Best TH8 Farming Bases of 2017

A building with wooden legs and a Larry on top of it. Which building are we talking about?

Why, it’s the Bomb Tower of course!

As a TH8 you now have access to more defenses including the new Bomb Tower, but how do we utilize our new toys to protect our base from those who want to steal our hard earned loot?

Below, I critiqued the most interesting TH8 farming bases, but first…

Some reminders!

  • It’s advised to tweak the base design in case an attacker is familiar with the design.
  • Bases created with TH9s only use buildings and features available to you as a TH8.
  • While a number of bases have protection against Archer Queens, it remains difficult to defend against TH9 players as a TH8.

Mega Cube by jlam2



  1. The ring compartment with the elixir and gold storages prevents Giants from entering the core as their preferred targets are defenses. The same concept is used with the popular hypercube base for TH9.
  2. The spring traps are placed in such a way that Giants walk over to them, and as the Giants do so their numbers rapidly shrink.
  3. The core is well defended by 2 Air Defenses, Teslas, and splash defenses.
  4. In case your base gets attacked by a TH9 player seeking easy loot, their Archer queen with a range of 5 tiles won’t be able to target your dark elixir storage unless she gets through 2 layers of walls.
  5. The base has 24 buildings on the outside that, when destroyed, will grant you a shield.


  1. The gold and elixir storages are somewhat exposed, so expect to lose some loot.
  2. It’s fairly easy for an attacker to attack with Dragons from behind the sweeper and funnel their Dragons to the core.
  3. Since there are few compartments the base doesn’t defend as well against Valkryies and Pekkas.

The Joker



  1. The outer walls separate Giants from troops like Wizards.
  2. Centralized dark elixir storage is hard to reach.
  3. Mortars on the inside protect the base from barch.


  1. Spring traps don’t defend well against hogs.
  2. Lack of compartments makes it easy for Pekkas and Valkryies to waltz through the base.

Troll Base by IJackSparrow



  1. Giants will path through the outer ring of the base and walk across the spring traps.
  2. Attackers will probably presume the Teslas are in the small square compartments, but instead they’re in the core compartment, safe from Wizards.


  1. The isolated traps in the small square compartments serve no real purpose.
  2. Gold and elixir storages are easy to get to.
  3. Giants don’t have to go through many walls to get through the entire base.
  4. The base doesn’t defend well against Dragon raids.
  5. Since the spring traps aren’t between 2 defenses they’re not as effective defending against Hog Riders.
  6. The openings in the compartments make it easy for Pekkas and Valkryies to demolish the base.

Base by KingGamer



  1. The moat will keep troops, like Wizards and Dragons, from targeting the precious dark elixir storage.
  2. The clan castle is centralized therefore making it difficult to lure.
  3. The Air Defense and Mortar will defend the base from GiBarch and Dragons.
  4. Spring traps are intelligently placed between defenses ensuring both Giants and hogs will encounter them.
  5. Every compartment is nicely balanced with both point and splash defenses.
  6. Fully closed compartments will significantly slow down Giants.
  7. While the gold and elixir storages are quite exposed, they’re spread out across the base, making it difficult for an attacker to get all your loot.


  1. While the spring trap placement is decent, they may not affect attacking troops depending on the angle. Ideally, they’re placed between only 2 defenses where they are forced to traverse the only path available to them.
  2. The Air Sweeper can be a bridge for Dragons to get into the core. Given that the Air Defense on the right is most likely to be destroyed by lightning spells, the sweeper may best be aimed in the opposite direction.

Base by APK Gamer



  1. Air defenses and sweeper are well placed. An attacker can attack from behind the sweeper, but given how spaced out the Air Defenses are it’s tricky to take out both.


  1. Clan castle is easy to lure.
  2. Spring traps are poorly placed.
  3. Elixir and gold storages are exposed. This can be an advantage if you want to sacrifice gold and/or elixir for dark elixir by making your base attractive to people attacking with weak armies like barch.

Base by KekSes99



  1. The Air Defenses are spread out, making it difficult to attack from behind the sweeper.
  2. Centralized clan castle.
  3. Giant bombs defend the core from barch.


