Best TH 4 Farming Bases of 2017

Town hall 4 is a fun place to be. You’re learning a new attack style, namely air. While it’s worth getting an Air Defense to defend against Balloons, it’s not that important for protecting your loot.

Since Giants are very common, you’ll want to ensure they’ll path over your spring traps. The Mortar is very useful against barch attacks that often target your gold and elixir collectors. So if you’re only active in bursts, then the Mortar will be more important.

If you’re active and always have full loot storages, then the single-targeting defenses are more important to counteract an invasion of Giants.

Pick one of the bases below to protect your loot or use them as inspiration:

Central Mortar Farm base

farming base 2


  1. The storages are spread out which makes it less likely that an attacker will get all of them.
  2. The Mortar is at the center of the base within its own compartment where troops won’t reach it easily, while it makes short work of any troops with low hit points such as Goblins.
  3. The outside Cannons lure Giants that will subsequently enter the base to attack the Archer Towers where they’re lined up to path across the spring traps.


  1. The loot storages are more vulnerable to attack from all sides.
  2. It’s easy to destroy the outside Cannons.

Farm base 2

farming base


  1. All the storages are deep inside the base where weak armies won’t be able to reach them.
  2. Giants will go straight through the base as they attack either the Air Defense or Mortar and then proceed to be sent skyward by the spring traps.
  3. The Archer Towers and Cannons are in walled-off compartments, giving them excellent protection against Barbarians and Giants.
  4. While the Mortar may look very exposed, a double layer of trash buildings protects it. Even if Giants take it out quickly, supporting Archers will still have to get through the trash buildings, while Giants will fall to the traps and defenses so that once the Archers get through the trash buildings, they won’t have Giants to tank for them.


  1. The Town Hall is very exposed, which will cost you some loot and trophies.
  2. As the base sacrifices the Air Defense, it is more vulnerable to air raids.
  3. Since all the loot storages are together, it means that if the attacker can destroy a couple of them, they likely will get all of them.’

Coc base Wizard

coc base Wizard.png


  1. The gold and elixir storages are spread apart, so chances are you’ll only lose one or the other on defense.
  2. The Mortar at the center covers the whole base, protecting your base from Archer spam and barch.
  3. The open Mortar compartment baits Giants into walking over the spring traps.


  1. The base only really has 2 compartments, which keeps the walls from slowing down troops.

Low Bunkey

low bunkey.png


  1. This base defends well against armies with lots of cheap troops as the centralized Mortar takes out entire groups of them as they try to get into the base.
  2. The bottom of the base lures Giants to the Cannons where they’ll walk right over the spring traps.
  3. The two storages in the middle are particularly difficult to get to, so you may well only lose half of the loot the attacker could get by attacking your base.


  1. As the Town Hall is exposed, it won’t help you save trophies.
  2. The exposed Air Defense is straightforward to take out which clears the way for Balloons to crush the base. If this is a problem for you, you can sWitch the clan castle with the Air Defense.

Twister base

farming base 4.png


  1. Centralized Mortar provides optimum protection against large armies of troops with low hit points.
  2. The spring traps are placed in between defenses to lure Giants to their deaths.
  3. Loot storages are spread out and within their compartments which makes it less likely that an attacker can get to them all.
  4. Five compartments is a high number for a Town Hall 4 and a lot for troops to break through.


  1. As the spring traps aren’t in between two walls, they may not affect as many Giants.
  2. Defense is poor against air attacks.

Twister base variation

farming base5


  1. Centralized Town Hall can save you loot and trophies.
  2. Spread out loot storages.
  3. The spring traps are in between defenses and walls, making it likely that Giants will fall to them.


  1. The Mortar is somewhat exposed, which makes the base a bit more vulnerable against mass Archers.
  2. Using the Air Defense as sacrificial bait means that the base offers little protection against Balloons.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH4 Farming Base?

While you won’t be staying long at Town Hall 4, you can still benefit from a good farming base to protect your loot. Use one of the bases above, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you like any of the above bases or already have a great TH4 Farming Base that you’d like to share let us know down in the comments below!



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