Best TH4 Trophy Bases of 2017

Most new players ignore base design. They upgrade their defenses but don’t stop to think about how to get the most out of what they have.

Players commonly use Giants, so you want a base that ensures Giants path over the spring traps.

When you’re pushing trophies at this level, you want to prioritize your single targeting defenses like Archer Towers and Cannons over the Mortar, because they do a lot more damage to enemy Giants.

Check the bases below and use them as is or as inspiration.


aro neo.png


  1. Since walls do not surround the Air Defense and Mortar, Giants will always attack them. The attacker then loses 6 Giants to the spring traps, while the remaining Giants die to the Cannons and Archer Towers firing at them.
  2. The loot storages cover each side of the base where soak up damage giving the defenses more survivability.
  3. The Town Hall is right in the middle where troops can’t easily attack it.


  1. The base sacrifices the Mortar to the Giants, which leaves the base more vulnerable to Archer spam.

Ring base

ring base.png


  1. Giants will path around the Town Hall without breaking into the Town Hall’s compartment.
  2. The spring traps within a one tile corridor within the Giant funnel, where they’re virtually guaranteed to be triggered by Giants.


  1. The Air Defense is very exposed, leaving the base more vulnerable to mass loons or even donated Balloons from the clan castle.
  2. The few buildings in front of the Mortar expose them to mass Archers.




  1. While the Town Hall appears to be exposed from the bottom, an inexperienced attacker may fail to notice that it’s harder to get through the loot storages than initially anticipated.
  2. The funnels at the sides of the central compartment lure in Giants, where the other troops that are supposed to be dealing damage for them will likely separate them.
  3. Defenses draw in Giants, so they will very likely cross the spring traps.
  4. The Mortar is relatively deep inside the base, where it offers some protection against groups of troops like Archers.


  1. The base lacks compartments which make it easy for troops to move through the base.

Trophy base

trophy base


  1. Point defenses defend the top of the base, each within their compartment.
  2. The bottom side of the base is well-protected from Archers as the Mortar will annihilate whole groups of them as they struggle to get past the loot storages.
  3. The Town Hall is in its compartment at the center of the base which gives it some protection against melee troops.
  4. The spring traps are well-placed in between defenses where they get rid of Giants.
  5. A builder hut in each corner of the base can make an attacker run out of time if she doesn’t account for them.


  1. It’s obvious where the spring traps are.

Clan Castle gaming

clan castle gaming.png


  1. The storages are spread out making it less likely that an attacker will get all of them, especially one at the top.
  2. The Mortar in the middle protects the base against any Archer or barch spam attack.
  3. Five compartments is a good number for a Town Hall 4 as it’s a lot for troops to break through.


  1. The Air Defense doesn’t help at defending the base in any way. I suggest to place it at the bottom gold storage, so it will attract Giants that will then proceed to go through the wall, only to fall to the spring traps.
  2. The base sacrifices the Town Hall to better protect the gold and elixir storages. This makes the base less-than-ideal if you’re pushing trophies.
  3. Ideally, the walls would force Giants to a path over the spring traps to maximize their usefulness.

Clan Castle Gaming 2

clan castle gaming 2



  1. The Mortar at the center of the base covers a significant portion of the base, protecting it from spammy troops like Goblins.
  2. Giants are virtually guaranteed to walk across the spring traps.
  3. Loot storages protect the base from attacks from the bottom and top of the base.


  1. Only 2 compartments means that troops can easily rip through the base.
  2. You can easily remove the exposed Air Defense on top, which makes the base an easy picking for Balloon spam.

Coc base Wizard

coc base Wizard.png


  1. Neat, compact base design with lots of compartments for troops to get through.
  2. The Town Hall, clan castle and loot storages protect the defenses which make the base less likely to be 3 starred and more likely to be attacked by people using weak armies looking for easy loot.
  3. Two spring trap funnels force troops to path over them.
  4. The centralized Mortar within its own compartment offers great protection again Archers and Barbarians.


  1. The outside Town Hall makes the base easy to 1 or 2 stars but that’s hard to avoid at Town Hall 4, regardless of where the Town Hall is anyways.
  2. Giants may ignore the spring trap in between the Cannon and gold storage.

Gaming with harman

gaming with harman.png


  1. Defenses lure Giants to the Cannons where the only way to reach them is across the spring traps.
  2. The Town Hall is right in the middle where lots of defenses protect it.


  1. Air defense is exposed to air attacks.
  2. Exposed Mortar prevents the base from countering mass Archer effectively.
  3. Predictable spring trap placement that can be countered by dropping a single Giant to get rid of them.

Mansari710 Gaming

Mansari710 Gaming


  1. Clan castle is hard to lure by ordinary troops like Archers and Barbarians.
  2. As the buildings are 2 tiles away from the wall they’re immune from the ranged attack of Wizards unless said Wizards break through the wall.


  1. Spring traps only defend against attacks from the top.
  2. The base has only one compartment, so it’s easy for Giants to move through the base.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH4 Trophy Base?

While Town Hall 4 may not be the ideal time to push trophies, you can still do so if you want to. Using one of the above bases will help you save trophies guaranteed.

Do you like any of the bases above? Or do you already have a great base for trophy pushing? Let us know down in the comments below!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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