Best TH8 War Bases of 2017

TH8 is when attacks start to become more varied. While casual players still attack with Dragons, you also see people attacking with other army compositions like GoVaWi (Golems, Valkyries, Wizards), GoHo (Golems, Hogs), and  VaHoWi (Valkyries, Hogs, Wizards). It therefor goes without saying that a solid TH8 base should be prepared to defend against all types of attacks.

Introducing… the kill squad!

TH8 is also where kill squads become relevant. For the uninitiated, a kill squad consists of at least 1 golem, Wall Breakers, Wizards for funneling, your king, and often a poison spell or two. The purpose of the kill squad is to take out the enemy king, clan castle troops, and Giant bombs, so Hog Riders are free to clean up the rest of the base.

Onto the good stuff, aka the best TH8 war bases!

Gathered below are the most popular TH8 war bases, and all the pros and cons of each base. This way you’ll know how you can expect it to perform in clan wars instead of blindly copying a base.

Drift by Rourke


This base is popular on the official forums, and has many variations. I chose one which includes the Bomb Tower.


  1. Double Giant bombs will take out hogs even if they’re under a heal spell.
  2. The placement of Air Defenses and the Air Sweeper is quite balanced. If the attacker comes from the south east with Dragons they may find their Dragons pathing around the base, instead of towards the Air Defenses. If they do get through them, they still have to face a Tesla Farm and Archer Towers on the opposite side of the base.
  3. Corner huts slow down attacks which can lead to 99% 2 stars.
  4. Centralized Clan Castle.
  5. Spring traps are fairly well placed between defenses.


  1. Attackers may have encountered this base before since this base is popular.
  2. The clan castle can still be lured.

Overgrown by rhymquimghyf



  1. This base has a confusing design with lots of empty space which can lead to mistakes in troop deployment.
  2. Corner buildings will slow down troops.
  3. Only the right side of the base is somewhat vulnerable to Mass Dragon if the attacker funnels well.
  4. If Balloons manage to get into the core then 4 air bombs and Wizard Towers will make short work of them.
  5. Clan Castle takes multiple troops to lure.


  1. Depending on how Hog Riders path, they may not trigger all the Spring Traps.
  2. The base can fall to Dragons if they’re properly funneled from the right side.

The Citadel by BArcher101



  1. The double Giant Bomb with Bombs can take out Hog Riders even under a Heal Spell when pathed from the Wizard Tower to the Air Defense or vice versa.
  2. The base has 10 compartments which helps it defend against GoWiPe and GoVaWi.


  1. 5 compartments can be opened up in the right section of the base where a kill squad can enter to take out the Clan Castle troops and 3 Giant Bombs.
  2. While the Spring Traps are placed next to defenses, they could be placed better to catch more Hog Riders.
  3. The base can be attacked pretty easily by Mass Dragons from behind the Air Sweeper.

Base by IJackSparrow



  1. The base is fairly well defended against Dragons. Attackers are likely to attack from behind the sweeper, but will have to funnel Dragons carefully.
  2. The top left Air Defense look more exposed than it really is. It baits attackers to try and take it down with Balloons, but the air bombs, Wizard Tower, and Tesla Farm will make short work of them.
  3. Centralized clan castle is hard to lure.


  1. Spring traps are alright as they’re between defenses, but walls in between can interfer with hogs tripping them.
  2. The double Giant bomb is an unreliable counter to hogs, because of poor pathing.
  3. Buildings are quite close knit making them more vulnerable to Valkryies.

3 Star Attacker

Click here for replays.


  1. The open design makes Valkyrie pathing unpredictable.
  2. Air defenses and Air Sweeper are fairly well protected by the Town Hall and Storages.


  1. Some of the Spring Traps could be placed better.
  2. Hog pathing is poor, so the double Giant Bombs may not be triggered simultaneously. This is because there are multiple ways for Hogs to path over them.

