Best TH5 Trophy Bases of 2017

Chances are if you are reading this you’re looking for a good TH5 trophy base which may prevent an attacker from getting 3 stars, so you can get to 1250 trophies, and get 450 gems.

While it’s difficult to prevent your base from getting 3 starred, it’s still worth using a good base which can help achieve your goal. Especially if your clan donates troops like level 5 Valkryies, you can get have a successful defense. After all, a Valkryie can take out a group of Giants in an instant.

Use a base below for inspiration, or use as is.

Cross Base Layout



  1. The Town Hall has its own compartment in the middle of the base.
  2. Giants will circle around the outsides of the base, and are likely to walk across the spring traps.
  3. Corner huts can make an attacker run out of time.
  4. Storages protect the defenses.
  5. Splash defenses (Wizard Tower and Mortar) cover a good portion of the base.


  1. Clan castle troops are easy to lure.
  2. Spring trap placement is pretty obvious.

Base by IJackSparrow



  1. The 3 most vital defenses (Wizard Tower, Mortar, and Air Defense) are in the core of the base; along with the Town Hall.
  2. Storages with lots of hp soak up damage for the defenses.
  3. If the attacker comes from the top with Giants, they’ll likely split up after taking out the Cannon.


  1. Lack of compartments makes it easy for troops to get through the base.




  1. Clan castle troops are difficult to lure. Most of the clan castle’s radius is covered off by walls. If the attacker decides to lure the clan castle troops by taking out the Cannon with Giants, they’ll lose them to the spring trap.
  2. Storages with lots of hp protect the Town Hall and Wizard Tower from the right side, while the sheer number of buildings on the left side protect the Town Hall as well.
  3. The Mortar and Wizard Tower are placed deep inside the base where they can take out groups of troops.
  4. If wrestling with clan castle troops doesn’t slow an attacker down, then they may run out of time taking out the huts in the corners.


  1. As the base is a Giant box, it’ll be easy for troops to get through the base.
  2. The base depends on receiving good clan castle troops; ideally a Valkryie.

Southern Teaser



  1. Giants will take time to walk through the bottom funnels where they’re guaranteed to trigger the spring traps.
  2. The Mortar in the middle protects the base from groups of Archers.


  1. It’s much easier to get to the Town Hall from the top of the base.
  2. The Air Defense and Wizard Tower are exposed which makes the base more vulnerable to Balloons.

Outside Clan Castle



  1. The attacker is virtually guaranteed to lose 6 Giants as they path over the spring traps.
  2. The Wizard Tower, Air Defense, and Mortar are fairly protected at the core of the base.
  3. Storages with lots of hp act as meat shields protecting defenses from attacks.
  4. Bombs on the outside can do quite some damage to a group of Archers.
  5. The Town Hall is in the middle of the base.
  6. Corner huts can make an attacker run out of time.


  1. Giants can easily move through the center of the base.


trophy base.png


  1. Centralized splash defenses defend the base well against low cost armies such as mass Archers.
  2. The Air Defense in the middle offers good protection against Balloons.
  3. Spring traps deep inside the base and in between defenses ensure Giants will path over them.


  1. It’s easy to predict where troops will go.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH5 Trophy Base?

Pushing trophies as a TH5 can be a fun challenge, and a great opportunity to learn essential attacking and defending skills. Use a base above, or use a base for inspiration.

Watch replays on your base to see for yourself what works, and what doesn’t!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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