Best TH5 War Bases of 2017

It’s tall…

It’s grey!

It fires death from above-

I’m, of course, talking about the the Wizard Tower; unlocked at TH5.

This newly unlocked defense helps defend against lots of threats such as; packs of Giants, Balloons, and Hog Riders.

To get the most out of the Wizard tower, you want to place it at the center of your base where it can target troops coming in from any side whilst being protected by other buildings and defenses.

Ensure you take advantage of defensive troops from your clan castle. A Valkryie has ruined many an unprepared attack.

Below are the best TH5 war bases which will prevent other TH5 players from 3 starring your base.

Base by SaiyanArt

war base.png


  1. Strong core containing an Air Defense, Wizard Tower, and Mortar.
  2. Cannons and Archer Towers protect the core from all sides.
  3. Spring traps are placed in between defenses to ensure Giants and Hog Riders will path over them.
  4. Outside defenses can be destroyed by ranged units, so it makes sense to have the spring traps inside the core where non-ranged troops such as Giants are likely to go.
  5. Storages and the clan castle on the outside soak up damage for the defenses.


  1. Having spring traps deep inside the base means troops walking over them will likely be injured already, so it may seem like a waste of spring traps.

Anti 3 Star

anti 3 star.png


  1. The Town Hall is the building with the highest amount of hit points in the game. In this base design it’s used to shield the defenses from damage which makes it harder to 3 star the base (also known as an anti 3 star base).
  2. Spring traps in between defenses are more likely to be triggered by defense targeting troops such as Giants and Hog Riders.
  3. The clan castle radius is covered by buildings which forces the attacker to put in more effort to lure the troops.
  4. Corner buildings can make an attacker run out of time if they don’t take them out at the start.  At the very least, it makes attacking the base more complicated for the attacker.
  5. The base’s seven compartments are pretty decent considering you only have 125 walls. The more compartments you have the longer it takes for non ranged troops to destroy the base.
  6. The powerful splash damage defenses and the Air Defense are deep inside the base, protected by traps, surrounding buildings, and defenses.


  1. Having the Town Hall exposed means you’re giving up a free star to the attacker. This means this base is best used when you’re often 3 starred.
  2. Predictable spring trap placement.

Rocket Ship



  1. The spring traps are placed in between a 1 tile corridor between the Wizard Towers, the Archer Tower, and Cannon which make it likely for troops to walk over them.
  2. The Wizard Tower, while somewhat exposed, has some protection due to the 2 storages in front of it and spring traps on both sides.
  3. If the attacker neglects the corner buildings they’ll probably run out of time.
  4. The Town Hall is well protected from all sides.


  1. If the bottom side defenses are taken out by ranged troops, then it’s possible no troops will end up walking over the spring traps.
  2. Spring trap placement is fairly predictable.

Base by IJackSparrow



  1. The clan castle is difficult to lure.
  2. The open compartments lure Giants where they’re likely to trigger the spring traps.
  3. Since troops are likely to come from the bottom or top they have to get through buildings with  lot of hit points before taking out the defenses.
  4. The clan castle radius is covered by buildings.


  1. The Town Hall can be easily destroyed.

Anti Air Anti 3 Star Base

anti air


  1. The biggest threat at TH5 is max level Balloons from the clan castle. Once the single Air Defense is taken out, Balloons are free to crush the base unopposed. With the Air Defense right in the middle it’ll be difficult to destroy.
  2. The splash defenses are protected by defenses and high hp buildings.
  3. The outside Town Hall protects the defenses from attacks.
  4. Troops are likely to path over the traps.
  5. Corner huts can make an attacker run out of time.
  6. The clan castle takes some effort to lure.


  1. While the exposed Town Hall helps preventing the base from being 3 starred, it makes it much easier to 1 or 2 star the base.


What is your favorite TH5 War Base?

Preventing your base from getting 3 starred at TH5 can be a daunting task. Having only 1 Air Defense at your disposal means as soon as it’s taken down, Balloons can destroy the rest of your base unobstructed.

Still, if you can make the most out of the defenses you have, you can still prevent your base from getting 3 starred; especially in smaller, less experienced clans.

Did you pick a favorite above? Or do you have a great TH5 War Base base already? Share your thoughts below!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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