Best TH10 Trophy Bases of 2017

Around and around they go.

Troops around your Town Hall, I mean, failing to 2 star your TH10 trophy base.

Now that you’re a TH10 (and have probably plopped down 2 infernos) you can prevent your base from getting 3 starred (or even 2 starred) in the higher leagues.

If you use one of the bases below that is… 😉

Base by IJackSparrow



  1. Traps at the bottom makes attacking from that side harder than it looks.
  2. Traps can be avoided by attacking from the top, but it will be difficult to get through all the walls if the attack doesn’t bring earthquake spells.
  3. Funneling troops from the bottom is difficult, because of the large open space.
  4. Teslas, xbows and Inferno Towers protect the Town Hall from all sides.
  5. The smaller empty compartments on top makes it more difficult to funnel troops from the top.


  1. At higher leagues more people are familiar with southern teaser bases; they know to expect all the traps at the bottom, and can funnel troops from the top or sides.

Base by Eriksson



  1. The large open compartment on top makes it difficult to funnel troops into the core.
  2. While it’s easier to funnel from the bottom, you have to get deeper into the base to reach the Town Hall.
  3. The Inferno Towers have small compartments of their own with enough empty space to keep Bowlers from targeting them
  4. The base has some anti LaLoon capabilities with sweepers covering both the left and right side of the base, while empty space at the bottom and top of the base make Balloon pathing less certain.
  5. Buildings are generally spaced apart which leaves the base less vulnerable to splash damage from Valkryies, who’d otherwise storm through the base without many compartments to slow them down.


  1. The Town Hall is more vulnerable to attack from the top if an attacker clears out the top side of the base, then funnels his heroes down the middle; safe from Inferno Towers and pesky heroes.




  1. Protects both your dark elixer and Town Hall in the middle.
  2. The moat around the central compartment keeps troops from targeting the center.
  3. High trap concentration and clan castle at the bottom makes it more difficult to get to the Town Hall.
  4. Air sweepers protect the Town Hall from the bottom where it’s more exposed to attacks.


  1. Ideally, Wizard Towers are placed apart from Air Defenses, so they will lock onto a pack of Balloons instead of a Lavahound.
  2. You can take out a lot of the bottom side of the base before worrying about the Inferno Towers.
  3. The queen and king, while being less likely to pull troops into the core, do not help defend the Town Hall from the bottom.




  1. The Town Hall has its own compartment, and the free standing walls funnel troops towards the Inferno Towers.
  2. The deceptive outer ring looks like 2 compartments when it’s actually one, and can force troops to go all the way around instead of into the core.


  1. With Air Sweepers aimed at twelve o’ clock and the Archer Queen being placed on top, the base is more vulnerable to a LaLoonion attack from the bottom.
  2. Clan castle can be easily lured.
  3. Valkyries do a lot of splash damage to buildings placed right next to each other.
  4. Wizard Towers placed close to Air Defenses is a bad idea.


fury 3



  1. Using free standing walls, the base cleverly funnels troops towards the sides away from the Town Hall.
  2. When an attacker first sees this base they may think the compartments are closed off, but upon close inspection you’ll see there’s a small gap that can easily cause troops to go around the base, instead of into the core.
  3. While the Town Hall looks most exposed from the bottom, it’s actually the side that is heavily trap laden.
  4. The Inferno Towers and heroes protect the Town Hall no matter which side an attacker comes from.
  5. All the Air Defenses are on top making it much trickier to use LaLoonIon against this base.
  6. Centralized clan castle.


  1. Wizard Tower placement isn’t ideal to counter Balloons.
  2. Dense building placement leaves the base more vulnerable to Valkryies, especially considering how few compartments the base has.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH10 Trophy Base?

TH10 is so strong defensively that trophy pushing is a serious option.

Being able to leverage 5 Giant bombs, 2 Bomb Towers, 2 Inferno Towers, heroes, and 3 xbows to defend your Town Hall makes preventing attackers from getting 2 stars a real possibility.

Are you going to use any of these base to push to the Titans League or higher? Or do you have any great bases you’d like to share? Let us know down in the comments below.



Written by GoblinGeneral

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