How To Use Inferno Towers To Keep Your Base From Getting 3 Starred

The Inferno Tower, unlocked at Town Hall 10 has more than a passing resemblance to the menacing tower of Barad-dur in the Lord of the Rings. It’s just as fearsome as the tower in the movie and is one of the strongest defenses in the game.

In fact, before the December 2017 update the Inferno Towers were so powerful that only 20% of Town Hall 10 players managed to 3 star Town Hall 10 bases. This number is even less in Clan wars. This number dropped to a single digit when players were attacking Town Hall 11 bases.

Thus, the developers of Clash of Clans decided to take away the Inferno Tower’s signature ability: heal blocking. It may be just as well, because a significant number of players didn’t realize that the Inferno Tower negates healing effects from Healers and Heal Spells when under fire by Inferno Towers.

Many players decided not to upgrade their Town Hall to Town Hall 10 because of the steep challenge that Town Hall 10 poses, including myself for a while. While it takes away some of the challenge and what made Town Hall 10 truly unique, it should help the game maintain a healthy user base by making the game less punishing for a majority of players.

Similar to the X-Bow, the Inferno Tower has 2 modes, single-target and multi-target and can hit both flying and ground troops. Before the update, the multi-target setting was unquestionably the better choice due to how powerful heal-blocking was to counter Queen Chargers and Heal Spells. Post-update, the single-target Inferno Tower has become a popular choice.

Optimally placing Inferno Towers inside your base is still important to prevent players from 3 starring your base. In the guide below I’ll be covering how to use Inferno Towers in the new meta, upgrades, ideal Inferno placements and how to beat the Inferno Tower when attacking.

Inferno Tower Upgrades

Attack Speed
Damage Type
Number of Rounds
90.128sSingle TargetGround + Air2x21000
Town Hall Level TH
th 8
th 9
th 10
th 11
Number Available00000000022
damage per second
Damage Per Second
Damage Per Second
After 1.5 Seconds
1.5 seconds
Damage Per Second
After 4.5 Seconds
hit points
Hit Points
hit points
Cost to load
cost to load
Build Time
Experience Gained
War Weight
war weight
Town Hall Level Required
town hall
Ammo Color
301001,0001,5005005,000,0007 days7772,95010Purple
381251,2501,8006006,000,0008 days8313,25010Gold
421401,4002,1007007,000,00010 days9293,55010Dark Blue
501551,5502,4008009,000,00012 days1,0183,85011Orange
581751,7502,70090010,000,00014 days1,0995,14511Dark Orange


  • High hit points
  • Good range of 9 tiles
  • Compact 2×2 tiles size
  • Targets both air and ground troops
  • Rapid firing rate


  • Requires Dark Elixir for ammunition
  • Heavy war weight
  • Costly to upgrade

Should I prioritize the Inferno Tower?

If your main concern is trophy pushing or farming then it’s definitely worth saving up enough Gold to build and upgrade the Inferno Towers as soon as you can. On single-target they’re great against bulky units like Golems, Lava Hounds and also Heroes. On multi-target they’re effective against Bowlers, Miners and generally armies with lots of weaker troops.

If helping your clan win wars is most important to you, then I recommend holding off on investing in Inferno Towers, because once you build them, you’ll be matched against other Town Hall 10 War Bases with Inferno Towers. If the Town Hall 10 base you’re matched against has much higher level heroes and better troops then you will be at a significant disadvantage. For this reason it’s best if you get your heroes to level 30 or higher before you build Inferno Towers. It’s important to keep in mind that typically active clans do not accept ‘rushers’ who have built Inferno Towers, but lack strong offense.

If you already built  them, fret not. You can compensate for weak (level 20) Heroes by working on your attacking skills. Learn about the strongest attack strategies in the current meta by watching attack guides on Youtube and then doing friendly challenges. Since attacking at Town Hall 10 is hard you’ll still be able to be an asset to a worthy clan. At this point it’ll be better to invest in a few troops for a particular effective strategy like BoWitch and invest the rest into your Heroes.

Is single-targeting or multi-targeting better?

There’s a good reason why at top level play (CWL) people always set their Inferno Towers to multi-targetting. While the thought of dealing 1000 damage a second to a single unit is alluring, it’s usually less effective than dealing damage to 5 troops at a time. Initially, a single-targetting Inferno Tower deals as much damage as a multi-targetting Inferno Tower, it then deals about three times as much damage after 1.5 second and then increases by a whopping ten times as much damage after 4.5 seconds.

