Best TH9 Trophy Bases of 2017

How do you get a ton of loot at Town Hall 9?

  • Gold: 250,000
  • Elixir: 250,000
  • Dark Elixir: 1,580

That’s the amount of loot you get for at least 1 starring in the Champion League.

Add a modest amount of loot you get from storages, and you’re looking at a MILLION loot plus some 3,000 dark elixir PER attack!

It’s not surprising that many TH9 players push to the higher leagues; attacks like LaLoonIon make it a breeze too. Not to mention you garner the respect and awe of your clan mates and people on global when you’re in a higher league!

Still, getting into the higher leagues is quite the undertaking, so you can’t afford to lose lots of trophies on defense every time you are attacked.

Since your base will be facing more experienced attackers with stronger armies, you’ll need a solid TH9 trophy base to minimize the amount of trophies attackers will take from you.

Base by Clashfeed



  1. Like popular farm bases, the core of the base is separated from the outer ring to trick troops into going around the base instead of to your Town Hall.
  2. Teslas and the air bomb pick off Minions and stray Wizards.
  3. Bombs prevent wall breakers from breaking into the outer ring from the most likely points where the base will be attacked.
  4. Corner huts can make the attacker run out of time.


  1. The base is a bit old, but you can put a Bomb Tower in the outer ring and it will still work as it did before.
  2. Wizard Tower placement could be better to protect against Balloons instead of targeting lava hounds.

Southern Teaser By IJackSparrow

i jack sparrow.png


  1. It’s not as easy as it looks to get the Town Hall due to to trap laden bottom side of the base.
  2. The small empty compartments make troops path through the outer compartments.
  3. The dark elixir storage is fairly well protected from both the bottom and top of the base.
  4. The empty compartments make funneling troops from the top more difficult.
  5. The clan castle is centralized.


  1. Experienced attackers will know all the traps are at the bottom, so they’ll send in their golems, Pekkas, and king to tank the traps before crushing the base with the rest of their army.
  2. The base is vulnerable to air, especially as Wizard Towers will target Lavahounds instead of Balloons.

Base by ClasherLab



  1. The large amount of buildings in the outer ring makes it more difficult to make the troops go towards the Town Hall in the center compartment.
  2. Giants and Valkryies will path through the outer ring triggering traps whilst being barraged by defenses.
  3. Even if the attacker can funnel troops to the core, it’ll be difficult for troops to survive being hit by the Hidden Teslas, xbows, and heroes.
  4. Wizard Towers and air bombs are separated from the Air Defenses which ensures they’ll hit Balloons and Minions.


  1. The Archer Queen, king, and clan castle may pull troops to the middle.
  2. The dark elixir storage is fairly exposed.

Base by Rishad Parvez

rishad parvez


  1. The empty spaces with the single walls force troops to path around the core.
  2. Unlike some doughnut bases the anti troop pathing is a little less obvious.


  1. Trap placement is poor. It’s best to place spring trap between defenses.
  2. Lack of compartments and dense building placement leaves the base vulnerable to attacks like GoVaWi.
  3. Defense placement could be much better to protect against LaLoon.


my design2.png


  1. The attacker is forced to make a difficult decision; attack from the top where it’s difficult to funnel to the core because of the empty space, or attack from the bottom where troops will get distracted with buildings leading towards the sides of the base.
  2. The base baits attackers to attack from the bottom which is more heavily laden with defenses and traps.
  3. The base has 8 compartments which is more than most doughtnut style bases, and may help prevent getting 3 starred by strong attacks.
  4. The Wizard Towers and Air Defenses are separated to ensure the Wizard Towers target Balloons. The top 2 Air Defenses cover one another to do extra damage to Lavahounds.
  5. Giant bombs and the Bomb Tower are spaced out to force the attacker to use up all their spells before destroying the Town Hall.
  6. Bombs are placed at areas where Wall Breakers are expected.
  7. The troll tesla in the corner can make an attacker run out of time.
  8. The great range of the xbows allows them to fire all the way up to the top compartment.
  9. The enemy Archer Queen can’t target the Town Hall from the outer ring.


  1. 8 compartments is on the low side, so the base can get 3 starred by strong attacks.
  2. Its symmetrical and square design makes it more predictable.
  3. The clan castle can be easily lured.

Base by Legends




  1. Troops are funneled to the outsides of the base if the attacker chooses to attack from the right side.
  2. If the attacker attacks from the left side they have to go through a number of compartments to get to the Town Hall.
  3. The Giant bombs are spread out to make the attackers use up their heal spells.
  4. Overlapping Air Defenses do double damage against Lavahounds.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH9 Trophy Base?

A good trophy base makes it difficult to funnel to the Town Hall, either through using dead zones or trash building rings. It can save you trophies up to the Master League, but beyond that you’ll often find TH10+ players attacking you, which as a TH9 is extremely difficult to defend against.

Are you going to copy any of the above bases or use them for inspiration? Or maybe you know of some good TH9 trophy bases you’d like to share. Let us know in the comments below!


Written by GoblinGeneral

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