How To Smash Bases At Any Level Using Hog Riders In Clash Of Clans!


Well.. obviously we got Hog Riders invadin’ our base

They’re jump’in yo’ walls
Attack’in yo’ defenses
Tryna crush ’em, so ya’ll need to
Hide yo’ Springs!, hide yo’ Bombs!
Hide yo’ Springs!, hide yo’ Bombs!
Hide yo’ Springs!, hide yo’ Bombs!
And hide yo’ Teslas, cuz they’re attack’in every base out there!

You don’t have to come and attack
Our Wizard Towers
They ‘gon roast you They ‘gon roast you
So you can go and tell that,
Go and tell that
Go and tell that, Clash-Noob
Clash, Clash, Clash-Noob

You failed your funnel
You left my Royals stand’ an all
You are so dumb
You are really dumb–for real!
You are really, really, really, really so dumb
[Newslady:]The man failed leaving behind a 0 star
I was attacked by some idiot in Clash of Clans
So dumb, so dumb, so dumb, so!

Whoever knows the original song to the parody above wins a chest of gem..-colored brownie points!

About Hog Riders

Hog Riders are one of the most popular and iconic troops in Clash of Clans, second only to Barbarians. Just like how Barbarians are based of Hulk Hogan, so does the Hog Rider resemble the famous Mr.T from the famous 80s show the A-Team. They’re not only popular in media, but also as troops troops within the game.

They’re the only ground troop that can ignore walls that have defenses as a preferred target. This allows attackers to pull off more precise attacks with them than with Miners. They pair up really well with Healing Spells, because they have enough hit points to take some hits which Healing Spells than recover. They also work really well as clean up troops, wiping out defenses at the periphery of the base, while a Kill Squad takes out the core, but more about that in the guide below.

Hog Rider Upgrades


  • Fast movement speed
  • Jumps over Walls
  • Decent amount of hit points
  • Decent DPS
  • Great for cleaning up defenses


  • Vulnerable to Spring Traps and Giant Bombs

Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement SpeedAttack SpeedRangeDark Barracks Level
DefensesMelee (Ground Only)5241s0.6 Tiles2
Number of Available BarracksTraining Timetime
11 minute, 30 seconds
245 seconds
Dmg P. Second
Damage Per Hit
Hit Points
hit points
Training Cost
production rate
Upgrade Cost
production rate
Upgrade Time
When Unlocked
War Weight
war weight
Lab Level
TH Level
Town Hall
70703124520,0003 days, 12 hours549300lvl 5 TH7
80803605230,0004 days587450lvl 6TH8
92924155840,0004 days, 12 hours689600lvl 6TH8
1051054806550,0006 days, 12 hours749750lvl 7 TH9
11811859090100,0008 days831900lvl 8TH10
135135700115150,00011 days, 12 hours9961,050lvl 9TH11
148148810140200,00014 days1,0991,200lvl 10TH12

Should I prioritize Hog Riders?

Hog Riders can be unlocked at Town Hall 7. Hog Riders are very effective ground troops at this level and all subsequent levels. The only downside is that they cost Dark Elixir which is harder to come by than Elixir. This is why we see Dragons being used more at this level and Town Hall 8, because it frees up Dark Elixir that can be used to upgrade the Barbarian King.

They are worth maxing out Town Hall 7 and Town Hall 8 once you have the required Dark Elixir to upgrade them. Pairing them with Golems, your Barbarian King and Wizards to take out the enemy Barbarian King and possibly a Bomb Tower is a great way to start learning how to execute multiple-phase attacks involving a kill squad and troops for clean up.

If you loved Hog Riders at Town Hall 8, then you can go ahead and upgrade them to level 5 to use in Clan Wars. With low level Heroes it will be more difficult to get value out of a Kill Squad, but as a new Town Hall 9 player you’re typically only expected to attack newer Town Hall 9 War Bases anyways

Without Inferno Towers blocking healing effects Hog Riders have become very viable at Town Hall 10 and 11 as well. If you have a high level Archer Queen then you should consider using Hog Riders along with a Queen Charge.

How to attack with Hog Riders

While powerful, Hog Riders require skill to extract the most out of them. While effective at 3 starring bases in multiplayer for farming or pushing, it’s not really worth it due to the significant investment of Dark Elixir to train all the Hog Riders. Below I’ll cover the best ways to use Hog Riders in Clan Wars at each Town Hall level.