The issue here is most types of units will be taken out far before the Inferno Tower starts dealing a maximum amount of damage. When the unit goes down, it has to re-target another troop which resets the timer for the amount of damage it puts out. When the Inferno Tower is attacked by a horde off smaller troops, as it often is in the current meta, it’s ability to deal massive amounts of damage to a single troop is wasted.

Multi-targetting Inferno Towers deal a set amount of damage per second to up to 5 troops. This is fantastic against popular troops such as Bowlers, Miners and Balloons. Since it’s affecting 5 troops at a time it’s taking full advantage of blocking any attempts to heal the troops.

How do I know if it’s set to Single or Multi-Targetting?

You can distinguish which mode of the Inferno Tower is enabled by looking at the top of the tower. An Inferno Tower set to single-targetting will have a single large ring on top revealing the entire fireball which makes it resemble the Eye of Sauran most. The button will also say ‘Single’.

A Multi Targetting Inferno Tower has an orb like structure on top, which is devided by multiple beams of steel.

Where do I place the Inferno Tower?

Inferno Towers are best placed close to or within the core of the base. You always want to make it difficult and costly to take them out, because the longer your Inferno Towers are turning troops into shish kebab the better. If an attacker takes too long trying to take an Inferno Tower down then his attack will fail, because you obviously can’t heal troops that have died.

Never place Inferno Towers 5 tiles within proximity of another Inferno Tower, because then you’re just sking to get 3 starred, because a properly placed Freeze Spell will be able to disable both simulatenously. Similarly avoid placing your Archer Queen next to an Inferno Tower, because then Lightning Spells can take them both out opening up the base to a Laloon attack.

Farming and Trophy Bases

The best way to use Inferno Towers in farming and trophy bases is deep inside the base where they protect the Dark Elixir Storage, Town Hall or both. To get the most out of them set up your compartments so that troops path around the core compartment. Even if the attacker uses a Jump or Earthquake Spells she’ll have to create a proper funnel or her troops will split off to the sides.

Especially if you have 2 tiles of Traps in front of the Inferno Towers will it be very difficult to get past the Infero Towers and may well force the attacker to take both Inferno Towers on at a time which may well be too much DPS to overcome.

Clan Wars

Maximing the damage potential and heal blocking of Inferno Towers is so critical to successfully defending at Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11, particularly against Bowlers, that the competitive scene developed a strategy called an Inferno Tower Island.

This simply means placing the Inferno Tower in a large compartment where it’s typically surrounded by 2 tiles of empty space, Giant Bombs and possibly an Air Sweeper and Hidden Teslas. Empty space in front of an Inferno Tower keeps it safe from the bounce of a Bowler’s ranged attack and keeps troops from targetting it in favor of buildings closer to them, giving the Inferno precious time to melt down troops.

Keep in mind that Inferno Tower Islands are used for anti 3 star bases, which are a must if you face skilled clans capable of 3 starring your base.

Four ways to make your Inferno Tower Island Archer Queen-proof

Of course, 2 rows of empty space and a Wall isn’t nearly enough to keep the Inferno Tower out of range of an Archer Queen. There’s essentially 4 things you can place in front of your Island to keep your Inferno Tower out of range of a Queen.

Compartment with defenses. The first option is creating a compartment with a couple of defenses. The problem with this is two-fold. The relatively low hit points of defenses make it easy for a Queen or King to break into the compartment with Wall Breakers and then destroy the Inferno Tower. Not only that, this will create a much shorter path from the defense to the Inferno Tower. This is something that can be easily exploited using 6 or 7 Hasted Balloons if there are no defenses to distract it away from the Inferno Tower.

Compartment with Storages. The second option is using 2 storages with high hit points. This is a better option as it will take longer for the Queen to break into the compartment where it can target the Inferno Tower while being fired at by defenses. It also makes pathing much harder for Balloons as they only target defenses so they they’ll have to path in a much more indirect and longer way to get to the Inferno Tower. The downside is that using your storages in this way leaves you with less storages to protect other parts of your base which may be vulnerable to a Queen Charge.

