How To Effectively Use Minions For Farming, Pushing And Clan Wars!

Due to the popularity of the movie Despicable Me Minions have pretty much become synonymous with the movie. Personally I’m not enthused by how the hype around these Minions has been force-fed through major marketing pushes, but then they are pretty cute and harmless!

In an alternative universe all troops are Minions!
In an alternative universe all troops are Minions!

Fortunately Minions in Clash of Clans remind us of a more traditional depiction of what Minions are. Minions are wretched little winged gargoyles spawned by Dark Elixir. They spit Dark Elixir as part of their ranged attack.

Unlocked at Town Hall 7 by building a level 1 Dark Barracks they’re the first Dark Elixir troop players get access to. They’re a bit like Archers with their ranged attack, low hit points and rapid movement speed, except they fly and have the same housing space requirement as that of Wall Breakers.

It’s Night Village counterpart is the Beta Minion, which can be unlocked much sooner that the Minions of the main village. Unlike Beta Minions, regular Minions are rarely used in large numbers. They are however very effective within certain roles when combined with other troops, but more about that below!

Minions Upgrades


  • They fly!
  • Ranged attack
  • Fast movement speed
  • Great troop for funneling
  • Great troop for clean-up
  • Immune to Seeking Air Mines


  • Low hit points
  • Very vulnerable to splash damage

Number of Available BarracksTraining Timetime
136 seconds
218 seconds
Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement SpeedAttack SpeedRangeDark Barracks Level
noneRanged (Ground & Air)2321s2.75 Tiles1
Dmg P. Second
Damage Per Hit
Hit Points
hit points
Training Cost
production rate
Upgrade Cost
production rate
Upgrade Time
When Unlocked
War Weight
war weight
Lab Level
TH Level
Town Hall
383860710,0003 days, 12 hours146100lvl 1 TH3
424266820,0004 days293150lvl 3TH5
464672930,0004 days, 12 hours509200lvl 5TH7
5050781040,0006 days, 12 hours657250lvl 6 TH8
54548411100,0008 days777300lvl 7TH9
58589012140,00011 days, 12 hours881350lvl 8TH10
62629613180,00014 days929400lvl 9TH11

Should I prioritize Minions?

Minions are pretty neat as the first unlocked Dark Elixir troop, but they’re not exceptionally useful for either farming, pushing or Clan Wars. They are useful as support troops once you’ve maxed out more important troops.

For pushing and farming with LavaLoonion Minions aren’t just optional, they’re essential to ensure you can take out Gold Storages, Elixir Storages and Dark Elixir Storage as well as the Town Hall. It’s relatively easy to get to a high league such as the Champion’s League using this strategy, which makes it fantastic for farming Dark Elixir.

While it’s much more costly in Elixir and Dark Elixir than using GiBarch, the trophy bonus easily makes up for it. It also allows you to hit both inactive and active bases, which is great for maintaining your sanity when you don’t have to tap ‘next’ a gazillion times just to find an inactive base for some easy loot. It’s therefor the main farming strategy I recommend for Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 players.

They can also be used as efficient tools to create a funnel, because they can snipe buildings that are not protected by air-targeting defenses.

How to attack with Minions

Below are the most popular ways to use Minions as part of various attack strategies within the game.


At Town Hall 7 and Town Hall 8 Minions can be paired up with Balloons to form the popular Loonion strategy. You basically overwhelm a base with Balloons using Minions to clean up the loot storages and collectors. While this strategy can work, Balloons are rather squishy until Town Hall 9 where they get a big buff to their hit points and DPS.

If Balloons fail to take out Air Defenses and Wizard Towers fast enough then the Loonion army will quickly get wiped out. A more reliable strategy is to farm with GiBarch, which also costs you far less elixir.


LavaLoonion at Town Hall 9+ is generally far more effective than using weaker Balloons and Minions without a couple Lava Hounds to tank hits. This is an extremely powerful strategy for both farming and pushing and it doesn’t require a ton of skill in order to get solid results.

You simply drop 2 Lava Hounds on an Air Defense each. Then drop your Balloons in a neat line of 3 per defense to makes them less susceptible to Wizard Towers and Air Bombs. Use a couple Haste Spells to get them quickly in the middle of enemy defenses. Use Rage Spells on your Balloons as they take out one defense after another. Then simply drop your Minions (and Heroes) from where you entered with your Balloons to clean up the rest.

