Best TH6 Trophy Bases of 2017

How to get a 4th builder as a Town Hall 6 player for free?

It’s by trophy pushing to 1250 trophies of course! Trophy pushing unlocks the ‘Sweet Victory!’ achievement which awards a whopping 450 gems!

It goes without saying that having a strong Town Hall 6 trophy base will help you get there more easily.

Listed below are the very best Town Hall 6 trophy bases I could find.

Clash with Devil

Clash With Devil.png


  1. Most Town Hall 6 players have little to no experience facing what we call ‘southern teaser bases.’ These bases appear very exposed at the bottom, but in reality, have all their traps there. The traps can take out an army quickly before it even gets to the Town Hall.
  2. Centralized clan castle will take more than a single Archer to lure.
  3. The Wizards towers and Mortars in the middle do a lot of damage to groups of troops.


  1. Since all the traps are at the bottom, it leaves the base more vulnerable to attack from the sides.
  2. If enemy troops don’t fall into the traps, they have an easy time getting through the base, due to a lack of compartments.

King Gamer

King Gamer.png


  1. Giants will path along the sides of the base where the spring traps will send them airborne.
  2. The moat around the Town Hall makes it less likely that troops will target it. Wizards lack the range to hit the Town Hall.
  3. The southern teaser base design makes it likely that an attacker will come in from the bottom, which Giants bombs and regular bombs protect.
  4. Builder huts in the corner can make an attacker run out of time.
  5. The Air Sweeper and Air Defenses are placed in a nice triangle, offering the best possible defense against flying troops.


  1. While Wizards can’t target the Town Hall from outside the moat, Archers can with their range of 3.5 tiles.




  1. Wizard Towers and Mortars cover a large area of the base.
  2. Giants will circle the outside of the base breaking in and out of compartments as they gradually go down due to traps and damage from defenses.
  3. Outside storages with their high hit points distract troops allowing defenses to do their jobs better.
  4. Air defenses are placed deep inside the base protecting the base from air attacks.


  1. The Air Sweeper is very exposed, leaving the base more vulnerable to air attacks.
  2. A single Archer can easily lure the clan castle troops.


trap base.png


  1. Giants are virtually guaranteed to go through the narrow corridors where they will spring the spring traps.
  2. Once Giants reach the core of the base they have to go through a wall to continue, which then leads the Giants out of the base, away from defenses they’re supposed to tank for troops such as Wizards.


  1. Spring trap placement is predictable and doesn’t do anything to defend against hogs from the enemy clan castle.
  2. A single Barbarian can lure the clan castle.

King Clash

king clasher.png


  1. Giants are funneled along the sides of the base, away from the Town Hall, while traps take them out.
  2. The Mortars offer good protection against packs of troops from within the core of the base.
  3. Centralized Air Defenses defend the base from healers.


  1. As the base only has 4 compartments, it is easy for troops to move through the base.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH6 Trophy Base?

While your base will be often 3 starred by Town Hall 7 players, you can still save a lot of trophies by using a good trophy base; a base which has counter-measures in place against common attacks like Giant-healer. Use one of the above bases, or use them as inspiration, and you’ll be able to push to 1250 trophies in no time.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!


Written by GoblinGeneral

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