Deadzone. The third option is adding a ‘dead zone’ of 1 tile wide. The big advantage of this is that Wall Breakers can’t simply break into the Inferno Tower Island, because they ignore empty compartments. No defenses in front of the Inferno Tower also makes it difficult to target with Balloons. It also makes pathing more awkward The biggest downside is that it costs you a lot of walls that could be used instead to seperte your defenses into more compartments.

Extended Inferno Tower Island. A popular type of Inferno Island is using one that extends the compartment itself by 2 more tiles to a total of 4 tiles and placing a Builder Hut in front of the Inferno Tower to prevent a gap in your base. Four tiles and a wall will be enough to prevent an easy snipe by an Archer Queen as she has a range of 5 tiles. You save a lot of walls this way which you can use to create more compartments while keeping Balloon (and Hog Rider) pathing tricky!

Half Inferno Tower Island

If you’re short on walls you can use a smaller compartment where you only have a 2 tile gap towards the outside of the base. Keep in mind that this 4 tile wide compartment can be jumped over with a Jump Spell. It also leaves your Inferno Tower more vulnerable to being attacked hit by the Bowlers that make it past the first Inferno Tower and makes Balloon pathing a little easier.

Where to place Inferno Tower Islands

There’s basically 2 ways to place Inferno Tower Islands. The most common placement is on opposite sides with a single compartment in between. At a minimum this middle compartment should be 8 tiles wide (including walls) so that an attacker can’t simply use a single Jump Spell to get both Inferno Towers. You can also use a slightly larger compartment that’s 9×9 tiles large so that Earthquake Spells can’t provide easy access to both Infernos.

The advantage of using a single un-jumpable compartment is that when the attacker’s troops get into the central compartment after getting hurt by the first Inferno they won’t be able to heal back to full health, because of the second Inferno that’s upon them.

The other way is to place the Inferno Tower Islands on adjacent sides. This can be effective against Miner attacks as it makes it harder to funnel Miners.

Inferno Tower Dos and Don’ts

Below are 2 comprehensive lists of what to do and what not to do when placing your Inferno Towers which should help you a long way to the perfect placement of your Infernos!


  • Do cover your Inferno Towers with the Air Sweeper to counter both Dragons and Balloons.
  • Do put a Giant Bomb next to the Inferno Tower to decimate Bowlers, Miners and the Barbarian King’s spawned Barbarians.
  • Do use a Skelleton Trap to distract the Archer Queen while she’d under fire from the Inferno Tower. This also works great on Miners who have to dig underground after attacking.
  • Do use Bombs and/or Spring Traps on a corner to catch Wall Breakers trying to create easy access to the Inferno Tower for the Barbarian King.
  • Do use Air Mines next to the Inferno Tower to eliminate Balloons before they can destroy your Inferno Tower.
  • Make use of your Clan Castle and Barbarian King to simultaneously protect your Archer Queen and an Inferno Tower.


  • Don’t place all your Giant Bombs in your Inferno Tower Islands, because they can be rendered useless if an Archer Queen manages to snipe the Inferno Tower.
  • Dont place buildings in front of the Inferno Tower, because that will leave it very vulnerable to the Bowler’s bounce attack.
  • Don’t make it easy for an attacker to get both Inferno Towers using 2 Jump Spells, because that will make your base more vulnerable to a Bowler-Witch attack.
  • Don’t have a direct path to the Inferno Tower so that Hog Riders or a pack of Balloons can easily destroy the Inferno Tower.
  • Don’t make it easy for an attacker to get 2 Air Defenses, Inferno Tower, Archer Queen and Clan Castle troops for little more than the price of a small Kill Squad or Queen Charge.
  • Don’t place your Inferno Towers so close together that a Jump Spell can give access to both.

Anti 2 star bases

If you’re a Town Hall 10 player who faces casual clans you’re better off using an anti 2 star base, unless your opponents are good enough to 3 star your base when they dip with their TH11s. This, of course, means using a ‘ring base’ with the Town Hall in the middle safely isolated from the rest of the base through an elaborate ‘moat’.

With a base like this you can place Inferno Towers inside the core where it can potentially do a ton of damage to troop pathing around the core. Beware that experienced players will create a funnel using a Queen Walk and then jump Valkyries into the core to destroy your Inferno Towers in the blink of an eye. Not only that, these bases are also vulnerable to Lavaloon attacks as a ring makes for predictable pathing. A group of enraged Balloons make short work of Infernos placed too closely together.

