Best TH6 War Bases of 2017

Hoooog Riiiiider! That’s what you’ll often hear when your TH6 war base is under attack… if Hog Riders actually made that battle cry in game.

Whereas TH5 bases and below are particularly vulnerable to Balloons, TH6 offers 2 Air Defenses to protect against those nefarious skeleton aviators. Air defenses are now also critical in defending against attacks supported by healers.

Unfortunately, the attacker gains access to heal spells, which are especially dangerous in combination with Hog Riders. When the attacker brings high level Hog Riders in their clan castle, the only way to reliably stop them are well placed spring traps to send them flying.

Below are a variety of war bases you can use in your own clan wars, or as inspiration to make your own war bases.

Some things to keep in mind…

  • No matter how well thought out a base design is, it’s difficult to prevent your base from getting 3 starred by skilled attackers.
  • Some bases were made using a TH10, but they only use buildings available to you at TH6.
  • If you don’t get 3 starred by another TH6 you will likely be easily 3 starred by a TH7, but if the enemy clan has to dip down to 3 star you it can be considered a successful defense.
  • The best troops for your clan castle are Valkryies. A high level Valkryie and baby Dragon alone can be too much to handle for unskilled players.

Anti Hog Anti GiHoLo

anti giho.png


  1. The Air Defenses are surrounded by spring traps preventing Hog Riders and Giants from easily destroying them.
  2. The storages with lots of hp offer some protection against Wizards, and potentially even Dragons.
  3. The Air Sweeper provides good coverage over the base to counter Dragons and healers coming from the north east side of the base.
  4. While the clan castle can be easily lured, its radius is covered by buildings. As a result, it will take longer, or at least a Giant, to lure the clan castle troops.
  5. Spring traps in between defenses make it likely for troops to trigger them.


  1. Having the 2 Air Defenses in the same compartment can leave them vulnerable if the attacker manages to get past the spring traps.
  2. An experienced attacker can easily predict where the traps are located.

Anti 3 Star Version of The Castle

anti giholo anti 3 star2.png


  1. Separating the Air Defenses into separate compartments makes them harder to destroy.
  2. The Town Hall can soak up damage while the defenses take out the attacker’s troops.
  3. Mortars make breaking in with Wall Breakers more difficult.


  1. Easy to 2 star.


th6 lunrable


  1. To lure the clan castle you have to break into the base, something TH6 players aren’t typically used to. As a result, they may just go in without luring, only to watch their Giants fall to a Valkryie in one fell swing.
  2. Spring traps placed in between defenses ensure troops will cross them.
  3. The high hp storages offer some protection against Dragons which are likely to attack from behind the Air Sweeper.


  1. The sore lack of compartments make it easy for Giants to move through the base.
  2. Attacking troops receive less damage, because the defenses are so spread out.

Anti 3 Star

anti 3 star.png


  1. The Town Hall, storages, and clan castle act as tanks to soak up damage for all the defenses.
  2. Multiple troops have to be invested to lure the clan castle.
  3. The double layer of trash buildings may discourage Dragons from attacking from behind the Air Sweeper.
  4. The Air Defenses are well protected as they’re placed deep inside the base, and have spring traps surrounding them to protect them from hog riders.
  5. 9 compartments will slow down Giants trying to move through the base.


  1. As it’s an anti 3 star base it’s easy to get 2 stars on the base.
  2. Since the spring traps aren’t directly in between 2 defenses there is a higher chance they won’t get triggered.


trap base.png


  1. Clan castle requires some troops to lure.
  2. Ground traps are in between defenses.
  3. The Archer Tower in front of the Wizard Tower serves as bait to attract Hog Riders looking to destroy 2 Wizard Towers.
  4. Air defenses in the core of the base protect against healers.


  1. It’s easy to guess where the traps are.

Base by Jaso



  1. Spring traps in between defenses make it likely they’ll get triggered.
  2. Centralized Air Defenses defend the base from healers.


  1. Clan castle can be easily lured.
  2. The outside Cannon doesn’t do anything particularly useful.
  3. 6 compartments isn’t that many.

Base by Clash of Clans Base Builds

clash of clans base builds


  1. Nine compartments will slow down troops trying to move through the base.
  2. The bombs in the middle will do a lot of damage to Hog Riders.
  3. Air defenses in the core offer great protection against healers.


  1. Clan castle can be lured with 1 Archer.
  2. The spring trap above the Town Hall is not likely to get triggered.
  3. The other spring traps may not trigger either as they’re not directly in between defenses.




  1. Giants will path around the Town Hall, breaking into and out of the T shaped compartments.
  2. Spring traps are in between defenses. The single wall in the top right compartment helps to ensure troops will path over them.
  3. Air defenses in the core provide solid anti air coverage.
  4. The Mortars and Wizard Towers have an effective range.


  1. The defenses can be picked off from the outside by Wizards which prevents troops from pathing over the spring traps.
  2. The base has only 5 compartments.

Base by Clash of Fun

Clash of Fun.png


  1. Giants and Hog Riders are likely to path over the spring traps.
  2. Air defenses are in separate compartments in the core which offers good protection against aerial attacks.


  1. It’s easy to lure troops from the clan castle.

Base by COCBases



  1. Compact base designs with lots of compartments will slow down troops moving through the base.
  2. 3 minutes may not be enough if an attacker forgets about the corner huts.
  3. Spring traps can catch Hog Riders from the castle, severely crippling an attack


  1. Since the spring traps are on the outside of the base they may not get triggered.

Base by COC Base Wizard

coc base Wizard.png


  1. The base has its most important defenses on the inside, namely the Air Defenses, Wizard Towers, and Mortars, which offers them good protection from attack.
  2. Spring traps are placed in between defenses making it likely for Giants and Hog Riders to cross them.


  1. The spring traps in the middle of the compartments may not always affect the maximum possible amount of troops.
  2. It’s super easy to lure the clan castle troops.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH6 War base?

As a TH6 you will likely get 3 starred no matter what base you use, but if you’re a new player in a clan where your account is one of the top 5 bases it’s possible for your base to make the difference between your clan winning or losing a war.

Did you pick a base above to use as your TH6 war base, or will you use them as inspiration for your own base? Let us know down below!




Written by GoblinGeneral

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