How to recruit 50 3 star specialists for your clan in a week.

How to recruit 50 3 star specialists for your clan in a week.

Have you spent time on Clash of Clan’s global chat recruiting players, only to have them join higher level clans instead of yours? Do you find that those few who do join end up bailing on you during clan wars? You were being helpful, lavishing them with truckloads of support troops and yet they disappeared without a word.

The key element here is ‘without a word’. That’s the frustrating part! The ones that never come onto the clan chat are the ones who are least dependable. If you would like to learn how to keep dependable players, you first got to know how to find and recruit them. Read this ‘clan building’ article to find out how to recruit players, who are active on the chat, donate troops and do their best to score 6 stars during clan wars.

The funny thing is that I had the same problem

You see, I made a clan a year ago. In order to get members for my clan I went on the global chat, since I didn’t have any friends who play clash of clans -yeah I know boohoo me.

A few of the players I talked to joined my clan, because they liked the idea of being part of something new. Most however had no interest in a tiny level 1 clan ran by someone who wasn’t even capable of donating highly coveted troops such as level 5 golems and level 6 Hog Riders.

No matter, I managed to recruit 10 people and started a clan war. Excited to get my first war underway I filled everyone’s clan castles. Then war day arrived and I frequently signed in to donate troops to my compadres, only to discover that half of them left or failed to show up.

Most clans repeat this cycle and they go extinct, because their members end up leaving for greener pastures.

The rich get richer


Just like how it’s easier for wealthy people to acquire more wealth, so it is easier for a successful clan to recruit and keep new players. Established clans have a lot of advantages over a level 1 start-up.

  • They unlocked clan perks such as ‘+1 level added to each donated troop’ and ‘donate up to 8 troops’.
  • They have war veterans who can reliably bring home the war stars.
  • They can donate max level troops.
  • They care about the clan and make sure to communicate with the leader.

So why should players join your clan?

What can you provide that other clans don’t?


Imagine you’re going out for lunch. You’re walking down a food court. You’re taking in all the smells of the delicious foods on offer. Your stomach grumbles. Then you remember you only have a couple dollars on hand. You notice the McDonald’s menu ‘1 burger for 1 dollar’ -it’s an easy choice.

The burgers may be bland if not for the sauce, but the great value proposition is exactly why many people go to McDonald’s to satiate their cravings. In the business world they call this your ‘Unique Selling Proposition’.

What is unique about your clan?

  • In order to stand out from the crowd you need to decide what you want to be unique about your clan.
  • Do you want to spend a lot of time chatting with people on the global chat?
  • Or do you want to befriend a small group of loyal players?
  • Are you a very skilled player and you want to teach others how to get 3 stars each attack they do?
  • Do you want to have long win streaks, so you’re only accepting the best?
  • Do you want only younger or older players?
  • Do you want to center your clan around a theme such as Call of Duty or Christianity?
  • Do you want to feature your clan on YouTube or do livestreams on TWitch?

Of course you can also do all of the above things to give your clan a significant edge over your competitors!

How my clan grew to level 8 in only 9 months

First thing I did was actually talk to people on the global chat. Often the chat is filled with broken English, random nonsense and desperate guys looking for a girlfriend. However, sometimes you can meet some really friendly people who will be willing to join your clan, because they like you as a person.


I realized that if I communicated with them frequently that their commitment to my clan would grow. I added them on Facebook, talked about things unrelated to the game and gave them advise when needed. Before long I created a core group of players who were highly involved with the clan.

Remember the last time you spent over 100 hours on a game.

We’ve all played games where we progressed far enough that we’ve seen everything the game has to offer. We went through most of the missions or story, upgraded our characters and experienced all of the game’s mechanics.

Inevitably we lose the enthusiasm we had when we started playing the game, but since we already put in so much time into it we feel compelled to complete it. That’s the power of commitment!

This is especially invaluable when you can get someone with awesome troops and amazing skills to commit to your clan. But where do you find these super stars?

Meet Norsk

norway-flagIndividual chat rooms exist for each language that Clash of Clans supports. One of the smallest languages is ‘Norsk’, the language of the
Norwegians. Since Norway has a relatively small population, the chat would be vacant if it wasn’t for loads of English speaking players, seeking a safe haven, to get away from the incessant spam on the regular English chat.

Who are these strangers on Norsk

It’s not unusual to see players who pushed to the Legends league in the Norsk chat. You’ll find that the players are more experienced and typically older than those on the English chat.

Some of them will be without a clan. You can invite these players, but to increase your odds of recruiting them, address them personally. Make a positive comment about their base and just have a chat.

You’ll often find that some aren’t interested in joining, others are just visiting clans, while some will bookmark your clan and maybe join yours in the future. It really is a numbers game, but there is a way how you can quickly filter out bad prospects from good ones.

Refresh the chat rooms

If you find that no-one is interested in joining your clan, simply change the language back and forth and the game will provide you with a completely new chat room. This allows you to meet people and promote your clan a lot faster.

Remember what is unique about your clan and be sure to let potential future clan members know why they will benefit more from joining your clan. Some players who join will be 3 star veterans, while others still have a lot to learn

Is teaching newbies a waste of time?


By the time I created my own clan I had learned a lot about the game’s mechanics and watched many videos on YouTube how to 3 star bases. I honed my skills, by copying exactly what these veterans did in their videos. Whenever I failed, instead of scapegoating my failure on the AI of the troops or worse yet, fellow clan mates, I looked at the replays to determine where my attack went awry.

It was a lot of effort, but it paid off handsomely, because now I could teach new members how to get 3 stars in clan wars as well. Typically, my kindness and helpfulness resulted in winning the loyalty and commitment of my clan members. It’s in our nature to feel compelled to reciprocate when someone does something for us.

