Best TH4 War Bases of 2017

What’s special about Town Hall 4? Well, it’s where you first learn about air attacks. You can unlock Level 1 Balloons as soon as you upgrade your barracks to level 6. But, how do we defend our Town Hall 4 war base from Balloon attacks when up until now only Archer Towers can hit them?

We can defend our war base with the new Air Defense. It only targets flying troops, but you can’t match the amount of damage it inflicts on them. So it goes without saying that we should place it deep inside the base, where it can shoot down slow-moving Balloons before they can do much damage.

Also, having proper spring trap placement is critical because 2 of them can take out 6 Giants. Don’t forget to request a Valkyrie for your clan castle, as one alone can take out a group of Archers and Giants. A Wizard or Minions to go along with the Valkyrie will also take care of Balloons for you.

Base by William



  1. Open compartments at the bottom lure Giants that will trigger the spring traps while they attempt to get to the Archer Tower and Cannon.
  2. The Air Defense and Mortar are in the middle of the base, where it’s hard to get to them, ensuring they can do as much damage as possible.
  3. All the storages with high hit points are at the top, which makes attacking from above as tricky as from the bottom.
  4. The Town Hall is right in the middle where it’s an easy target.

Anti 3 star base

anti 3 star.png


  1. Structures like the Town Hall, clan castle and loot storages are used as meat shields. They soak up damage while the defenses take out the enemy troops.
  2. The base has five compartments, which is a lot for a Town Hall 4 and a takes lot of enemy Giants to break through.
  3. The corner huts in the corners of the base can make an attacker run out of time.
  4. The Mortar in the middle is very well-protected, doing a ton of damage to groups of Archers and such.
  5. The spring traps between 1 tile corridors make it very likely that it will affect the greatest amount of troops.


  1. Since the Town Hall is so exposed, it’s very easy to get a star on this base. The point of this base is to make a 3 star as difficult as possible.
  2. The Air Defense is relatively exposed.

Anti-air base layout

anti air


  1. Defenses and a spring trap funnel protect the right side of the base, making it difficult for Giants to get to the Air Defense.
  2. Trying to get to the Air Defense from the left side is also tricky, due to the Town Hall soaking up lots of damage.
  3. Five compartments is a lot for Giants to get through.
  4. Huts in the corner to make the attacker run out of time.


  1. The base gives up an easy star due to the exposed Town Hall.
  2. The Mortar is a bit exposed to attacks.

Aiver Base Design



  1. Defenses protect all sides of the Town Hall.
  2. High hit point storages further shield the base from attacks.


  1. The outside spring trap may not get triggered.
  2. You can defend the Mortar and Air Defense better.

Base by KekSe99



  1. The base has a balanced defense against air attacks, with the Air Defense on one side and Archer Towers on the other.
  2. Giants will go for the gap to destroy the Air Defense where they will fall to the spring traps, while still at a high amount of hit points.
  3. The Town Hall is protected from attacks right in the middle.


  1. There’s a direct path to the Town Hall.
  2. The Mortar and Air Defense are very exposed to attack by mass Archers.

TH 4 war base by GameDiceHD



  1. The Mortar and Air Defense can defend the base well against Balloons and Archer spam as they’re well-protected in the core.
  2. The spring traps are likely to be triggered by Giants making their way into the core of the base.
  3. The four compartments sticking out on each side keep Wall Breakers from getting into the central compartment.


  1. The base is more vulnerable to attack from the top where there are obviously no spring traps.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH4 Trophy Base?

While you don’t have many tools at your disposal at Town Hall 5, you can still occasionally prevent your base from getting 3 starred by inexperienced attackers. Pick one of the bases above, and you won’t be disappointed.

Let us know down in the comments below which of the bases you like or if you’re using any great TH4 War Bases already!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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