats and best practices for deploying Wall Breakers to successfully get rid of those pesky walls!

Wall Breaker Upgrades

Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement SpeedAttack SpeedRangeBarracks Level
Walls (Damage x40)Area Splash 2 Tile Radius (Ground Only)2241s1 Tile5
Number of Available BarracksTraining Timetime
11 minute
230 seconds
320 seconds
415 seconds
Dmg per Hit
Damage vs Walls
Hit Points
hit points
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost
elixir cost
Upgrade Time
When Unlocked
War Weight
war weight
Lab Level
TH Level
Town Hall
16640241,500100,0001 day293200lvl 2 TH4
24960292,000250,0002 days415300lvl 4TH6
321,280352,500750,0003 days509399lvl 5TH7
461,840423,0002,000,0005 days657497lvl 6 TH8
602,400543,5006,000,00010 days929595lvl 8TH10
783,120624,0009,000,00012 days1,018691lvl 9TH11
1004,000704,50012,000,00014 days1,099lvl 10TH12

Amount of Wall Breakers needed to destroy a wall

What you’re most eager to know is how many Wall Breakers it takes to screw a light bulb, ahem, I mean to destroy a wall. Amusingly, Wall Breakers can’t screw light bulbs, because they’d get blown up from dropping their bombs!

All joking aside, here is a table outlining how many Wall Breakers it takes to destroy a wall of any given level:

Wall Breaker LevelWalls Level
Wall Breaker Levellevel 1level 2level 3level 4level 5level 6level 7level 8level 9level 10level 11level 12

Wall Breaker Pros:

  • Fast movement
  • Destroys walls far quicker than any other troop.
  • More cost-effective than a jump or earthquake spell
  • Useful at all Town Hall levels
  • They only take up 2 camp spaces.

Wall Breaker Cons:

  • They’re very frail
  • They pause a second once they reach the wall
  • They’re vulnerable to traps, including bombs
  • They’re much riskier to use than a jump spell
  • They’re fairly pricey
  • Useless on defense

Best attack strategies for Wall Breakers

Wall Breakers, like their Bomber cousins, are the only troops that target walls. In fact, if you want to push into a base you must use either Wall Breakers or jump spells to make any kind of leeway. The trick is keeping these bony fellas from being shot before they drop their bombs.

Deploying Wall Breakers successfully

Wall Breakers can make or break your attack, so you want to master the skill of breaking walls with Wall Breakers.

Step 1: Take note of the range of Mortars, Bomb Towers, Wizard Towers and Inferno Towers at the side of the base you’re attacking.

Step 2: Drop troops with high hit points to distract defenses and trigger bombs such as Giants, Golems and heroes.

Step 3: As soon as Mortar shells explode on the ground drop your Wall Breakers. Make sure you do not drop them in front of a Wizard Tower, because while it is shooting at your Giant, it also hits any troops next to it.

Best attack strategies for farming

While Wall Breakers are unlocked as early as Town Hall 3, they’re not efficient to use for farming until Town Hall 7. At Town Hall 6 and below you don’t really need Wall Breakers as bases are still small in size.

Wall Breakers at Town Hall 7

When you’re using Barch at Town Hall 7 you may want to bring some Wall Breakers along when you encounter bases where you can raid a Dark Elixir Storage by breaking a few walls. Use your Barbarians to soak up hits while your Wall Breakers successfully blow up the walls. Only use Wall Breakers when using them allows you to get to full loot

Use your Barbarians to soak up hits while your Wall-Breakers successfully blow up the walls. Only use Wall Breakers when using them allows you to get to full loot storages, because at Town Hall 7 they cost 2500 per pop.

About 8 to 10 Wall Breakers should be enough to break into the core of a base. While 3 Wall Breakers is typically enough to break through the first layer of a base, you may need more to break deeper into the base as some Wall Breakers may die to defensive fire.

Wall Breakers at Town Hall 8 and up

The Giant, Barbarian, Archer and Wall Breaker: farming buddies for life!

At Town Hall 8 and up it becomes more difficult to get to loot storages using just Barbarians and Archers. Gibarch is a popular farming strategy for this reason.

What you’ll want to do is drop a line of Giants to soak up damage while Barbarians and Archers clear outside buildings in order to funnel your main force into the core of the base. Properly time your Wall Breakers and a Rage Spell to break through multiple layers of walls.

Not only will your Wall Breakers move faster you often only need a single Wall Breaker to break through a wall.

Wall Breakers on defense

The only time you’ll see Wall Breakers defending a base is when that clan has a troll in it’s midst. You see, Wall Breakers do pitiful damage to troops and they have very little in the way of hit points. Avoid using these troops on defense at any cost.

Wall Breakers for Clan Wars

Wall Breakers are commonly used in clan wars. It’s often worth using them to break through the first layer of walls and use a Jump Spell to get into the core of the base. Do beware that if your Wall Breakers die before breaking into a wall it can completely mess up your funnel and prematurely bring an end to your attack.

Wall breakers with a Kill Squad

With the Golem distracting defenses, the Wall Breakers break into the outer compartment.

Using Wall Breakers with your main force of ground troops works the same way as when you’re farming. You use a tanky troop like a Golem or Giants to distract defenses, while your Wall Breakers blow up the wall(s).

Also, make sure you’re not trying to break into an empty compartment because Wall Breakers only target walls next to the nearest building!

Wall breakers with a Queen Charge

Queen walks require a lot of finesse but can be extremely effective. The Archer Queen depends on enraged Healers to stay alive and to quickly destroy defense threats.

When using a Queen Charge you won’t have enough spell slots to use a Jump Spell with your Archer Queen. Fortunately, Rage Spells are not only effective when used on the Archer Queen and Healers, but also Wall Breakers. Often it’s a good idea to use your Barbarian King to distract defenses so that your Wall Breakers can break into the base. Having your King tank for your Queen can also save you a Rage Spell. This way she can so that she can wreck havoc inside the base taking out critical defenses such as Air Defenses, Inferno Towers and the Eagle Artillery.

Wall Breakers with Valkyries

Valkyries have a tendency to break out of the center of a base and struggle to re-enter to take out remaining defenses. Keeping a few Wall Breakers around until the final part of the attack can help your Valkyries get back into the base to clear the remaining defenses.

Keep an eye out for traps

Always keep in mind that Bombs always take out Wall-Breakers of equal level. If you’re facing a competitive war clan then it’s more than likely that their bases have bombs where an attack is anticipated. To circumvent losing all your Wall Breakers to a little Bomb, drop only a single Wall Breaker to ‘scout’ out if there are any Bombs or even Spring Traps.

Over to you

coc wall breakerWhile Larry faces stiff competition from, the Jump Spell and Earthquake Spell, he has some things going for him that justifies his widespread use. His emaciated little body falls apart after a single hit and he always leaves himself open when he has a moment of doubt before blowing himself to smithereens.

In spite of these shortcomings, he takes up little space in your army, which makes including Larry in your army more than worth it in my opinion.

But what do you think of the Wall Breaker? How do you use them when attacking? Or do you prefer using a Jump Spell? Let us know in the comments down below!


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