10 Best TH8 Trophy Bases of 2017

Why does everyone trophy push to Crystal League and above?

Why it’s to complete the League All Star achievements of course!

Pushing to Crystal or Master League is the most popular way of obtaining those precious gems. Using those gems for more builders is well worth it indeed.

Of course, some people push trophies just for the challenge of it…

That was, after all, the main goal when Clash of Clans first came out. There’s nothing quite like surfing through the clouds and scouting bases for potential vulnerabilities where you can get 1, 2 or even 3 stars!

Then, watching in excitement as your troops nail a 50% 2 star, or throwing your phone against the wall as your attack results in a 49% no stars which cost you 30 trophies! ;D

The best TH8 trophy bases collected for you!

Now that you’ve decided to trophy push yourself, you need a great base to do a great job at protecting your Town Hall. Below, I’ve gathered the best trophy bases I could find.

  • All the bases include the Bomb Tower.
  • Even though some are made with a TH9 or higher, they only include buildings available at TH8.
  • While you can directly copy the bases, it’s a good idea to use them as inspiration instead, and make your own trophy base.

Base by Gaming with Bear



  1. The Wizard Tower and air bombs make short work of Balloons.
  2. Centralized clan castle.
  3. Exposed gold and elixir storages invite attackers out for loot to attack the base, often resulting in less than 3 stars.


  1. Spring trap placement may not affect a maximum amount of Hog Riders.
  2. It’s pretty easy to attack with Dragons from behind the sweeper.

Base by Clash with Duplex



  1. The Town Hall is protected by 2 Air Defenses and an Air Sweeper, offering great protection against Dragons.
  2. Gold and elixir storages are exposed to attract barch attacks which rarely result in 3 stars.


  1. With only 8 compartments the base is more vulnerable to GoWiPe (and similar attacks).
  2. Spring trap placement could be better as many are unlikely to get triggered.

Clash of Clans Top Base



  1. The base is a southern teaser disguised as a normal base, since the bottom is closed off by a wall. It makes the Town Hall look exposed, while it’s actually heavily protected by traps.
  2. Exposed gold and elixir storages protect the bottom of the base, and lure people out for easy loot instead of trophies.
  3. Clan castle is difficult to lure.
  4. Bombs make it difficult for Wall Breakers to break into the core
  5. The Teslas and Archer Towers add a significant amount of dps to protect the core.


  1. Properly funneled Dragons can burn through the bottom of the base with little in their way to stop them.
  2. Tanky units like golems, king and Pekkas nullify the affect of the spring traps.

Base by IJackSparrow



  1. While the base protects the Town Hall, it also protects the dark elixir storage with Teslas and Giant bombs.
  2. The base lures attackers to come in from the bottom, but since that’s where all the traps are the attacker won’t be able to penetrate the base as well as expected.


  1. Close knit buildings leave the base more vulnerable to splash damage from Valkryies.
  2. No Bomb Tower, but I’d suggest putting it in the lower right or left compartment.
  3. The base isn’t as well defended against mass Dragons, especially if the attacker is bringing heal and rage spells to quickly burn through the core of the base.

Base by CanWeDance



  1. Spaced out Air Defenses make it more difficult to 3 star the base with Dragons.
  2. The Air Sweeper can throw off an attack by blowing Dragons off course.
  3. Exposed gold and elixir storages protect defenses on the inside and make the base irresistible to looters using weak armies.


  1. 4 earthquake spells can easily open up the majority of the base, leaving it more vulnerable to GoWiPe and Valkryie based strategies.
  2. While the spring traps can work well against surgically placed hogs, they don’t protect the base from much else.
  3. If the attacker is bringing Balloons with their Dragons, then they can easily attack from behind the sweeper, zapquake the Air Defense on the other side, and flank the final Air Defense with Balloons.

Base by Clasher Lab



  1. The base should defend well against Dragons, because Dragons are likely to fly through the outer compartments where they’re stalled by buildings whilst being annihilated by Air Defenses.
  2. The southern teaser style of the base lures attackers to attack from the exposed looking bottom. That, however, is where all the traps and Teslas are.