Town Hall 7

At Town Hall 7 you can easily overpower a base with mass Hog Riders. Simply use a Hog Rider to lure out the Clan Castle troops and take them out with your Archers. If the enemy Barbarian King is exposed you can attack it with your own Barbarian King to keep it from attacking your Hog Riders. But even if you can’t easily take out the enemy Barbarian King you can overwhelm the base with a massive pack of Hog Riders. Drop 3 to 4 Hog Riders per outer defense but try to get them to come together in a single pack so that they will all be affected by a Healing Spell.

Town Hall 8

At Town Hall 8 there are effectively two ways to go about using Hog Riders to 3 star a base, depending on the type of base you’re facing. Either you can use Mass Hogs or pair Hog Riders will a Kill Squad.

It’s always a good idea to analyze an enemy base. Look for potential double Giant Bomb spots deeper within the base and plan out where your Healing Spells will be needed.

Mass Hogs

An army full of Hog Riders can often easily decimate a Town Hall 8 base. Especially if a majority of the defenses are towards the outside of the base you can quickly overwhelm them. You can be quite spammy executing this attack, but do spread your hogs over outer defenses and keep adding more Hog Riders where needed.

Simply lure out the Clan Castle troops with a Hog Rider and take it out with Archers and a Poison Spell.

If the Barbarian King is exposed you can get a lot of value from taking it out with your own Barbarian King.


This strategy uses Golems, Hog Riders and either donated Bowlers or a P.E.K.K.A. The goal of this attack is to use the Kill Squad consisting out of a Golem (or two), a Barbarian King, Wizards and Bowlers to take out the enemy Clan Castle troops, Barbarian King and other valuables such as a Bomb Tower, Giant Bombs, Wizard Towers and Spring Traps.

Since you don’t have access yet to Jump Spells, it’s well worth using 4 Earthquake Spells to open up the base. Once you’ve taken out the core of the base drop your Hog Riders on the remaining defenses next to where your Kill Squad took out the base so that Hog Riders will path clockwise or counter clock-wise around the perimeter of the base. As the core of the base is taken out you don’t have to worry as much about your Hog Riders splitting up.

Town Hall 9

Against the average base Hog Riders are as effective at Town Hall 9 as they are at Town Hall 8. Hog Riders are most commonly used with 1, 2 or even 3 Golems. Using a single Golem is known as a Cold Blooded GoHo. Using two Golems is known as a ‘Scattered’ GoHo, whereas using three Golems is popularly know as a ‘Stoned’ GoHo. Also Mass Hogs and pairing Hog Riders with a Queen Walk can be a viable option at this level.

Cold Blooded GoHo

This strategy works great against bases where there’s only a limited amount of value to be had from the core, such as with bases that use a Dead Zone or Defenseless Zone through the middle. Using a single Golem along with your Heroes and Wizards allows you to take out valuable targets such as the enemy Archer Queen, Barbarian King, Clan Castle troops and maybe even a Wizard Tower or two.

Since a Golem allows you to go deeper inside the base then when you’re just suiciding your Heroes you also make it easier for your Hog Riders to path through the remainder of the base. Bring Bowlers in the Clan Castle to do more damage with your Kill Squad, or bring max level Hog Riders to further strengthen the Hog portion of the attack which is the main part of this attack. If you drop your Hog Riders where your Golem went then your Golem will also tank some hits for your Hog Riders

Shattered GoHoBo

Shattered GoHo involved using 2 Golems. The advantage of using 2 Golems is that it allows for a deeper push into the base to take out Heroes, CC troops and some X-Bows, Giant Bombs, Wizard Towers and Bomb Towers.

Bringing 2 Golems also makes it easier to create a wider funnel as you can have your Golems tank hits from an entire side.

You simply funneling your Golems, Bowlers and Heroes into the base using a Rage Spell to take out the core of the base. Then drop your Hogs Riders in groups on defenses next to where your Kill Squad entered the base. Be sure to drop more Hogs during the first ‘wave’ in case there are any Spring Traps, as the last thing you’d want is your Hog Riders having to backtrack to take out any defenses that were left standing at the beginning.

With the core of the base gone, your Hog Riders should be able to path through the outer compartments either clockwise or counter clockwise.

