Are Mortars Useless? Find Out The Best Ways To Use Them!

Ah the good old Mortar. The doom bringer of Barbarians and Archers at the low levels. This defense single-handledly puts an end to Barch armies at Town Hall 5 and below with it’s long range splash damage. How unfortunate it is then that this defense becomes one of the least effective defenses at the higher levels for trophy pushing and Clan Wars.

In this guide we’ll be going over all the upgrades, best placements and how to easily take a Mortar out.

Mortar Upgrades

Attack Speed
Damage Type
4-115sSplash - 1.5 tilesGround3x3
Town Hall Level TH
th 8
th 9
th 10
th 11
Number Available00111234444
damage per second
Damage Per Second
damage per shot
Damage Per Shot
hit points
Hit Points
hit points

Build Time
Experience Gained
War Weight
war weight
Town Hall Level Required
town hall
14204008,0008 hours1694503
252545032,00012 hours2078854
3630500120,0001 day2931,2905
4735550400,0002 days4151,6656
5840600800,0004 days5872,0217
69456501,600,0005 days6572,3268
711557003,200,0007 days7772,6129
814797505,000,0008 days8312,86710
917858007,000,00010 days9293,09311
10201008509,000,00012 days1,0183,28911


  • Deals splash damage
  • Long range of 11 tiles


  • Slow firing and projectile rate
  • Low damage per second
  • Minimum range
  • Can only target ground troops

When should I upgrade the Mortar?

The value of Mortars highly depends on which Town Hall level you are and whether it’s used for farming, trophy pushing and clan wars.


The Mortar is great for defending your base against hordes of small troops like Barbarian and Archer spam, which is exactly what your base will often face up to Town Hall 8. Even at Town Hall 9 it remains useful to help fend of Gi-Wiz attacks as Mortars will do a lot of damage to a pack of Wizards.

Keeping your Mortars maxed ensures they’ll be able to take out Archers in a single shot. Make sure only to upgrade a Mortar one at a time, lest a simple Barch army will take out your entire base.

At Town Hall 10 and 11 it’s usefulness starts to drop off, as more attacks consist out of strong troops like Valkyries, Miners and Laloon which Mortars can do jack squat against.

Trophy Pushing

Mortars are important defenses when you are mostly interested in trophy pushing. They take out hordes of Barbarians and Archers at the lowest levels, packs of Wizards and mobs of Bowlers at Town Hall 10 and up.

Clan Wars

While Mortars are great for defending loot and trophies, they’re arguably the worst defense for Clan Wars. Why you ask? It is because Mortars fire very slowly and do little damage per second. This weakness is easily exploited by fast troops such as Valkyries and Hog Riders and tanky troops such as Golems.

Not only that, the game files indicate that Mortars have a high ‘war weight’, which will only cause your base to get matched against a harder opponent.

Where do I place the Mortar?

The ideal placement of the Mortar, again,depends on which Town Hall level you’re at and whether it’s for Farming, Trophy Pushing or Clan Wars.

Farming and trophy pushing

Up to Town Hall 6 it’s best to place the Mortar deep inside the base where possible. Up to this level you’ll often get attacked by variations of Barch. The Mortar as a natural counter to swarms of weak troops is therefor best used at the center where it’s range can protect most of the base, while it’s safe from getting overrun by hoards of troops.

If you keep the Mortars in range of one another you can make an attacker pay for trying to overwhelm any single Mortar with his troops. Also make sure you wall of your Mortars to compensate somewhat for their low hit points.

From Town Hall 7 onward Mortars are best placed more towards the outskirts of the base, which frees up the center for more important things such as the Dark Elixir Storage and defenses like X-Bows and Inferno Towers. As you have 4 Mortars at Town Hall 8 and up, you can easily cover the entire base with them.

Clan Wars

Mortars are only important up to Town Hall 5. Up to this level they will help take out Barbarians, Archers and Wizards. For this reason, you want to ensure you place it at the center of your base next to the Town Hall. Here it will cover the entirety of the base.

