How To Attack With Miners To 3 Star Town Hall 10 & Town Hall 11 Bases!

Miners are another addition imported from Clash Royale. They function a bit like Dragons targeting buildings indiscriminately while being unaffected by Walls. While Dragons fly over a base, Miners dig underneath them, while impervious to damage when underground.

As they can be unlocked at Town Hall 10, they’re only available to players who’ve progressed far into the game. When paired up with Healing Spells they can overpower bases provided they’re funneled correctly, but more about that and more in the guide below.

Miners Upgrades

Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement SpeedAttack SpeedRangeBarracks Level
noneMelee (Ground Only)6321.7s0.5 Tiles12
Number of Available BarracksTraining Timetime
12 minutes
21 minute
340 seconds
430 seconds
Dmg P. Second
Damage Per Hit
Hit Points
hit points
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost
elixir cost
Upgrade Time
When Unlocked
War Weight
war weight
Lab Level
TH Level
Town Hall
88149.66104,8006,000,0006 hours146320lvl 8 TH10
96163.26705,2007,000,0001 day293480lvl 8TH10
104176.87305,6008,000,0003 days509640lvl 9TH11
112190.48006,0009,500,0005 days657800lvl 9 TH11
1202048706,40011,000,0007 days777960lvl 10TH12


  • Good amount of hit points
  • Fast movement speed
  • Invulnerable while undergound


  • Slow attack speed
  • No preferred target

Should I prioritize Miners?

Miners are introduced so late in the game that they’re somewhat redundant. This is in stark contrast with Bowlers, also unlockable at Town Hall 10, which are great to use in lots of army compositions. That doesn’t mean that Miners are ineffective. Miners can be a great way to 3 star bases in Clan Wars or push trophies. As they require elixir to train they can be used effectively to farm Dark Elixir for upgrading the Barbarian King or Archer Queen.

The issue is that by the time you unlock them you’re usually already using other army compositions for farming, pushing or Clan Wars. These troops you’re already familiar with are as effective as Miners at these aspects of the game, if not more so.

So no, I wouldn’t say Miners are a big priority, but if you think they look like they’d be fun to play with or you want to use an elixir-heavy army composition for farming then they can be worth upgrading.

How to attack with Miners?

Just like Hog Riders, Miners benefit a lot from Healing Spells. Miners have a sufficient amount of hit points to take some punishment which can then be recovered through Healing Spells, even when they’re underground!

To get the most value from your Healing Spells you have to keep your Miners close together so that a maximum amount of Miners will be affected by it. This is where proper funneling plays a critical role.

How to funnel Miners

Heroes play a critical role in creating a funnel that will force your Miners to go through the center of the base in a concentrated fashion. After luring and taking out the enemy Clan Castle troops with a Hog Rider your Archer Queen should take out some buildings on one side of the base. Alternatively you can use a Queen Walk, which can be a great option if she can snipe valuable defenses such as Wizard Towers and Bomb Towers which otherwise pose a threat to your Miners.

Meanwhile your Barbarian King, potentially assisted by Bowlers takes care of the outer layers of the base on the other side. This creates a narrow corridor, if you will, of buildings where all your miners will go to and subsequently path down the middle of the base.

Drop your Healing Spells judiciously and evenly as your Miners cross the base to keep them alive throughout the attack.

When to use Miners

Because Miners is an overpowering strategy like Dragons and mass Valkyries it’s more consistently effective against non-maxed bases. This is also why Miners have somewhat fallen out of fashion in favor of Hog Riders which allow for a more precise execution of an attack due to their more predictable pathing as their preferred targets are defenses.

Miners as support troops

Optionally, Miners can be used to clean up buildings left standing after Hog Riders take out all the defenses. They can also be used to snipe the Town Hall in ring bases.

How to defend against Miners?

There are numerous ways to defend against Miners, but the current meta has shifted towards defending against Hog Riders. Fortunately defending against Hog Riders works pretty well against Miners too.

Spreading out your Giant Bombs will help minimize the value that can be gotten from Healing Spells. Just make sure they can’t be easily triggered by the Heroes.

Place your Skeleton Traps and Gold/Elixir Storages near high DPS zones to keep Miners distracted while they’re being pummeled by defenses.

Placing your Wizard Towers and Bomb Towers out of reach of being sniped by the Archer Queen will also help your base defend against Miners.

Finally, a Golem and a Balloon in the Clan Castle is an effective counter against Miners, because the Golem gives defenses more time to damage Miners while the Golem’s splash damage upon splitting apart is like having another Giant Bomb.

Miners on defense

Miners aren’t that effective when used to defend your base. They don’t deal a lot of damage, their attack speed is slow and they’re vulnerable to a Poison Spell.

Over to you

Do you like to use Miners to trophy push, farm or use in Clan Wars?
Do you like to use Miners to trophy push, farm or use in Clan Wars?

After troops that fly over Walls or jump over them it’s nice to see a troop who can simply burrow underneath them. It’s neat that Miners are immune to damage when underground while Healing Spells still work their magic on them.

Unfortunately they’re unlocked so late into the game that they’re not as relevant as they could’ve otherwise been. They are a solid choice for both pushing and farming if you want to save on Dark Elixir.

Since Miners don’t have a preferred target you have to carefully create a funnel with your Heroes in order to get them to go where you need them to go. With a solid funnel and proper Healing Spell deployment Miners can be effective at 3 starring many types of bases.

Do you use Miners for farming, pushing or Clan Wars? Have you maxed out your Miners yet? Let us know down in the comments below!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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