Best TH7 War Bases of 2017




Your villagers run towards the Town Hall to take cover.

It’s a swarm of Dragons wreaking havoc across your precious Town Hall 7 war base!

What to do?

Mass Dragon is the most common attack strategy used against Town Hall 7s during clan wars. Attackers usually bring 3 lightning spells to zap one of your Air Defenses with level 7 Balloons in their clan castles to get the another Air Defense.

So how do we defend against a massive swarm of Dragons? Well, we can use some, if not all, of the following methods:

  • Use buildings with high hit points to stall Dragons while Air Defenses fire at them. These are your gold, elixir and dark elixir storages, Town Hall, and clan castle. Your king can also distract Dragons for some time.
  • Leave space between your Air Defenses and the buildings in front of them, so that Dragons fly around your base instead of targeting your Air Defenses.
  • If an attack happens from behind the Air Sweeper, make him pay for it! Force his Dragons to go through high hit point buildings to get to your Air Defenses.
  • Have a max level Dragon in your clan castle to counter the attacker’s Dragons.

Another threat to your base is hogs. Place spring traps between your defenses, and consider using 2 Giant bombs to take out a pack of hogs even when they’re under a heal spell.

A solid Town Hall 7 war base features many of these concepts.

Now let’s take a look at the best Town Hall 7 war bases!

I picked some of the most popular bases online and some I made myself, listing the pros and cons of each. It’s difficult to defend against mass Dragons, but if you succeed you can force the opposing clan to use one of their Town Hall 8 players to clean up your base.

Remember, while you can make some of these bases with Town Hall 9 buildings, they only use buildings accessible to you at Town Hall 7.

If your attacker is familiar with your base, you may want to tweak it.

Town Hall 7 War Base by Clash of Fun



  1. The Air Sweeper covers the Air Defenses quite well. There is also a chance that when the attacker comes in from behind the Air Sweeper that his Dragons will veer off to the sides, where they are sitting ducks for the Air Defenses.


  1. If the attacker deploys his Dragons in a line behind the Air Sweeper it’s likely that enough will be able to enter the core and take out your Air Defenses.
  2. Trap placement could be better. Often, they’re not guaranteed to trigger, and the red air bombs don’t do much damage against Dragons.

TH7 War Base – Anti 2 Star



  1. The Town Hall is isolated from the rest of the base and Dragons. Because Dragons attack the buildings closest to them, they’ll take out the rest of the base, which can result in a high percentage 1 star.
  2. Spreading out the Air Defenses can work well against an attacker new to Town Hall 7, since a new attacker may drop all his Dragons on one Air Defense. The Dragons may split off, and the other Air Defense may pick them off one by one.
  3. A couple of buildings with high hit points also protects the Air Defenses that are somewhat exposed.


  1. A smarter attacker, with Dragons, will attack from behind the Air Sweeper. They will use 3 lightning spells to destroy another Air Defense. They will then wait until the Dragons arrive at the final Air Defense so that they can flank the remaining Air Defense with high-level Balloons in the clan castle.

Town Hall 7 Southern Teaser War Base



  1. If the attack happens from above, Dragons are likely to go around the base.
  2. If the attack happens from the bottom, Dragons will have to go through many buildings before reaching the Air Defenses.


  1. Spring trap placement could be better to ensure hogs will trigger them.
  2. Dragons under a rage and heal spell will easily destroy Air Defenses that are closer to each other.

Anti-3 Star Design by IJackSparrow



  1. Trap placement is decent with spring traps between defenses.


  1. An attacker can use 3 lightning spells on the western Air Defense. They can get the remaining two Air Defenses by attacking from the northeast with only the Town Hall and an elixir storage in the way.

Layout by keksegaming99



  1. The Air Sweeper protects all 3 Air Defenses.
  2. The Giant bombs and small bombs can take out a group of hogs instantly.
  3. The spring traps are between defenses, so they are likely to send hogs and Giants flying.


  1. The base doesn’t do a whole lot to deter an attacker from attacking with Dragons from behind the Air Sweeper.

Town Hall 7 Moat-Like War Design by keksegaming99



  1. Anti-Dragon ‘moat’ can route Dragons around the sides of the base, instead of to the Air Defenses.
  2. All the Archer Towers in the middle support the Air Defenses.
  3. Air sweeper protects the Air Defenses and Archer Towers well.


  1. Hog riders won’t reliably trigger ground traps.

‘Kyoukai’ inspired Town Hall 7 War Base



  1. Anti-Dragon ‘moat’. The gap around the Air Defenses can keep Dragons from getting to the middle. While the Air Defenses shoot at the Dragons, they will fly around the perimeter of the base.
  2. 2 Giant bombs will kill an entire pack of hogs even if they’re under a heal spell. The clan castle and mine next to the bombs ensure that the hogs will always cross the bombs from either the Archer Tower or sweeper.
  3. Spring trap placement between defenses ensures the hogs will trip them.
  4. If the attack happens from behind the sweeper, their Dragons will have to go through the Town Hall and clan castle to get to the Air Defenses.
  5. The corner huts will make it more likely that the attacker runs out of time.


  1. The anti-Dragon ‘moat’ is still relatively narrow, so Dragons may still be able to enter the core of the base.
  2. With the Air Defenses clustered in the middle, an attacker could use a rage and heal spell on his Dragons to resist and destroy the Air Defenses.

Anti-Dragon Town Hall 7 Ring War Base




  1. Air defenses will shoot at the Dragons while they fly around the outside of the base.
  2. High hit point buildings protect the Air Defenses from Dragons that do get into the core.
  3. Harder to lure, with Mortars on the outside.
  4. This base leaves more space between the Air Defenses and the rest of the base, taking the anti-Dragon ‘moat’ another step further
  5. Spring traps placed in such a way that 3 hogs will be flying.
  6. If an attack happens from behind the sweeper, their Dragons will have to get through 5 buildings (with many hit points) before getting to the 2 Air Defenses on the other side.
  7. Corner huts can cause the attacker to run out of time.


  1. Trap placement is pretty obvious.
  2. Air defenses that are close to each other are more vulnerable to an attacker who uses a rage and heal spell on their Dragons to resist them.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH7 War Base?

Town Hall 7 opens up some exciting new options to defend from attacks. But it’s difficult to defend against Dragons. Especially when high-level Balloons support them in the clan castle or another level 6 Dragon.

Do you like any of the TH7 war bases above? Or are you using a base that can defend well against Dragons and Hog Riders? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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