Best TH9 War Bases of 2017

Ask 10 people who play Clash of Clans at what town they really started to learn complex attack strategies.

Have you asked them yet?

If not, that’s okay! Googling quickly reveals that many say they started to learn concepts such as using a kill squad, back end troops, and funneling at TH9.

Not only that, TH9 is arguably the level where the largest variety of strategies are viable to 3 star a base of the same Town Hall level, depending on the base’s layout.

So how do we go about making a base anti everything?

The answer is, we can’t! When you design your base to defend against one strategy, you inevitably leave it more vulnerable to another. For example, you might place Air Defenses on the outer side of your base to counter LaLoon and queen charges, but that leaves yourself vulnerable to mass Dragons.

So what does this mean in hardcore clans?

If you’re in a hardcore war clan, the best you can do is create a design which confuses the attacker by adding a level of unpredictability.

Carefully created dead zones, strange compartment shapes, and Air Defense placement can throw off attackers… at least on the first attempt. However, at high levels, if you can prevent your base from getting 3 starred even once, therefore forcing the enemy clan to clean up your base, it’s a win!

The anti 3 star bases in hardcore clans are designed to do exactly that.

What’s an Anti 3 star base?

An ‘anti 3 star base’ leaves the Town Hall exposed to attack, because it has a lot of hit points to tank for defenses. Not only that, by taking out the Town Hall from the middle, you have a lot more flexibility of where you can place defenses and the clan castle.

Sure, the attacker gets an easy star, but if the enemy clan is good enough, they would get at least 2 stars on your base even if the Town Hall was in the middle. The goal of an anti 3 star base is to make it too hard for enemy Town Hall 9s to 3 star you, so they must waste one of their Town Hall 10+ attacks to 3 star you.

Alrighty, but I’m in a more casual clan…

Fortunately for you (and most TH9 players), your war base doesn’t have to be anti everything or anti meta. What you want is a base which defends especially well against common attack strategies such as GoWiVa, GoWiPe, and mass Dragons.

If you’re in a clan that mostly gets 2 stars on attacks then you are probably facing attackers who don’t get more than 2 stars on your base either. In that case, you can try a ring base to prevent the enemy from getting 2 stars.

The best TH9 bases for both casual and hardcore players?

I’ve gathered below the best TH9 war bases for both casual and hardcore players. I ensured they’re all up to date, so you won’t see outdated concepts such as double Giant bombs.

So without further ado…




  1. Wizard Towers, Tesla Farm, Archer Towers, and the Archer queen are separated from the Air Defenses. This means lava hounds are limited in how much they can protect Balloons.
  2. To counter the Air Sweepers an attacker using LaLoon will want to use rage or haste spells, but rage spells are needed to handle the Wizard Towers and Archer queen.
  3. Lots of compartments slow down Valkryies enough to make mass Valkryies ineffective.
  4. The square base design without any dead zones makes it more difficult to funnel Valkryies.
  5. The Tesla Farm is well protected by high hp buildings.
  6. Spring traps and Giant bombs are placed where an attacker is likely to use Hog Riders.
  7. Overlapping Air Defenses double the damage done to Lavahounds.


  1. The base is symmetrical which makes it more predictable.
  2. You can get through most of the base with a single jump spell.
  3. The compact size means a Bowler kill squad can take out a huge portion of the base.

Lavadoom by AkiYouMe



  1. It’s difficult to take out more than 2 Air Defenses with a kill squad, and an attacker may not even succeed at getting two.
  2. The right side, which is most likely to be air attacked, is well protected by Wizard Towers, Archer Towers, and air bombs.
  3. A spread out base like this slows down troops like Balloons and hogs, making them less effective.
  4. The open base design makes Valkryie pathing unpredictable as they’re likely to end up running around the base whilst being picked off by defenses.
  5. Clan castle is hard to lure.


  1. Mileage may vary if your TH9 isn’t maxed defensively.

R’Roll by ParadoxalAxioma



  1. Offset queen is well protected by high hp buildings and bombs to deal with Wall Breakers.
  2. Troll Tesla helps a lot with preventing 3 stars on the first attempt against the base.
  3. Anti LaLoon Air Defense placement seperates Wizard and Archer Towers from the Air Defenses making them target Balloons instead of tanky Lavahounds.
  4. Lots of compartments of varying shapes makes Bowler funneling more difficult, and slows down golems and Valkryies. Its compact size also deters HGHB as healers don’t have enough time to heal troops back to health.
  5. Overlapping Air Defense ranges double damage done to Lavahounds.


  1. Suicide Dragons can be used to get rid of the queen, while the king can be taken out by heroes. That leaves the rest of the base vulnerable to mass hogs. The compact size of the base allows hogs to move quickly though it.
  2. Dragons can also be used in conjunction with LaLoon to take out the base, but to LaLoon this base you can’t simply spam the troops.

No Fly Zone by Bisectatron from One Hive Gazette

no fly zone.png


  1. The base is difficult to 3 star using LaLoon variations.
  2. The Wizard Towers are separated from the Air Defenses, which, along with the air bombs are a huge threat to Balloons.
  3. The base features xbow islands preventing Balloons and Bowlers from targeting it.
  4. Overlapping Air Defenses make short work of Lavahounds.


