Best TH7 Trophy Bases of 2017

TH8+ pushers love TH7 trophy pushers. As a TH7 in the Champion or even Titan League, pushing trophies is a challenge only the most committed undertake. While it’s incredibly difficult to protect your trophies as a TH7, there are some things you can try to protect your trophies. Below, I’ve listed a number of bases used by trophy pushers (mostly from the clan Savage Seven) to use yourself!

Base from KingGamer

kinggamer Pros:

  1. Air Defenses are spread out, so a heal and rage spell used on Dragons isn’t as effective.
  2. Attackers with Dragons may be tempted to destroy the top Air Defense with lightning spells and attack from the bottom. As a result, they’ll attack right into the Air Sweeper.
  3. The Air Defense on top is defended by spring traps to prevent high level clan castle Hog Riders from destroying it.
  4. An attacker with Dragons is forced to choose to either attack into the Air Sweeper, or attack from behind it, and risk his Dragons going off to the sides of the base instead of through the middle to the Air Defenses at the bottom.

Base by ZaiZoe2

zaizoe Pros:

  1. Gold and elixir storages are exposed to attract attackers who are only out to get loot. This means your base might only get 1 starred, losing less trophies as a result.
  2. Air sweeper covers all 3 Air Defenses.


  1. Traps could be better placed to defend against Hog Riders.
  2. The walls on outside are wasted.

Savage Seven Trophy Base

stitches Pros:

  1. Loot is fairly well protected with all the storages and collectors within the walls.


  1. It’s pretty easy to attack with Dragons from behind the sweeper

Second Savage Seven Trophy Base

lilplasma Pros:

  1. Traps between defenses increase the likelihood that troops will path over them.
  2. Exposed gold and elixir storages can lure attackers who only care about loot, saving your trophies when they don’t use a strong army or all their troops.


  1. If hogs path over the double Giant bombs they can be healed back to full health by a heal spell.
  2. An attacker can easily destroy the top Air Defense with 3 lightning spells, and attack with Dragons from behind the Air Sweeper.

Th7 Trophy Base For Masters And Up

anime Pros:

  1. Collectors on the outskirts of the base will attract attackers using barch for easy loot, saving your trophies.
  2. An attacker using Dragons will either have to attack straight into an Air Sweeper or attack from the top, and go through many buildings and defenses before getting to the Air Defenses.
  3. An attacker with Dragons may bring Hog Riders to counter the sweeper, but the spring trap in front of the sweeper will prevent the hogs from destroying it.
  4. The surprise Tesla in the left corner can force troops to turn around at the end of the raid.
  5. Since troops tend to bunch up they may be taken out by all the traps.


  1. Placing all the traps around the corner Tesla can be a risky bet. You can probably get more value from them by placing them between defenses, ensuring troops like Giants and hogs trigger them.

Microchip Th7 Trophy Base

broarie Pros:

  1. Anti Dragon moat. The empty space and walls between the Air Defenses and the rest of the bases will prevent Dragons from pathing into the core.
  2. Centralized clan castle.


  1. All the ground traps are on top where they may stop a pack of hogs from the top of the base, but from nowhere else.
  2. With the dark elixir storage in the middle and the storages surrounded by other buildings, the base is likely to attract serious attackers who aim to 3 star the base.

Clash of Clans Base Builds

clash of clans base builds.png Pros:

  1. Attacking the base with Dragons is tricky, as you have a lot of buildings to get through if you attack from behind the sweeper.
  2. The open spaces in the base make it more difficult to funnel Valkryies,


  1. Spring traps could be placed to more reliably counter Hog Riders, by putting them in between defenses.
  2. Dragons can work when attacking from the bottom left if you take into account that the Air Sweeper will gradually blow the Dragons eastward.

King Gamer Trophy Base

king gamer th7 trophy.png Pros:

  1. The outer ring will cause Giants to path around the core, where they will be funneled over the traps, instead of deeper into the base where they’d tank for damage dealing troops.
  2. It’s a hybrid base that also protects your loot by having the storages deep inside the base.
  3. Spread out Air Defenses can make it more difficult to attack the base with Dragons.


  1. The base is easily 3 starred by mass Dragons with lightning spells and Balloons in the clan castle, due to how exposed the Air Defenses are.
  2. Having all the storages inside the core of the base, means that the defenses are more exposed to attack, which makes the base easier to 3 star.

King Gamer

king gamer th7 trophy2.png Pros:

  1. Trying to predict the pathing of Giants against this base is difficult as they’ll break into and out of compartments.
  2. All the traps are placed in between defenses, making it likely that troops such as Giants and Hog Riders will path over them.


  1. It’s not too difficult to funnel Dragons from behind the Air Sweeper to 3 star the base.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH7 Trophy Base?

Trophy pushing at TH7 is difficult, but hardly impossible! By using, or taking inspiration, from the

above bases you’re likely to better your chances at gaining, and not losing, trophies.

How far have you pushed as a Town Hall 7? Were you able to prevent your base from getting 3 starred? Let us know down below!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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