Best TH3 War Bases of 2017

When you’re at Town Hall 3, you may well be a Town Hall 4 before a war even starts. However, since you’re here, I know you’re looking for a good Town Hall 3 War Base. Perhaps you want to experience each Town Hall level fully. Or maybe this is your mini account, and you don’t want to progress it further.

Whatever the reason, for your convenience, I’ve found the best Town Hall 3 war bases I could find.

Th3 Anti 3-star Base

anti 3 star.png


  1. The base has a maximum amount of four compartments, which is a lot for TH3 troops like Barbarians to break through.
  2. The Mortar at the center of the base is protected on every side by point defenses, the Cannons and Archer Tower, while the Town Hall soaks up hits from the remaining side.
  3. Buildings in every corner of the map can make an attacker run out of time if she doesn’t take them out at the beginning.


  1. The Town Hall is used as a sacrificial lamb to shield the defenses from attack so that they may do the maximum amount of damage to enemy troops at the cost of giving up an easy star.

Golden Magnum

golden magnum.png


  1. Storages in front of defenses soak up hits while defenses fire at enemy troops.
  2. There is a gap at the bottom of each Cannon which the attacker might fail to notice. As a result, it could throw off his attack if his defense-targeting troops attack them instead of the intended target.
  3. The Town Hall is the most difficult building to get to, as it’s right in the middle. If the attacker wastes a lot of troops to kill a clan castle Valkyrie, then it could make the difference between a 2 star and 1 star.


  1. Giants can easily attack the Cannons as they don’t have to break through any walls.
  2. The base effectively only has 1 compartment, so enemy troops won’t have to worry about walls too much.




  1. No matter where Giants drop at the bottom of the base, the gap at bottom lures Giants into the core. This may seem counter-productive, but the reason why it works against Giants is that they’ll stall on the Mortar, while the point defenses take them off one by one.
  2. While Giants stall on the Mortar, other troops will stall on the storage with high hit points.
  3. Defenses from all sides protect the Town Hall.


  1. Troops don’t have to break through a single wall, making it easier to move through the base.




  1. A double layer of walls protects the Mortar, which makes it tricky to take it out, while it wrecks havoc on groups of Archers and Barbarians.


  1. The Cannons and Archer Towers are woefully exposed to attack.
  2. Destroying the Town Hall is easy.

Deddiclan 2



  1. If an attacker attacks from the top he’ll have to go through 2 layers of walls to get to the Town Hall, which may well result in his troops dying off before he succeeds.
  2. Attacking from the bottom isn’t that easy either, as most of the buildings are at the bottom, that troops have to push through while being barraged by defenses on top.
  3. The space above the Mortar ensures that Archers and Barbarians won’t easily get to the Mortar.


  1. The base being harder to 3 star comes at the cost of a Town Hall exposed to attack from the bottom.

Plus base

anti Archer.png


  1. A double layer of ‘trash’ buildings create a buffer between the Mortar and attacking troops, ensuring the Mortar will get plenty of shots in against groups of Archers and Barbarians.
  2. Storages with high hit points surround the base protecting the defenses from attack.
  3. Defenses from all sides protect the Town Hall.
  4. The 2 builder huts can make an attacker run out of time if ignored.


  1. Luring clan castles is easy.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH3 War Base?

Even though you only have 4 defenses and 50 walls, you can still make some distinctive base designs.  If you find your base is always getting 3 starred, then opt for one of the anti 3-star bases and ensure you have a Valkyrie protecting your lawn. If however your base is often attacked by inexperienced players, you may want to consider using one of the bases above with the Town Hall in the middle.

Did you like any of the bases above? Or you have any TH3 war bases you’d like to share? Let us know down below!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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