This strategy also works great in Clan Wars, though at Town Hall 9 you typically won’t need the Minions for clean-up, because the Balloons and Lava Pups can mop up the rest of the base.

Queen Charge + LaLoonion

A less known strategy for Clan Wars at Town Hall 9 is pairing a whole bunch of Minions with a Queen Charge, known as the TDH, named after a player from War Whales. Usually using a Queen Charge with LavaLoon puts you at risk of running out of time before you’ve 3 starred a base. This is where Minions come into play who rapidly mop up a base.

Minions allow you to pull of an elaborate Rambo-style Queen Charge through the base. As the Queen takes out half of the base, far less Spells are needed for the Lavaloon part of the attack, because there is no need for them to reach the core.

First look for a good compartment where the Archer Queen can easily take out lots of defenses. Large compartments like X-Bow Islands make for ripe targets. Then think about the best angle to funnel your Archer Queen into the base.

Create a funnel using Wizards, Archers, Minions or maybe even a Baby Dragon. Then use your Barbarian King and some Wizards to take out more trash buildings and an inner layer of the base, to force the Archer Queen to go inside.

Prime targets to destroy with your Queen Charge are X-Bows, Wizard Towers, Air Sweepers. Use Wall-Breakers while Raging up your Archer Queen so they will swiftly and efficiently break the inner-Walls of the base.

Unlike regular Laloon the enemy Archer Queen is less of a concern, because the Minions can take care of her if need be. You can bring 2 Poison Spells to deal with any Clan Castle Troops. Alternatively you can bring a Skeleton Spell to distract the enemy Queen.

Use 2 Lava Hounds and 12 or so Balloons to take out any remaining part of the base with air targeting defenses. Usually a single Rage Spell will be enough to wipe it out.

While this attack can be very effective, it’s more of an advanced strategy. The Archer Queen has a mind of her own and will commonly go where you don’t expect her to go. When that happens you have to be able to adapt to still pull off the 3 star. It also requires experience with careful funneling and using (enraged) Wall-Breakers to get deep into a base.

Minions for funneling

Minions are great for funneling due to the fact that they fly and take up only 2 housing space. Simply check the range of air targeting defenses, namely Archer Towers. If your Minion will be out of range of the Archer Tower while using it’s ranged attack to hit outside buildings then it’s well worth using.

Minions to assist the Archer Queen

It can be a good idea to bring some Minions along when you’re doing a Queen Charge. Not only are Minions great for taking out trash buildings they’re also very beneficial for helping get rid of Lava Pups after your Queen takes out a Lava Hound. A Wizard is faster for taking out the Lava Hound itself however.

Minions to disarm traps

Some heroic Minions will swag all the Air Bombs.

Sometimes Air Bombs are placed towards the outside of the base. If you spot them while watching a replay of a previous attempt against the base then it’s well worth bringing a Minion to disarm them cheaply if they would otherwise damage your Balloons.

How to defend against Minions?

Minions don’t really warrant special considerations when building a base. The most effective counters against Minions are not Air Defenses or the Archer Queen, but instead it’s Wizard Towers, Air Bombs and X-Bows that can quickly take out a swarm of Minions. Keeping these defenses from being easily sniped by an Archer Queen will go a long way defending against Minion based attacks.

Minions on defense

Minions can be decent troops for defending your base against both air and ground attacks. Their fast movement speed allows them to attack incoming troops quickly. They can wreck absolute havoc on unprepared attackers using mass Valkyries or Laloon without bringing along a Poison Spell.

Over to you

Do you like to use Miners to trophy push, farm or use in Clan Wars?
Do you like to use Miners to trophy push, farm or use in Clan Wars?

In my opinion the Minions of Clash of Clans are more cool than those in Despicable Me. As the first dark elixir troop unlocked at Town Hall 7 they’re not the most impressive. But like all other troops within the game, the Minion is very effective within certain roles.

Whether you need a troop for funneling, cleaning up a base or for assistance with a Queen Walk, Minions will fit these roles perfectly. If you want to go all Rambo-style on a base with an elaborate Queen Charge then pairing that with Laloonion will serve you well. Other than that, Minions aren’t that much of a priority, but they’re always nice to have at a higher level.

Do you use Minions in your attacks? Have you maxed out your Minions yet? Let us know down in the comments below!


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