Best TH3 Trophy Bases of 2017

So… I heard you like challenges.

What better way to challenge yourself than by trophy pushing at one of the very lowest Town Hall levels.

While you’re better off going to Town Hall 5 to get stronger troops, you evidently still want to try to push as a Town Hall 3.

After all, that’s why you clicked on this article right?

Pick one of the trophy bases below to suit your trophy pushing needs.

Focus TH3 Trophy Base

trophy base.png


  1. Since the Cannons and Archer Tower aren’t walled off, they’ll attract Giants, who’ll ignore the Mortar in the middle and circle around it instead.
  2. The Mortar in the middle fends off any Archer or Barbarian swarm trying to destroy your base. It’s also surrounded by high hit point buildings such as the Town Hall and clan castle to soak up damage.
  3. The corner huts, if neglected, can make an attacker run out of time.


  1. At Town Hall 3, it’s difficult to avoid destroying the Town Hall.

Clash on Gan



  1. Storages soak up damage from all sides.
  2. Centralized Town Hall.
  3. Walled off defenses can hold off a few Giants.


  1. The Mortar can be easily picked off.
  2. Giants only have to break through a single wall to get to all the defenses.

    Three Compartments Base

base 1.png


  1. Three compartments is a lot for troops to break through.
  2. An attacker might underestimate what it takes to get the Town Hall from the west side since the attacker will have to get through all the storage with high hit points while being fired at by defenses.
  3. Giants have to break through 2 compartments to get to all defenses.
  4. Corner huts can make an attacker run out of time.


  1. Inferior loot protection.

    Bomb Funnel Base

base 2.png


  1. Troops get funneled over the bombs once inside the base.
  2. Storages serve as meat shields to protect Mortars.
  3. Giants have to break through 2 walls to get to all the defenses and route from one side to the other.
  4. Corner huts can make an inattentive attacker run out of time.
  5. The base offers some protection of gold, which can come in handy when you’re still maxing your walls.


  1. The Cannon and Archer Tower can be quickly taken out by Giants if the attacker flanks the base.

    Protected Mortar Base

base 3.png


  1. The base has three compartments, each with a defensive building, making it very difficult for Giants to get to all of them.
  2. The Mortar is protected by lots of buildings to soak up damage from Archers and Barbarians while the Mortar slowly whittles them down.


  1. The Cannon on the outside can be taken out easily by Giants, but if the attacker attacks from that side he has more trash buildings to destroy while being vulnerable to the 2 bombs.

Crystal Base

Crystal th3 trophy base


  1. Spread out buildings around the perimeter of the base will route troops around it.
  2. Central Mortar takes out entire groups of troops going around the base.
  3. Centralized clan castle makes it difficult to lure troops out of it.
  4. The outside Cannons can be effective at killing troops if attackers usually push from one side with their slow troops.


  1. The base depends on strong troops in the clan castle to defend.
  2. The base only has 1 compartment.
  3. Exposed Cannons are easy to destroy.

Savage 3.4 base

savage 3.4


  1. Centralized clan castle is hard to lure. A max level Valkyrie will be difficult to take out with Barbarians and Archers.
  2. A gibarch push will be slowed down by the empty core.


  1. The defenses are very exposed and can be taken out easily if the attacker attacks from all sides, but only if the attacker isn’t still dealing with max level troops from the clan castle.
  2. Exposed Town Hall gives up an easy star.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH3 Trophy Base?

It’s not an easy task when defending trophies at Town Hall 3 since you’re limited to 50 walls and only 4 defenses. Maxing your defenses, walls and using one of the layouts above helps. At best though, you can leverage strong clan castle troops such as a Valkyrie or Balloons to defend your base which can instantly kill a group of Giants.

Will you be using any of the bases above? Or do you have any TH3 bases you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments down below!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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