Best TH10 Farming Bases of 2017

Then at last his gaze was held: wall upon wall, battlement upon battlement, black tower of adamant, he saw it: Barad-dûr, Fortress of Sauron. All hope left him.

This quote refers to the dark tower in the Lord of the Rings novels, but I find it equally appropriate when describing a maxed out TH10 with the infamous Inferno Tower(s).

The Inferno Tower which unlocks at TH10 helps your base tremendously to defend against attacks. Usually set to multi target, it can take on 5 troops at a time.

Inferno towers are generally placed apart enough to avoid having both frozen by a freeze spell which has a radius of 7 tiles. They also tend to be well protected in the core, sometimes even having their own compartments with or without empty space around them.

That said, the basics still apply. A good TH10 farm base will have anti troop funneling in place, and intelligent trap placement to protect your loot (especially dark elixir!).

Base by Crows

crows th10


  1. It’s extremely difficult to funnel troops to the dark elixir storage due to the distracting buildings in the huge outer ring.
  2. The core is very well protected by the multi targeting Inferno Towers, Teslas, and Bomb Towers which deal a lot of damage when they fall.
  3. Defense targeting troops will path around the outer side of the base.
  4. Wizard Towers target Balloons instead of Lavahounds.
  5. It’s a great design when you want trees to spawn on the outskirts of the base.
  6. The Archer Queen can’t target the dark elixir storage from outside the inner compartment.


  1. Lack of compartments make the base weak against full scale attacks with strong troops.

3 Star Attack



  1. The Inferno Towers have their own compartments which prevents them from being targeted by troops such as Bowlers. It also causes troops to path along the sides.
  2. The ring with defenses and collectors route troops around the core effectively slowing them down.
  3. Archer Towers and Wizard Towers set apart from the Air Defenses helps protect the base from LaLoon.


  1. The dark elixir storage can be sniped by the Archer Queen.
  2. Valkyries will storm through the base without gaps between buildings.

Regular TH10 Farming Base



  1. The dark elixir storage is fairly well protected by the Town Hall and clan castle on one side of it, and the heroes on the other.
  2. Large compartment sizes make it more difficult to funnel troops to the core.
  3. With the gold and elixir storages relatively deep inside the base, they’re better protected than some of the other bases on this list.


  1. With a strong enough army you can get into the core of the base using a jump spell on one of the intersections between storages.
  2. The base is a bit vulnerable to the splash damage of Valkryies.




  1. The 4 freestanding row of walls in each corner forces troops to enter through a small area where they will split off to go around the sides of the base. They make creating a funnel to enter the core more difficult.
  2. The dark elixir storage has its own compartment, and can’t be easily sniped by an Archer Queen.
  3. Giant bombs protect storages, and are mostly spread apart to force the attacker to use up their heal spells.
  4. The Air Defenses in the core defend each other, and are far enough away from Wizard Towers.


  1. The base is more vulnerable to air attacks as the queen is fairly exposed.

Dead Zone


v3 scout


  1. The dead zone on top forces the attacker to attack from the bottom.
  2. It appears there are two anti Bowler inferno islands, but they actually contain Teslas and Giant bombs.
  3. Most buildings have spaces between them leaving the base less vulnerable to Valkryies.
  4. The bottom of the base is tricky to funnel into as it is heavily defended by defenses and traps.


  1. Since the base is centered around protecting dark elixir, it sacrifices gold and elixer storages to do some tanking.
  2. The base is more vulnerable to side attacks if the attacker has a jump spell.
  3. The base is a bit vulnerable to Goblins from the top, even with the Giant bomb protecting the dark elixir storage.

Yet Another TH10 Farming Base



  1. It’s difficult to funnel troops from the bottom to core of the base.
  2. When the attacker attacks from the top they have to go through double Giant bombs, high hp buildings, and heroes; and all the while xbows and infernos fire just behind the dark elixir storage.
  3. Centralized heroes and Wizard Tower placement makes the base more difficult to LaLoon.


