Best TH5 Farming Bases of 2017

You shouldn’t bother trying to defend your loot with a TH5 farming base. Instead, rush to TH7 where you can get a lot more gold and elixir with the 200 army camp space available to you.

This is what many experienced players would tell you. However, maybe your clan will doubt you know what you’re doing by rushing, or perhaps you simply want to fully enjoy the experience of TH5 giving yourself the time to learn new things.

If you intend to max your base at TH5 it will still help to have a good base which counters common attacks like GiBarch.

Pick a base below, or use them for inspiration!

Centered Symmetry

farming base2.png


  1. All the storages are protected by defenses, and are in their own compartment.
  2. The Wizard Tower and Mortar cover most of the base.
  3. Giants will be forced to go through the narrow opening and cross the spring traps.
  4. The clan castle is in the middle which makes it difficult to lure the clan castle troops.


  1. The base is vulnerable to Balloons due to the exposed Air Defense.
  2. The Town Hall is on the outside as there’s no room for it within the base which can result is more lost trophies.

The Cross

farming base3.png


  1. Giants path around the outsides getting into and out of the compartments while being fired at by defenses.
  2. Giants are likely to fall to the spring traps.
  3. The Town Hall is well protected at the center of the base.
  4. The loot storages are protected by defenses.


  1. It’s easy to lure troops from the clan castle.
  2. The Air Defense is exposed to attack by Balloons.


farming base4.png


  1. The storages and Town Hall are in the middle, but within their own compartments.
  2. The storages are defended by defenses.
  3. The gaps in the compartments are there to ensure Giants will path over the traps.


  1. Clan castle troops are easy to lure.
  2. The Air Defense is exposed which leaves the base more vulnerable to air attacks.

Gold Protection

gold base


  1. A common problem at lower Town Hall levels is you upgrade all your elixir items while still having gold upgrades left. This base protects the gold storages by surrounding it with defenses and traps.
  2. Splash defenses (Mortar and Wizard Tower) defend the entire base safely from within the core.


  1. The Town Hall and elixir storages are easily to destroy.


farming base5


  1. You can protect either gold or elixir in the core of the base.
  2. The Town Hall is at the center which may save some trophies.
  3. The traps in the core protect the loot from attacks coming in from the bottom.


  1. Clan castle troops are easy to lure.
  2. Air defense and Wizard Tower is exposed which makes the base more vulnerable to air attacks.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH5 Farming Base?

I could feature more bases, but given how limited you are at TH5 to design a base, the above 5 bases offers about all the variety in designs possible.

Try them and let us know which one works best for you!



Written by GoblinGeneral

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