  1. The dark elixir storage is a little easier to get to than some of the other bases.
  2. Spring trap placement isn’t ideal as defense targeting troops aren’t forced to path to a single defense.

Base by Clashfeed



  1. Confusing base layout causes the attacker to make mistakes.
  2. Troops are mostly funneled around the base’s outside.
  3. While spring traps may not defend well against hogs, they’re sure to trip up Giants.
  4. It’s difficult to use Wall Breakers to break into the core.
  5. Spread out Air Defenses make it more difficult to take them out with Dragons.


  1. Troops can target the core more easily from the nooks on the left and right side of the base.
  2. Clan castle is easy to lure.

Pacman by Jaso from Clash of Clans


This base lacks the Bomb Tower, but I decided to include it because of its unique design. They’re known as southern teaser bases, named as such because they look vulnerable to attack from the bottom, but in reality the vulnerable bottom is laden with traps and Teslas.

I recommend placing the Bomb Tower in the right part of the base, but not too close to the Giant bombs in order to force the attacker to use more heal spells.


  1. The vulnerable looking right side will cause attackers to underestimate the base as they attack with weak armies. All the traps and Teslas can make short work of them.
  2. The Air Sweeper and 2 Air Defenses defend the base well from mass Dragons from the right side.
  3. As the base’s design makes it likely to be attacked from the right side, it’s likely the spring traps will be triggered, decimating the attacker’s army.
  4. The Mortars protect the base from barch attacks which typically encircle a base to hit full collectors.
  5. When attackers underestimate the base they fail to get 1 star, which means free trophies for you.


  1. A more experienced attacker can use a small portion of their army to dismantle the traps before sending in their main army.
  2. A patient attacker could attack from the left with tanky troops, and get to the dark elixir storage that way.
  3. Although the Air Sweeper covers the right side of the base, they leave the left side of the base vulnerable to attack.

Crossbone by Kekse



  1. Giants will slowly path around the core of the base slowed down by the walls.
  2. Spring traps and Giant bombs are well placed, for the most part, between defenses.
  3. The sweeper is well placed, because it’s difficult for an attacker with Dragons to attack from behind it and take out 2 Air Defenses.


  1. While the walled off dark elixir storage is well protected from melee troops like Barbarians and Pekkas, it can be hit by ranged attacks from troops such as Wizards.
  2. Clan castle can be easily lured.

Base by IJackSparrow



  1. Spring traps, while not directly between defenses, are still likely to pick off a number of Giants.
  2. The dark elixir storage is well protected by a double layer of walls, leaving it out of range of ranged troops, including the Archer Queen.
  3. The Giant bombs and Teslas act as extra security for the dark elixir storage.
  4. Anti Giant pathing.
  5. An attacker won’t have an easy time attacking from behind the Air Sweeper when using Dragons, because the Air Defenses are spread out.
  6. Spread out elixir and gold storages makes it unlikely for an attacker to destroy all of them. Their exposure will attract more cheap barch attacks that won’t reach the dark elixir storage.


  1. Exposed Town Hall means you won’t be gaining a lot of trophies with this base.
  2. Gold and elixir storages are exposed.
  3. Clan castle is easily lured.

Huge Square



  1. The huge amount of trash buildings will slow down an attacker tremendously whilst getting through the base.
  2. Centralized clan castle.
  3. Giants will path in a circle around the outside of the base.


  1. Base is vulnerable to Dragons due to the exposed Air Defenses.

Over to you?

What is your favorite TH8 Farming Base?

As you can tell, the Bomb Tower doesn’t make a massive difference on how well your base defends, but it’s worth getting to defend against groups of troops.

While TH8 gives you plenty of options to design your base, the most effective archetype is using a moat to prevent your dark elixir storage from being sniped by ranged units, and routing Giants around the outside of your base.

The bases above illustrate various ways to accomplish these goals, so pick the one you like the most and start protecting your precious dark elixir!

If I missed you like any of the bases above or have any of your own to share, let us know in the comments below! 🙂

Written by GoblinGeneral

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