  1. It’s made to counter air attacks, so it’s more vulnerable to ground based attacks due to lack of compartments.
  2. A rage spell can be used to take out all 3 Wizard Towers.

Base by Luke from Poetic Darkness

luke cwl.png


  1. The small dead zone behind the Archer queen compartment makes it much more difficult to pull off a successful GoBoLaLoon since it’s not guaranteed an attacker can take out 2 Air Defenses.
  2. The pairs of Air Defenses cover each other which means Lavahounds will receive double the damage as they hover over each Air Defense.
  3. Lots of compartments is a great way to defend against attacks such as GoVaWi or mass Valkryies.
  4. Corner huts are a good way to prevent 3 stars.
  5. Also, this base features overlapping Air Defenses.


  1. The clan castle can be lured.
  2. While the small dead zone does a great job at preventing a successful GoBoLaLoon attack, it makes troop pathing more predictable.
  3. The queen compartment isn’t protected against hero swaps and queen charges.
  4. The exposed Air Defense on the right side, whilst having some protection from opportunistic Hog Riders due to the Tesla, is vulnerable to being sniped by an Archer queen.

Popular Internet Base



  1. The queen is seperared from the Air Defenses, making it impossible to get both the queen and Air Defenses with a kill squad.
  2. The clan castle is difficult to lure.
  3. Newer TH9 players know only to attack from the queen’s side, but the dead zones make it difficult to funnel troops from there.


  1. The lack of compartments leaves this base vulnerable to Valkryie based strategies.
  2. The queen can be taken down by a few Dragons, and the rest can be mopped up with Lavahounds and Balloons.
  3. Double Giant bombs are not effective anymore.
  4. This base has become very popular, so many players these days know what to expect from it.

Base by IJackSparrow



  1. It’s impossible to get the queen and Air Defenses with GoBoLaLoon.
  2. The base has a decent amount of compartments which allows it to defend better against GoVaWi and GoWiPe attacks.
  3. Queen compartment is well protected by the clan castle, king, and high hp buildings.
  4. Air sweepers cover the sides where a LaLoon attack is most likely to come from.


  1. It’s very easy for Balloons to path to the Air Defense and take them out, while heroes with a few support troops can take care of the queen at the bottom.
  2. Clan castle is easy to lure.
  3. Giant bombs are quite close to one another, nullifying their effect when the attacker uses a heal spell.
  4. Spring trap placement leaves much to be desired. They need to be carefully placed in between defenses to properly counter Hog Riders and Valkryies.

Base by IJackSparrow



  1. Queen compartment is protected from hero swaps and queen chargers.
  2. Air defenses are spread out enough to make a GoBoLaLoon attack risky.
  3. Giant bomb and spring trap placement is quite good, protecting the back side of the base from Hog Riders and Valkryies.
  4. Open base elements cause Valkryies to run around the base.
  5. Xbow island protects the rear from Bowlers.


  1. Location of the Tesla Farm is very predictable.
  2. Few compartments to obstruct troop movement.

Base by Brandon



  1. The Air Defense island prevents Balloons and Bowlers from targeting it, and it’s within range of some other Air Defenses.
  2. High hp storages, the king, and xbows protect the Archer queen making an easy hero swap impossible.
  3. Wizard Towers are far enough from the Air Defenses that they’ll lock onto Balloons instead of Lavahounds.
  4. The Tesla Farm is heavily protected by storages and the Town Hall, while spring traps make short work of groups of Valkryies or Hog Riders.


  1. Having all the spring traps on one side makes that side more vulnerable to a kill squad.
  2. If the attacker comes from the Town Hall side they’ll only need 1 jump spell to get to the Archer queen.

Anti 2 Star

anti 2 star


  1. It’s very difficult to get troops into the core, unless (most of) the rest of the base is cleared.
  2. Spring traps counter opportunistic Hog Riders looking to easily destroy the Air Defenses.
  3. The xbows cover a reasonable amount outside of the empty ring.
  4. The base can confuse inexperienced attackers.
  5. Wizard Towers are far enough from Air Defenses that they will target Balloons instead of Lavahounds.


  1. The Archer queen is very exposed despite the storages.
  2. The base lacks enough compartments, and is therefor vulnerable to ground attacks.

Dark Looters

dark looters

The base was designed by a member of a clan that won the CWL championship.


  1. It’s difficult to funnel troops from the Town Hall side due to the xbow island in the middle and the double layer of buildings.
  2. The Air Defenses are separated from the Archer and Wizard Towers, making it more difficult to 3 star with LaLoon.
  3. Traps on the outside of the base counter Hog Riders early on before they take out part of the base.
  4. The amount of value obtained from jump spells is minimized due to the distribution of defenses and heroes.
  5. Bombs protect the Town Hall side from Wall Breakers trying to get into the base.
  6. Centralized clan castle.
  7. 15 compartments, external Teslas, and king make it difficult to brute force the base with something like mass Valkryies.


  1. 4 earthquakes can do a lot of damage to the bottom right side of the base.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH9 War base?

A lot of different strategies work against TH9. This means most bases above are designed to counter all kinds of attacks. Players in top clans consider TH9 to be easy to 3 star, but for most people having a solid TH9 war base will have a significant impact on whether their clan win wars.

What kind of war base do you like to use at Town Hall 9? If you have any effective bases let us know down below!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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