Stoned GoHoBo

Stoned GoHo consists out of a very heavy Kill Squad with 3 Golems, lots of Wizards and a dozen or more Hog Riders. This strategy is effective against bases where your know your Kill Squad will be able to take out 2 X-Bows and move through the base without leaving defenses left up at the sides which can then target your Bowlers and Archer Queen.

Drop your Hog Riders to take out defenses in the outer compartments while they’re distracted by the Golems.

Queen Walk +  Mass Hogs

Combining a Queen Walk with Hog Riders can be very effective, especially against bases with an offset Archer Queen. Use Wizards, Baby Dragons and possibly your Barbarian King to help clear out storages and create a funnel.

Lure out the Clan Castle troops with a Hog Rider or use your Queen Walk to take out a few defenses first if the Clan Castle troops are more difficult to lure. Then break into compartments as needed to gain access to targets such as a X-Bow.

You can use your Barbarian King for funneling or tanking hits on the outside from defenses for your Hogs as they move through the base.

Mass Hogs

This is a good option against bases with an offset Archer Queen and a Clan Castle that’s easy to lure. I would only suggest using this strategy against bases with poor anti-hog pathing, where storages near the Queen make it easy to keep all your Hog Riders together as one pack as they move through the base.

Town Hall 10

Hog Riders have become very popular at Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11. There are a number of ways you can use them to 3 star bases in Clan Wars.

Mass Hogs

Against certain bases you can simply bring your Heroes, a few clean up troops and the rest all Hog Riders. Look for bases where the Clan Castle only contains troops that deal little DPS, such as a Hound or Golem. Also make sure the base has Inferno Towers set to single and that the Archer Queen isn’t overly protected by splash defenses.

Use your Heroes to take out some defensive buildings in the outer compartments such as a Wizard Tower. Drop your Hogs Riders at the same time as when you drop your Heroes. This will help keeping your Archer Queen alive throughout the attack.

Unlike at Town Hall 9, you can spread out your Hog Rider deployment more in order to quickly overwhelm the base. Drop Healing Spells to keep your Hog Rider packs alive. Use Skeleton Spells on the enemy Archer Queen to take her out.

Queen Walk + Hog Riders

You can use a Queen Walk to take out one side of the base, including the enemy Archer Queen, Clan Castle troops and a Wizard Tower or two. You can use your Barbarian King to support your Queen Walk or pair the Barbarian King with Bowlers to take out the outer compartments on the other side of the base. This will allow you to funnel all your Hog Riders much more easily through the remainder of the base. As a result your Hog Riders will stick together in packs as they move through the base which makes them much easier to heal through using Heal Spells.


GoHoBo remains viable at Town Hall 10. A Kill Squad allows you to take out valuable targets within the core such as the Heroes and Infernos. This will typically be more effective against bases that have multi-targeting Inferno Towers as you won’t have to worry they’ll snuff out your Golems within seconds.

Town Hall 11

a Queen Charge with Hog Riders is a powerful strategy at this level. An Archer Queen with 5 level 5 Healers on her and a Grand Warden can take out a huge chunk of the base. With the enemy Archer Queen, Clan Castle, Eagle Artillery and other defenses cleared, you can bring in your Hog Riders to take out the rest of the base.

Consider bringing along a Skeleton Spell for the Barbarian King if you can’t take him out with the Queen Charge, or a Poison Spell to deal with pesky Larries coming out of Skeleton Traps.

Because a Queen Charge takes times and Hog Riders leave non-defensive buildings behind, ensure you bring along clean up troops such as Wizards and Minions so you won’t run out of time.

How to defend against Hog Riders

Defending against Hog Riders is tough, particularly at the lower Town Hall levels. Fortunately there are numerous tactics you can employ to make life as difficult as possible for an attacker using Hog Riders. Below are some tips to defend against Hog Riders at each Town Hall level. For more details on how to defend your base against Hog Riders I recommend checking out the relevant articles.

Town Hall 7 & 8

You can either use a Double Giant Bomb to take out an entire pack of Hog Riders or spread your Giant Bombs apart throughout the base in order to force the attacker to use up more Healing Spells than they can bring.

Double Giant Bomb

If you use a Double Giant Bomb then make sure it cannot be easily triggered from the outside by just a few Hog Riders. Place it deeper inside your base in between two defenses. Make sure the Hog Riders won’t split up so that they’re forced to path over the Giant Bombs.