  1. It’s not too difficult to funnel troops into the core from the sides when you have a jump spell or earthquakes.

Base by Erikkson



  1. The dark elixir storage has its own roomy compartment.
  2. You can either put gold or elixir storages deeper into the base, depending on which you want to protect more.


  1. Some of the traps could be placed better.
  2. The Archer Queen has enough range to snipe the dark elixir storage.
  3. If most of the defenses target Lavahounds instead of Balloons it will leave the base vulnerable to air based attacks.

Base by IJackSparrow



  1. Funneling troops to the dark elixir storage in the middle is nigh impossible from the bottom.
  2. Attacking from the top is made more difficult due to the small empty compartments.


  1. The Giant bombs at the bottom pose no threat to a kill squad coming from the bottom.
  2. It’s possible to funnel troops from the side into the core with the help of a jump spell.
  3. Both Inferno Towers can be frozen with a freeze spell.
  4. No gaps between buildings means Valkryies will have a field day with this base.

Base by IJackSparrow



  1. This southern teaser base can be difficult to handle as it requires careful funneling to get to the dark elixir storage.
  2. Giants bombs and Bomb Towers are spread out.
  3. The clan castle is difficult to lure.


  1. An attacker can freeze both infernos with one spell.
  2. Close building placement leaves it weaker against splash.
  3. The base is more vulnerable to Dragons coming from the left side.
  4. Better value can be obtained from the Air Sweepers if they face upwards and downwards.
  5. It would be possible for an attacker to carefully funnel Goblins into the core.

Base by IJackSparrow



  1. The dark elixir storage has not only 1 compartment to itself, but two. If troops get through the first layer they’ll be blown up by the Giant bombs.
  2. An Archer Queen can’t easily target the dark elixir storage as its range is limited to 5 tiles.
  3. Wall breakers will likely hit the outer compartments instead of the outer ring.
  4. Troops like Giants will path around the outer compartments instead of going into the core.


  1. The Inferno Towers are exposed.
  2. Gold and elixir storages can be easily attacked.

TH10 Ring Base



  1. The attacker has to go through multiple walls before they can get into the ring in the middle.
  2. The collectors in the outer compartments forces troops like golems and Giants to go to a corner that can be difficult to wall break into.
  3. All the storages are fairly deep into the base which provides some protection from attacks.


  1. Bunched up buildings are vulnerable to splash.
  2. The dark elixir storage can be sniped by an Archer Queen outside of the inner compartment.
  3. The bottom corner has a double layer of walls, but since Wall Breakers do splash damage they can break into the base from there.

Ring and Moat Base



  1. The ring of single walls prevent troops from getting into the core.
  2. If an attacker manages to destroy enough buildings to jump into the core they’ll still have to deal with the Inferno Towers and xbows.


  1. When the clan castle is centralized it can pull troops into the core. It may be better to place the Archer Queen there.
  2. The base is vulnerable to air attacks. Consider placing an air bomb near the dark elixir storage to counter Minions.
  3. The gold and elixir storages are exposed, but that does help the base defend better, and attracts weak, greedy attackers.

Four Corners Base



  1. Doughtnut shape paths troops around the core.
  2. The dark elixir storage can’t be sniped.
  3. The core is well protected by infernos, xbows, Teslas, and heroes.


  1. Wizard Towers can be placed better to counter Balloons.
  2. The core of the base is vulnerable to a group of Valkryies storming through it.
  3. Since the base is a symmetrical box it’s easier to predict how troops will path.

Over to you

What is your favorite TH10 Farming Base?

As you can tell from the bases above, TH10 base designs are all about getting the enemy’s troops to go where you want them to. This is accomplished through rings full of buildings and empty spaces.

When you use one of the bases above, or use them for inspiration, you’ll find that just like the fortress of Sauron, your base shall instill fear in your attacker’s minds.

Which of the bases above will you copy to defend your loot? Or maybe you already have a solid TH10 Farming Base. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas below!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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