Town Hall 6

At Town Hall 6 Mortars are still useful for defending against Wizards, in spite of the fact that they’re often supported by Healers. At this level you gain access to 2 Wizards Towers and 2 Air Defenses which are more important to protect deep inside the base. So it’s okay to place your Mortars more towards the outsides, unless you still find yourself getting hit by smaller troops a lot, instead of Giants with Healers.

Town Hall 7+

I remember as a new player that I was always used to placing the Mortar in the middle of the base, but I quickly learned that Mortars are not very effective anymore at higher Town Hall levels. At these levels Mortars become really ineffective due to their slow firing rate and low damage per second. Not to mention that it’s at these levels that air attacks become far more common.

This is why Mortars are frequently placed on the outsides of a war base. This has the additional benefit of countering Witches and their Skeletons which are all wiped out by a single Mortar shell.

Funnel breakers

Ironic it is then that Mortars can actually single handedly ruin attacks. This can be accomplished by placing Mortars outside of the base where you think an attacker will come in with their kill squads.

If you place them up to 14 tiles or so away from the point where you know the attacker wants his Golems to go, you can direct them to go along the sides of the base, instead of inside where they’re supposed to protect his other troops.

Mortars are particularly great for this role, because the Golem will attack it directly within the Mortar’s minimum range, which causes the Mortar to attack troops like Wizards and Bowlers instead.

You can further mess up their funnel by using a Hidden Tesla as the next stop for his Golems to go.

Finally, you can place small bombs next to the Mortar. This ensures that an enemy Golem won’t trip the bombs which are there to eliminate Wall Breakers.

Anti Balloon and Hog Rider pathing

By placing Mortars outside the base you can also make Balloon and Hog Rider pathing more difficult. This is a great way to protect Wizard Towers and Air Defenses, by placing a Mortar in front of them, so that Balloons will take more hits from these defenses.

Especially if you can place the Mortar in between defenses so that Balloons and Hog Riders will split up.


Protecting Mortars from Bowlers

When placing Mortars on the outsides, you want to ensure that any trash buildings around them are 2 tiles away from the Mortar. This ensures that the Bowlers bouncing rock won’t be able to hit the Mortars.

What’s the best way to attack the Mortar?

There are numerous ways you can negate the threat that Mortars pose.

Get up close

You can take advantage of the minimum range of 3 tiles that Mortars have. Troops like Barbarians and Giants can get up close to the Mortar safe from retaliation from it. Even a wall directly around the Mortar can’t protect it from direct assault, but it can offer more time for other defenses to take out troops.


Troops with a high hit points can shrug off damage from the Mortar all day long when they’re supported by a Healer. Just watch out for any Air Defenses that are near the Mortar as they make short work of Healers.

Zap ’em

Using 2 Lightning spells to take out a Mortar can be a great option at Town Hall 5. Mortars have low hit points, so you can take advantage of that this way. With the Mortar out of the way, you can then swarm the base with smaller troops.

Air Units

Since Mortars can’t hit units that fly you can easily pick them off using any type of air unit. Like with the Healer, make sure no Air Defenses are nearby.

Distract them

Since Defenses prioritize troops with the highest hit points, you can distract Mortars with Giants, while your other troops take out the Mortar. The only problem here is that Giants tend to bunch up, which means they will all be damaged by the Mortar shell.

Dealing with anti funnel Mortars

Sometimes you can get rid of pesky outside Mortars using a Baby Dragon if it’s out of range of Air Defenses. Also Wizards and Bowlers can fulfill this job, but pay close attention to how well-protected the Mortar is by other defenses, trash buildings and potential traps and hidden Teslas. Keep in mind that the Golem won’t be tanking any of the Mortars hits, once it’s within it’s minimum range.

If the investment appears too costly then you may want to pick a different point of entry.

Over to you

How do you use Mortars in your base?
How do you use Mortars in your base?

Mortars, the mortal enemy of Barbarians and Archers are one of the best defenses to protect your loot. While having some utility for trophy pushing, they’re unfortunately not as useful against tough war armies.

What do you think of the Mortar and how do you like to use them? Let us know down below!





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