Best TH9 Farming Bases of 2017




Oh no! It’s an enemy Archer Queen sniping your precious, hard earned dark elixir!

And you just had enough to finally upgrade your own Archer Queen… damn it!

How do we defend our dark elixir at TH9?

Why, with a solid TH9 farm base of course (in case that wasn’t obvious…)!

While the same old basics like anti Giant funneling still apply, we also want to consider the firing range of the Archer Queen. Not only that, it’s TH9 where the infamous Goblin knife strategy is quite popular.

With the bases below you’ll be able to keep your dark elixir out of your foe’s grubby mits.

The Hypercube




  1. The anti Giant pathing of this base still works against Goblins.
  2. The dark elixir storage has its own compartment which protects it from attacks.
  3. Spread out storages make it less likely for an attacker to get all of them.


  1. The core isn’t protected by splash defenses.
  2. The anti Giant pathing is nullified if the attacker uses a jump or earthquake spells.
  3. The base isn’t well defended against air attacks.

Crows by Aphrodi



  1. With all the distracting junk buildings, it’s incredibly difficult to funnel troops to the dark elixir storage.
  2. Golems and Giants are pathed around the outer ring of the base while the core of the base has Teslas, xbows, and Archer Towers to take out any Archer Queen approaching the core of the base.
  3. The 2 free standing walls on the left and right sides are there to funnel Wizards to the Giant bombs.
  4. Bombs are strategically placed to counter Wall Breakers.


  1. An attacker can get to the dark elixir storage using Dragons, but fortunately that’s rare.
  2. A strong army can 3 star this base due to the lack of compartments to stop troops like Valkryies from rampaging through the base.




  1. Like many great TH9 farming bases, this one separates the core from the outer defenses. This forces commonly used Giants to path around the outsides, far removed from your dark elixir storage.
  2. Traps are placed in such a way that troops are guaranteed to path over them.
  3. Exposed gold and elixir storages make attacks by weak armies more likely. Weak armies like barch can’t get to the dark elixir storage.


  1. Bunched up defenses are vulnerable to splash damage.
  2. An attacker can get into the core with jump spell, earthquakes or extra Wall Breakers.
  3. Not well defended against air attacks.
  4. The dark elixir storage can be sniped by an Archer Queen.

Base by Orionsbelt



  1. Doughnut shaped base makes it difficult for the attacker to funnel troops to the dark elixir storage.
  2. Archer Queen can’t snipe the dark elixir storage.
  3. Spread out storages make it less likely for an attacker to get all of them.


  1. Spring traps which aren’t between buildings aren’t ideal.
  2. It doesn’t protect your gold or elixir storages.

Fortress by traxy



  1. It’s difficult to get troops into the core, even with a jump spell or earthquakes.
  2. Exposed gold and elixir storages will make it more likely for people to attack with weak armies keeping your dark elixir safe.


  1. Since walls aren’t stalling any troops the base is more likely to get 3 starred.
  2. You’re bound to lose a ton of elixir and gold with the elixir and gold storages being as exposed as they are.

Bull’s Eye by efrox



  1. Yet another doughnut base, which makes funneling to the core difficult.
  2. The elixir and gold storages are better protected compared to most doughnut bases.
  3. The dark elixir storage can’t be sniped by the Archer Queen
  4. Giants and Valkryies will path through the huge outer rings where traps and xbows can pick them off.
  5. The Giant bombs and Bomb Tower can take out a pack of troops even at full health.
  6. Small bombs prevent Wall Breakers for entering the southern side of the core where they’re most likely to go.


  1. Lack of compartments make it more vulnerable to a large army.
  2. The base attracts more serious attackers, because the gold and elixir storages are deeper inside the base.

Base by IJackSparrow

Jack Sparrow


  1. The empty compartments route troops around the core.
  2. Troops get stuck on the walls in the outer ring whilst the Wizard Towers declare death from above.
  3. If troops manage to enter the core they’ll be finished off by a Giant bomb (hopefully).
  4.  Spread out gold and elixir storages make it likely you’ll be able to save some of your loot.
  5. The core is well defended by xbows, Hidden Teslas, and high hp buildings which provide further protection to the dark elixir storage.


  1. It is possible to funnel troops into the core, especially using spells such as earthquakes or the jump spell.

Base by Clashfeed



  1. The base has a confusing ring around the core, so the attacker may not anticipate that their troops will path around the core.
  2. The gold and elixir storages are deeper inside the base, and therefore better protected.
  3. Bombs prevent Wall Breakers from breaking into the base.


  1. The sides of the core are a bit more exposed, so the dark elixir storage is vulnerable to being sniped by an Archer Queen.
  2. Lack of walled off compartments leaves the base more vulnerable to being 3 starred by strong armies.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH9 Farming Base?

The best TH9 farming bases make it difficult for an attacker to path troops to the core of the base where you keep your dark elixir storage; as shown above there are various ways of accomplishing this. Apply some of the concepts to your own TH9 farm base, and you’ll be sure to be able save precious dark elixir for those expensive hero upgrades.

Did you fancy one of the bases above or do you know of any other solid TH9 farming bases? Let us know down below!


Written by GoblinGeneral

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