Best TH7 Farming Bases of 2017

What’s the single most important building to protect using a TH7 farm base? Which building do you design your base around?

Is it the Town Hall?

Your gold or elixir storage?

Nope; it’s the dark elixir storage! The single most rare resource as a TH7 player is a dark elixir.

So how do we go about protecting our precious dark elixir?

We use an intelligently designed farm base which is designed to counter the most common TH7 attack strategies.

The most common attack against your base is GiBarch. To quickly whittle down Giants, proper spring trap placement is key to protecting your precious loot.

One of the strongest attacks your base will face is an army of Dragons (mass Dragons). While it’s hard to defend against Dragons, proper placement of Air Defenses and the Sweeper can keep your hard earned dark elixir out of your attacker’s greasy hands.

Some reminders!

  • The higher you go up in leagues, the better the players your base will face. Especially when facing TH8 attackers with war armies, you can’t expect your base to hold.
  • Some of the images below include TH9s, but the layout is for TH7s.
  • You may want to consider tweaking the design a bit in case the attacker is familiar with the design.
  • All these farm bases include the third Air Defense added in the January 2016 update.

Now let’s take a look below at the best TH7 bases!

Puppet’s Playhouse


This is a popular base made by Limus. Its open design is unique, and can easily confuse the attacker resulting in poor troop deployment.


  1. Experienced attackers using Dragons will attack from behind the Air Sweeper. This, however, is made harder by the Town Hall which is obstructing the Dragons’ path. While the Dragons try to burn through the Town Hall, the Air Defense will shoot them out of the sky.
  2. Staggered junctions ensure Wall Breakers can’t get into more than 1 compartment.
  3. Giant pathing is pretty good. For most traps there is a high chance troops will trigger them.
  4. At first glance, this base may look bad because the elixir and gold storages are readily available, but the counter-intuitive benefit this provides is it will invite people to barch the base. You will lose a lot of gold and elixir, but barch rarely breaks into the core, so your dark elixir will be safe.
  5. Troops in the clan castle are difficult to lure, so if you often have defensive troops in your clan castle you may want to use this TH7 farm base.


  1. I’m not sure if the spring traps encircled in red will be triggered reliably by Giants.
  2. It’s fairly easy for Balloons to get to the Air Defenses, but unless you’re in a high league, you won’t be attacked by Dragons and max level Balloons too often.

Overall, I think this design has all bases covered… no pun intended. 😉



This almost heart-shaped defense base has an interesting design.


  1. The Air Sweeper is problematic for Dragon raids. If the attacker attacks from behind the sweeper, they come face to face with not just a high hp Town Hall and clan castle, but 2 surprise Teslas while contending with 2 Air Defenses.
  2. The bottom of the base has decent Giant pathing. I’d consider placing spring traps between 2 defenses to ensure Giants will trip them.
  3. This base design allows you to be flexible with which type of storage you want to protect. Have excess elixir? Put your elixir storages closer to the outside.


  1. If a Dragon attacker has Balloons in the clan castle, they can take out the Air Defense by attacking from the base’s soft underbelly.
  2. The Giant bombs are underutilized, and will probably not kill many troops.
  3. The bombs could be used to prevent Wall Breakers breaking into your base by placing them where you anticipate attacks.

Labyrinth Defense


Ever got lost in a garden maze? That’s exactly what will happen to Giants attacking this base.


  1. The spring traps are intelligently placed between defenses, so Giants are virtually guaranteed to trigger them.
    2: No exposed gold or elixir storages means an attacker using barch won’t get more loot than what’s in your collectors


  1. The sweeper doesn’t protect the Air Defenses.
  2. While the maze does well at pathing Giants where you want them to go, the lack of walls obstructing their path means they will quickly storm through the base.

Youtube Base




  1. The base has a nice anti Giant funnel at the bottom which forces Giants to walk through the trap laden alley.
  2. The Mortars in the middle are well protected, and will kill many Barbarians and Archers.
  3. All the gold and elixir storages are well protected.


  1. While it’s difficult for an attacker with Dragons to get both the Air Sweeper and Air Defenses, the sweeper is quite far from the Air Defenses. As a result, the effect of the sweeper is limited. The walls below the Air Sweeper prevent a king from getting to the sweeper
  2. The spring traps between the Cannons and sweeper may not trigger 3 Giants. I suggest taking some of the bottom walls to improve the funneling of Giants there.

Base by Clashfeed



  1. Confusing base design can throw off attackers.


  1. While the spring traps at the entrance of the compartments with Wizard Towers work at countering Giants, they don’t won’t be triggered by hogs. The other 2 spring traps are placed even worse.
  2. Easily lured clan castle.
  3. Gold and elixir storages are exposed.

Jolly Roger




Centralized clan castle variation, at the cost of Mortar coverage.

This is a deceptive base! Its design reminds me of a pirate’s flag. While some of the defenses look painfully exposed outside of the walls, the base defends surprisingly well against GiBarch.


  1. The dark elixir storage is well protected. Whenever Archers or Wizards come close to the dark elixir storage, splash damage kills them before they have a chance to fire at the dark elixir drill.
  2. Giants walk around the base taking their time to burst through the tips of the bones as they slowly get whittled down by the base’s defenses.
  3. If the attacker uses Dragons they would have to funnel carefully to have a Dragon fly to the dark elixir storage in the middle.


  1. The clan castle is easy to lure.
  2. The Air Defenses are exposed, so a skilled attacker using Dragons could funnel Dragons to the dark elixir storage.
  3. The exposed Town Hall makes it easy for an attacker to get 1 star.




  1. The dark elixir storage is well protected in the center of the base.
  2. If the attacker is using Dragons, they either face buildings with high hp or the Air Sweeper.
  3. None of the gold or elixir storages are exposed.


  1. The base gives up an easy star with the exposed Town Hall.
  2. The clan castle is easy to lure.


What is your favorite TH7 Farming Base?

TH7 opens up a lot more options for base design than the previous Town Halls, so choose the right base depending on your needs.

With a solid TH7 base design, you’ll have have a level 5 king in no time!

Liked any of the TH7 Farming Bases above? Let us know in the comments below which is your favorite.

Written by GoblinGeneral

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