Anti Dragon



  1. There is dead space behind the Air Sweeper making it difficult for Dragons to attack from that side.
  2. The Air Sweeper side is also protected from the sides by a Tesla Farm on one side, and the Town Hall with high hp on the other side.
  3. Air defenses are well protected by Storages and the Town Hall. Many of the Storages are within the range of the Air Defenses.
  4. Air Sweeper covers all 3 Air Defenses.
  5. Clan Castle is unlurable.
  6. The base is divided in separate kill zones which are sectors of defenses that cover each other and deal a lot of dps (damage per second). This forces the attacker to use up all their Heal Spells, ultimately running out of them.
  7. Central compartment is 8 tiles by 8 tiles, which prevents the core from being opened up by 4 Earthquakes.
  8. The large, square asymetrical design will make it more difficult to properly funnel Valkyries.
  9. It’s impossible to get access to all 3 Air Defenses with 4 Earthquakes which protects against GoVaLo.
  10. Someone using GoHo would likely take the King out first, but there’s a double Giant Bomb on the other side of the base which will turn Hogs into bacon; Hog Riders will path between the Wizard Tower and Air Defense.
  11. Air defenses are protected from Balloons by Wizard Towers and Air Mines.


  1. The base is untested.
  2. Slow defensive Clan Castle troops may pull Dragons to the core.
  3. 2 Air Defenses are close to each other making them more vulnerable to a Rage and Heal Spell.

Anti 2 Star by Kekse99gaming

Click here for replays.


  1. If your clan is up against a casual clan, then an anti 2 star base can be a great choice to prevent the opposing clan from getting 3 stars. The Town Hall is surrounded by dead space which prevents troops from targeting it.
  2. Spread out Air Defenses make it tricky to attack from behind the Air Sweeper.


  1. Trap placement leaves much to be desired. The Giant Bombs can be triggered individually allowing Hog Riders to fully heal.
  2. Lack of compartments make the base vulnerable to GoWiPe and GoVaWi.
  3. Clan castle is easily lured.

Minecraft Supreme

th8 war base
Click here for replays.


  1. Confusing design will throw many an attacker off.
  2. Dead spaces make it difficult to funnel Dragons.
  3. An attacker may think to zapquake 1 Air Defense and flank another Air Defense with Balloons, but with Air Defenses placed deep inside the base it’s difficult to get Balloons to take out the Air Defense.
  4. Centralized Clan Castle.
  5. Traps are well placed between defenses.


  1.  Carefully placed Earthquake Spells can open up 5 compartments at the top opening up most of the base.

Base by Klaus

Click here for replays.


  1. The base defends well against Dragons as it anticipates an attacker coming from behind the Air Wweeper. Balloons are likely to come from the right, and that side is protected by Air Mines.
  2. Traps are placed well between defenses.
  3. The empty spaces in the base make troop funneling more difficult.
  4. The Clan Castle is difficult to lure.


  1. If the attacker funnels Dragons to the top right side of the base they can tank the Air Mines for supporting Balloons from the Clan Castle.

Base by IJackSparrow

jack sparrow th8


  1. With the Air Sweeper placed deep inside the base it is more difficult to attack from behind the Sweeper with Dragons.
  2. The set of double Giant Bombs will kill Hog Riders, even when under a Heal Spell. Since it includes 2 Bombs, they will also counter higher level Hog Riders from a Clan Castle.
  3. The Bomb Tower with the Giant Bomb next to it also works well at countering Hog Riders.
  4. The Clan Castle can’t be easily lured.


  1. Most of the Spring Traps aren’t placed in a way where they’ll reliably flip fast moving troops.


At TH8 players have access to 50 extra walls, opening up a lot more options for base designs. Good TH8 base designs introduce concepts like dead zones and Tesla farms, but TH8 is still considered a fairly easy Town Hall level to beat.

Using one of the above bases, or using them as inspiration for your own designs, can help prevent your base from getting 3 starred. This forces an enemy clan to have one of their higher level players to use a valuable attack to clean your base.

Written by GoblinGeneral

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