Alternatively, you can place the Inferno Towers in the outer ring, but a lack of compartments make them easier targets. You still want to ensure that they’re at least 5 tiles removed from outside of the base  to prevent an easy Queen snipe. Also place your defenses near the Inferno Towers so that Balloons won’t path directly to the Inferno Tower. This is where outside Mortars and Hidden Teslas come in handy to stall Balloons while Air mines and Wizard Towers can potentially take them out before they destroy the Inferno Tower.

Town Hall 11

How to use Inferno Towers at Town Hall 11 depends on whether you’re using an Anti 2 star or anti 3 star base. As bases are bigger at Town Hall 11 you can use both compartments with high hit point Storages and Splash Defenses like Wizard Towers in front of the Inferno Towers to deal a ton of damage to Miners and Bowlers.

Anti 2 star

A great way to defend against Dragons is making sure your Town Hall and Inferno Towers are fully covered by your Air Sweepers. Use the Skelleton Traps to distract troops away from the core and to give Infernos more time to fire at troops. Leave 2 tiles between your Inferno Towers and the Town Hall to avoid the Town Hall being taken down by the bounce of the Bowler’s attack.

Anti 3 star

Queen Charges are back at Town Hall 11 since the introduction of the level 5 Healer. Therefor it’s worth placing your Air Defensesa bit deeper inside the base protected by your Inferno Towers. Seperate your Inferno Towers so that they’re not easily destroyed while the enemy’s troops are still under the effect of Spells and the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome. Use level 12 Walls for your Inferno Tower Islands and consider further protecting them with high hit point Storages.

What’s the best way to attack the Inferno Tower?

Being able to 3 star a Town Hall 10 base with Inferno Towers while using a TH10 yourself (sorry, not sorry, Engineers) is what sets apart an average player from a good player. If you can also 3 star a properly designed TH10 anti 3-star base then you’re a great player indeed.

While the guide below can help you further along the way to Clash mastery, it is through lots of practice that you will attain mastery. As Thomas Edison famously said “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.

Most common mistake against Infernos

Can you guess what mistake many TH10 players are making when attacking Inferno Towers? If you guessed using ‘Heal Spells’ then you’re correct. Despite the description clearly stating that Healing effects are blocked people are still trying to use Heal Spells while their troops are being hit by the Inferno Tower. Don’t do this (unless you’re using Miners)! Instead drop a Heal Spell after your troops take down the Inferno Tower.

Attack one Inferno Tower at a time

Another common mistake is taking on two Inferno Towers at the same time which along with other defenses and traps can quickly wipe out your troops. Unless you can quickly overwhelm both Inferno Towers, It’s usually better to eliminate one Inferno Tower at a time which , depending on the base design, give your troops some respite where they can be healed up through a Heal Spell.

Single Targetting Inferno vs Multi Targetting Inferno

Whether an Inferno Tower is set to single-targetting or multi-targetting and how it’s placed within a base makes the difference between it either being a nuisance or a true menace to deal with. Below I’ll show you how to deal with Inferno Towers in any type of base.

Single Targetting Inferno

These Infernos are generally far less threatening than multi-targetting Infernos, because the most effective attack strategies use lots of smaller troops that will quickly overwhelm a single-targetting Inferno.

That being said, there are a couple things to watch out for depending on what strategy you’re using. If you’re using a Queen Walk you have to keep in mind that damage increases tenfold after 4.5 seconds, which will snuff out your Queen in the blink of an eye. If you’ve upgraded your Freeze Spell you can buy enough time to snipe the Inferno Tower.

If you’re using Lavaloon then time your Balloons so that they’re right behind your Lavahounds using Haste and Rage Spells. A single-targetting Inferno Tower will take out your Lavahound quickly, but Ballons can quickly overwhelm it as they deal a very high amount of DPS.

Multi Targetting Inferno

Multi-targetting Infernos are harder to deal with as they will simultaneously damage 5 of your troops and you won’t be able to heal those units while they’re being affected by the Inferno Tower. Drop your Heal Spell after your troops destroy the Inferno Tower (as long as they’re not under fire by the 2nd Inferno).

