Best TH6 Farming Bases of 2018

What has sideburns and refuses to die?

Why, it’s a Giant with a healer on him of course!

Is there really no way to keep Giants from trashing a TH6 base?

Fortunately, there are some ways to defend against this tactic; well placed spring traps and Air Defenses go a long way to stop Giant-Healer dead in its tracks.

I’ve listed the best TH6 farming bases below.

Unlurable with Collectors Inside

unlurable cc


  1. The attacker can’t simply drop an Archer to lure the clan castle, nor even a Giant to go after a defensive building. An attacker can lure the clan castle by destroying the external Air Sweeper, but it’s made more difficult by the Archer Tower and Mortar firing at any troops near the Air Sweeper.
  2. All the collectors are inside the base, making it more difficult to destroy them with Barbarians. Additionally, they slow down troops trying to get to the storages.
  3. Spring traps are in between defenses making it likely for Giants to trigger them.
  4. 3 storages have their own compartments which offers extra protection.


  1. Dependent on clan castle troops to be effective.
  2. Lack of compartments makes it much easier for troops to move through the base.
  3. Spread out defenses means less dps done to attacking troops.




  1. While traps aren’t directly in between defenses they’re still likely to be triggered, because the defenses next to them will lure troops to them since they’re exposed.
  2. Giants will slowly break into and out of the outer compartments whilst being hammered by defenses as the circle the base.
  3. Air defenses on the inside offer protection against Balloons and healers.
  4. The gold and elixir storages are deep inside the base protected by defenses.


  1. Clan castle troops can be lured with a single Archer.


crossbone b


  1. All the storages are deep inside the base.
  2. Splash defenses over each other.
  3. Traps in front of defenses are fairly liked to get triggered.
  4. A Giants push has to get through a lot of walls to get to defenses.


  1. The Town Hall is exposed.

Base by ICaptainJack Updated

farm base.png


  1. Storages and the Town Hall are placed deep inside the base making it difficult for common attacks like barch to get to the storages.
  2. Giants are guaranteed to walk into the base’s openings leading them across the spring traps.
  3. Air defenses in the middle protect against GiHealer attacks. Also, the Air Sweeper covers both of them.
  4. Mortars on the inside protect the base against attacks like barch and Goblins.


  1. Spring trap placement is obvious (except to complete newbies).
  2. The Wizard Towers are exposed, so the base is more vulnerable to large armies and Balloons.
  3. The base only has 5 compartments, so it is easy for the attacker’s troops to move through the base (traps not withstanding).

Four Leaf Clover

farm base2.png


  1. Every storage is protected by point defenses (Archer Towers and Cannons).
  2. Wizard Towers and Mortars cover a large amount of the base.
  3. Giants will take some time breaking into and out of compartments


  1. Due to the Air Defense and the sweeper placement, the base is vulnerable to attacks using healers or Balloons.
  2. Clan castle can be lured with 1 Goblin.

Another Clover

farm base 3.png


  1. Giants are likely to path over the spring traps.
  2. Wizard Towers and Mortars have good coverage, and are protected by point defenses.
  3. Storages and the Town Hall are deep inside the base where they are safe from attacks like barch (Barbarians and Archers).


  1. Enemy Giants don’t have to go through many compartments to get through the base.
  2. Spring trap placement is obvious.
  3. Air defenses are exposed to attack.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH6 Farming Base?

Although TH6 bases are small, they can employ a variety of methods to defend against attacks; whether it’s anti Giant spring trap funnels, forcing Giants to burst in and out of compartments, or making the most of troops in your clan castle!

Pick any of the above bases to protect your loot from your attacker’s greedy paws! Are there any you like in particular? Or do you have any TH6 Farming Bases you’d like to share? Feel free to comment down below!



Written by GoblinGeneral

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