  1. The huge open core and densely packed buildings are extremely vulnerable to splash damage, most notably that of Valkryies.
  2. A semi experienced attacker will instantly know all the traps are at the bottom and will be able to avoid them.

Base by King Clasher



  1. Troops like Giants are routed around the Town Hall compartment where they’ll eventually die by traps.
  2. Traps are placed between defenses for the most part.


  1. The base is vulnerable to mass Dragons.
  2. A lack of walls means a GoWiPe or GoVaHo attack will quickly trample over the base whilst negating many of the traps.
  3. Most buildings are next to each other leaving them weak to splash damage.

Base by King Clasher



  1. The moat around the base makes it less likely for troops, such as Dragons, to target the core, and instead funnel them around it.
  2. The Air Defenses are well protected by buildings with a large amount of high hp.
  3. The attacker is likely to come from the left side which is heavily protected by traps, high hp buildings, and defenses.
  4. Dark elixir storage is protected along with the Town Hall.


  1. Lack of compartments and having all the traps on 1 side leaves southern teaser bases like this one vulnerable to attacks using golems, Pekkas, and the king to soak up the traps, while using hogs to take out the unprotected back end of the base.

Town Hall Moat



  1. The base encourages an attacker to attack from the bottom, which is the only side where the core of the base can be easily opened up with 4 earthquake spells. This side, however, is heavily protected by traps.
  2. The moat around the Town Hall prevents most troops such as Dragons, Wizards, and Pekkas from targeting it.
  3. The only exposed Air Defense is protected by 4 air bombs and a Wizard Tower.
  4. The corner troll Teslas force the attacker’s troops to go back, which may result in them running out of time before they can 3 star you.
  5. The king, clan castle, and Archer Towers all protect the Town Hall no matter which side the attacker comes from.
  6. While the clan castle is easily lured, it will take valuable time for the troops to travel to the other side of the base.
  7. All the spring traps are in between defenses, ensuring they will affect any troops, like Giants, Hog Riders, and Valkryies.
  8. Bombs are placed where the attacker is likely to come with Wall Breakers. They’re 1 space away from the wall so they’re triggered in time to kill the Wall Breakers, and in between trash buildings to funnel the Wall Breakers towards the bomb.
  9. Exposed gold and elixir storages can attract looters who won’t 3 star your base.


  1. The top part of the base is weaker.
  2. This base does not defend loot well.
  3. Since the Teslas are being used to make the attacker run out of time, they’re not protecting the Town Hall. It is always possible to place a couple of them inside the base.

Deadzone Variation



  1. Not even an Archer Queen can target the Town Hall from the north.
  2. This provides more motive for the attacker to come from the south where all the traps are.


  1. The defenses on top can’t defend the bottom side as much.
  2. The base only has 9 compartments.
  3. Wall breakers can open 2 compartments due to a lack of staggered junctions.

Clash Bashing

Th8 Trophy Base in Legends


  1. Set of double Giant bombs, along with the Bomb Tower will turn Hog Riders of any level into bacon!
  2. Giants that walk through the narrow corridor in the middle of the base will find themselves flung airborne.
  3. The Air Sweeper perfectly covers 2 Air Defenses, which makes it impossible to easily destroy 2 Air Defenses when attacking from behind the sweeper.


  1. Some of the outer spring traps, while being able to catch hogs upon entry of the base, are far less likely to be triggered by Giants.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH8 Trophy Base?

TH8 is a good place to push trophies either for gems or prestige. Even reaching the Titan league is possible, as proven by clans such as Elite Eights. But as a TH8 it’s virtually impossible to defend against TH9s which commonly bully TH8s.

Also, TH8 players have plenty of ways to 3 star other TH8s, but with a solid trophy base you can occasionally prevent your base from being 3 starred. Every bit helps when pushing to high trophy leagues, so having a great base is well worth it.

Do you like any of the Town Hall 8 trophy bases above? What is working well for you to defend trophies? Let us know down below!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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