Freeze Spell

If the Inferno Tower is placed close to high value targets like X-Bows, Air Defenses, Eagle Artillery and the Archer Queen you can get a lot of value from a Freeze Spell. If you spot Inferno Towers right next to the Town Hall then they are both a ripe target for a single Freeze Spell. Make sure you drop the Freeze Spell accurately to ensure you freeze both simultaneously.

Queen Charge

Queen Charges are excelent as well. Whether you’re farming, pushing or attacking TH10 War Bases, you can get a ton of value from an Archer Queen with 4 Healers on her. This strategy requires practice to really nail the timing. While the Inferno Tower will block the healing effects, you can use a Rage Spell or her cloak ability to quickly dispose of an Inferno Tower. Just be make sure your Wall Breakers are out of range of the Inferno.


These are great against ring style bases where the Infrno Towers and X-Bows are all placed in the middle. Simply create a funnel with a Queen Walk and funnel the Valkyries into the core of the base using a Jump Spell. Once you drop a Rage Spell on them they’ll take out all the defenses in the blink of an eye.


Balloons combined with a Haste Spell are very effective at taking out Inferno Towers. With their high hit points they can withstand a multi targetting Inferno Tower for a reasonable amount of time. Combining them with a Freeze Spell can be worthwhile if you can also Freeze a Air Sweeper. It’s often a good idea to heal your Ballons back to full health using a Heal Spell after they take down an Inferno Tower. You can use 6 Balloons with a Haste Spell to deal with an Inferno Tower Island that your main army is unable to path to, which is not uncommon if you’re using Dragons.


Bowlers are so effective against Inferno Towers that they changed the meta. As you may know the Bowler deals splash damage to any building within 3 tiles behind the first target. This means that if there are any buildings close to the Inferno Tower you can damage it by hitting those buildings first. Enrage a pack of Bowlers and watch them smash through a base.

Against bases with Inferno Tower Islands you won’t have the benefit of damaging the Infernos through splash damage, but if you can get to both Infernos using 2 Jump Spells you can still brute force your army through the base for a potential 3 star.


Miners are the only troops that can still benefit from Heal Spells while near an inferno Tower, because the Heal Spell will still recover their health when they’re underground. Make sure you create a proper funnel so that you have enough Miners to quickly destroy the tower.

Town Hall 11

Dealing with Inferno Towers at Town Hall 11 is similar to Town Hall 10, except that you now have a Grand Warden that can make your troops invulnerable for a limited amount of time. A good way of utilizing the Eternal Tomb is when your main army comes under fire by an Inferno Tower and it affects a large portion of your army.

Queen Charge

Queen Charges are very powerful at Town Hall 11, especially with the level 5 Healers. When properly executed, it can allow you to take out a good chunk of the base, including the Eagle Artilery and an Inferno Tower, without activating the Eagle Artilery. You can also use the Warden with a Queen Charge, granting the Archer Queen more health, while allowing you to save the Archer Queen’s ability by using the Eternal Tomb instead. Be mindful, however, that your Healers may decide to switch to the Warden in the middle of the raid.


If the core of the base is full of high DPS defenses, including both Inferno Towers, you can use a Clone Spell and Rage Spell to quickly level it with the ground.


Dragons are powerful troops at Town Hall 11. The Grand Warden gives them a lot of hit points and grant them invulnerability when under fire by an Inferno Tower.


Just like how Barad-dur was Sauron’s primary stronghold in Mordor, so are your Inferno Towers the most important defensive buildings for your base. They’re well worth maxing out if you’re mostly a farmer or pusher, but if you mostly care about Clan Wars, you may want to hold off on building them until you have level 30+ heroes and a decent amount of experience under your belt.

While you can eliminate the guesswork of where to place Inferno Towers by copying a proven base posted online, it’s worth learning how to build your own War Bases around these powerful defensive structures. Doing so will help you become a more skilled player.

Finally, learning how to analyze bases and properly counter Inferno Towers make the difference between a 1 or 2 star attack and a 3 star attack. Like Barad-dur your opponents will lose all hope as the outcome of Clan Wars is often decided by the players on top.

Over to you

How do you use the Inferno Tower?

Did you build Inferno Towers right away or did you wait? How do you place your Infernos? Do you know of any other good ways to counter Inferno Towers? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!



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