Single Giant Bombs

If using single Giant Bombs make sure they’re spread sufficiently apart that a single Heal Spell won’t be able to cover both. Pair them with splash defenses such as the Wizard Tower and pair them with a couple regular bombs to increase the total amount of damage.

Spring Traps

Always place Spring Traps directly between defenses. Use your Walls to create corridors forcing Hog Riders to move directly over the Spring Traps so that it will always spring 3 Hog Riders, which is huge!

Skeleton Traps

You can set these to ground to counter Hog Riders. Place them away from your Barbarian King so they don’t get taken out by a Kill Squad. They’re a good way to reinforce weaker areas of your base.

Town Hall 9

Hog Riders are one of the most commonly used troops in Clan Wars at Town Hall 9. It therefor comes to no surprise that bases are designed specifically to counter them.

External Giant Bombs

An effective way to use Giant Bombs is to place them right next to outside of your base in between 2 defenses paired with 2 regular Bombs. This both counters Witches and Hog Riders.

Double Double Giant Bomb

You can use 2 Giant Bombs and 2 regular Bombs to create a ‘Double Double Giant Bomb’. You can use this just outside your base to bait Hog Rider deployment. If it succeeds to take out a big initial pack of Hog Riders it can easily thwart off the attack.

Spring Trap

A good place for your Spring Traps is a Tesla Farm and other High DPS areas that aren’t likely to be taken out by a Kill Squad. When using external Spring Traps you can use trash buildings and moats to increase the likelihood that the springs will flip a total of 3 Hogs.

Barbarian King

Separating your Barbarian King from your Archer Queen helps defending against Hog Riders. Particularly if he’s near defenses such as X-Bows and Wizard Towers where Hog Riders will be standing still for a longer duration.

Skeleton Traps

Don’t place these near your Archer Queen. Instead, place these closer to the periphery of the base where the attacker is likely to deploy her Hog Riders. The sooner they latch onto the Hog Riders the more damage they will deal, which certainly adds up as the raid goes on!

Town Hall 10

Keep your traps and splash defenses away from your Archer Queen to minimize the value an attacker an get from a Queen Walk or Suicide Heroes. Also separating her from the Barbarian King will offer better protection from Hog Riders, but protect him with a Bomb Tower to counter the Skeleton Spell.

Internal Giant Bombs

Mass Bowlers are a big threat at this level, so it’s a good idea to keep some Giant Bombs with the base. If you use single targeting Inferno Towers then you should anticipate an attacker using Hog Riders on your base.

You can place your Giant Bombs within the Inferno Tower Islands to deal a massive amount of damage to them. Alternatively you can place your Giant Bombs right next to the Inferno Tower Island in order to bait a Heal Spell onto the Inferno Tower which may not cover the Giant Bomb next to it.

External Giant Bombs

It’s still a good idea to place a couple Giant Bombs and Spring Traps along the outsides of the base to counter both Hog Riders and Witches.

Town Hall 11

If you’re using an Anti-2 Star Base then your Giant Bombs are best used to counter Bowlers and making it more difficult for the attacker to create a funnel to the core.

If you’re using an Anti 3-Star Base then make sure you don’t give up a lot of value to a Queen Charge or Suicide Heroes. Put your Archer Queen in a more centralized position.

Hog Riders on defense

Hog Riders aren’t really good on defense. Their unique ability to jump Walls is useless, because any troops on defense can jump Walls. Also because they can only hit one troop at a time, they’ll be taken out far before they’re able to respond in kind.

Over to you

Do you use Hog Riders in Clan Wars?
Do you use Hog Riders in Clan Wars?

Hog Riders are awesome troops. While other troops get stuck on Walls and non-defensive buildings, Hog Riders jump over Walls and only target those structures that are a threat to your troops. In that sense, they’re a bit like Balloons, except that they’re vulnerable to ground defenses and traps as opposed to air targeting defenses and traps.

While costly in Dark Elixir for farming and pushing, they’re totally worth using in Clan Wars. They’re very versatile as you can pair them with a Queen Charge, a Kill Squad or use them en masse. It all works depending on the type of base you’re attacking.

This all means it’s equally important to learn how to defend your base against Hog Riders. Once your base properly defends against Hog Riders you’ll find that attackers will fail against your base just like in the rap above!

Do you use Hog Riders a lot in Clan Wars? If yes, at what level? Let us know down in the comments below!

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