Teaching clan members has never been easier

In May 2016 Supercell released an update that included an awesome new feature. This feature is ‘Friendly Challenges’ which allow you to challenge your clan members so that they can practice their attacks, without losing any troops or spells.

Armed with this feature you can help many of your clan members become better and the resulting green-colored war log will help attract new members. Many, but not all.

How to identify good players

For your clan to become successful, it’s key that you can separate the wheat from the chaff. The game let’s you promote players to either elder or one step above, co-leader. Elders can accept new people who want to join your clan and kick out anyone who’s a regular member.

Co-leaders have additional privileges. They can promote members to elder and co-leader, send out clan mails and start clan wars. They can also kick any members or elders. Make sure you really trust someone and are on the same page with them, before you promote them to co-leader!

So how do you determine who you should promote? Just like in the business world it’s a good idea to identify your members as A-Players, B-Players and C-Players.


Those who are ‘A-players’ are the ones who are co-material. They’re passionate about the game, committed to make your clan better, are mature, charismatic, trustworthy and exhibit the “four E’s” of leadership:

  • very high Energy levels
  • can Energize others around common goals
  • the “Edge” to make difficult decisions,
  • the ability to consistently Execute, or deliver on their promises

B-Players are your bread and butter

B-Players may not help you run the clan, but they’re nonetheless vital to your clan. These are the Elders who reliably attack in clan wars and donate troops. They follow your plan and treat you with respect. They rarely go beyond the line of duty however.

C-Players you kick

C-Players are the people who waste your valuable time and that of your clan. They flake during wars, refuse to learn from their mistakes, leech troops from others and give you attitude when you point it out to them. These players you give the boot. Good riddance!
Getting ahead

Recruiting skilled players or teaching them yourself is the way to gain an tactical advantage over other clans. However, there is also a secret method how you can gain a powerful strategic advantage.

How to win wars before they even start

The Clash of Clans clan war algorithm tries to find a fair match for your clan. Just like how a light weight boxer is matched with another light weight boxer, so too do bases have a ‘weight’, which is mostly determined by the level of your defenses.

All too often you see people with maxed out Town Hall 9s with X-Bows which add a lot of ‘war weight’, but they lack strong enough heroes to 3 star a base with similar defenses as their own. It’s like a heavy weight boxer who punches like a little girl, while there’s a good chance his opponent is a triple time champion infamous for his powerful knock out punches.

When you have multiple defense-heavy accounts like that, you’re more likely to lose clan wars.

You want a lightweight who can knock out a heavy weight

The converse is true as well. If you have a Town Hall 10 with few defenses, but maxed out troops, army camps and spell factory, you can punch way above your weight. The Clash of Clans community calls these bases ‘engineered’, while the developers call them ‘lopsided’.

While being offense-oriented isn’t as huge of an advantage as it once was before the October update, clans with engineered accounts like #6aymartians continue their 100+ war win streaks unabated.

Why war weight engineering works

In clan wars everyone can attack twice to try to get 3 stars on an enemy base. Inevitably the weaker bases will get 3 starred, but only your top players have strong enough troops to take on the top bases.

When you have a defenseless Town Hall 10 as your #9, while the enemy clan’s #1 has a th9, you can easily crush their top bases, while 3 starring the Town Hall 9s of your clan is far from guaranteed. It works and it works well.

You don’t have to go that far

A defenseless Townhall 10 is an extreme example, but when you ensure you take people into your wars whose offensive capabilities and skills are at least a match for their defensive capabilities, you’ll soon have a long win streak to show off in your clan’s profile.

How to make a great clan profile

The first thing people see about you on the global chat is which clan you belong to. Your clan name is your brand. Since you can’t change your clan name after you’ve chosen it, you want to come up with an unique and memorable clan name that describes the values of your clan in just a few words.

A great example is the name ‘OneHive’. It brings to mind the idea of a clan operating in perfect unison, just like a beehive.

Why Coca Cola is so successful

A great way to come up with a highly memorable name is to make use of alliterations. The repetition of words makes them much more memorable. If you liked the hive analogy, the clan name ‘war wasps’ is up for grabs ;).

What’s next

descrAfter the clan name, the first thing people notice is your clan description. Many clans will put obvious rules here like ‘no clan hoppers’, but instead of focusing on what you want, describe what’s in it for them to join your clan.

Recruit on the forum

Once you have clearly defined what your clan is about, it’s a good time to post a recruitment thread on the official forum. As with the clan description, describe what’s unique about your clan in the title.

If you don’t have a win streak or high clan level to show off, you can still win people over by showing personality.

Thinking outside the box

Websites have ‘about me’ pages, so why not write a funny little about us about your core members. Unlike people on about us pages, players who join your clan will actually get to know the members you feature on your forum thread.

If you have some experience with Photoshop than you can bring those skills to bare to create a recruiting poster that looks professional and stands out.

Still struggling to get your clan going?

A great way to jump-start your clan is to create a few ‘mini’ accounts that you can use to make the numbers when setting up your first clan wars.

These will act as extra insurance in case members leave during the war. In addition, they also allow you to wage larger clan wars which results in more clan experience for your clan, so you’ll get those awesome clan perks faster!

Steps to grow your clan

  • Decide what you want to be unique about your clan
  • Pick a memorable and unique clan name
  • Create a clan description that lists benefits for players
  • Meet people on the global chat, including the Norsk language chat
  • Recruit skilled people with good troops
  • Befriend players through apps like Facebook, KIK, Line etc.


Going through the steps of defining your clan and recruiting people for your clan might seem tedious, but once you starting socializing, you will find it quite easy and natural. So sign in on Clash of Clans and start recruiting today!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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