How to use Hidden Teslas Like The Pros!

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I bet you at least one of the Supercell developers was one of those teens growing up with Command and Conquer: Red Alert squealing in delight every time his Tesla Coil zapped a unit to ashes.

For some reason the devs decided to make this the only defensive structure that you hide just like a trap. I have no idea how it makes sense to have an electrified tower pop out of the ground whenever troops come near it, but hey, we’ll roll with it.

Because it’s the ability to surprise attackers with the Hidden Tesla that sets it apart from all the other point defenses. And that is also how you can ruin an attacker’s day by using them to troll or surprise the attacker with a sudden high dps zone. But we’ll cover that more in depth in the guide below.

Hidden Tesla Upgrades

Attack Speed: 1 attack per .6 seconds
Range: 7 Yards
Targets: Ground and Air
Building Size: 2 units by 2 units
Preferred Target: P.E.K.K.A (2x damage)

Hidden Tesla Upgrades and Stats by Town Hall Level

Trigger Radius
Attack Speed
Damage Type
760.6sSingle TargetGround & Air2x2
Town Hall Level TH
th 8
th 9
th 10
th 11
Number Available00000023444
damage per second
Damage Per Second
damage per shot
Damage Per Shot
hit points
Hit Points
hit points

Build Time
Experience Gained
War Weight
war weight
Town Hall Level Required
town hall
13420.46001,000,0001 day2931007
240246301,250,0003 days5091997
34828,86601,500,0005 days6572977
455336902,000,0006 days7203958
56438.47302,500,0007 days7774918
675457703,000,0008 days8315878
78752.28103,500,00010 days9296819
89959.48505,000,00012 days1,01877510
9110669008,000,00014 days1,09986811


  • Targets both ground and air troops
  • Takes up only 2×2 tiles.
  • Are initially hidden
  • Low war weight


  • Low hit points
  • Short range
  • Long upgrade time

Should I prioritize the Hidden Tesla?

Hidden Teslas aren’t that necessary to upgrade right away. The Archer Tower offers less value than the Archer Tower and Cannon with it’s shorter range, lower hit points and longer upgrade time.

They do however offer better value for Clan Wars at Town Hall 9 and up, because you can use Hidden Teslas in various ways to trip up the attacker.

Where do I place the Hidden Tesla?

Hidden Teslas do not play an important role in farm bases and trophy bases. Given the smaller amount of space they occupy they’re commonly used at the very center of ring-style bases where they offer protection to a Dark Elixir Storage or Town Hall.

When trophy pushing you can place a hidden Tesla in a corner. If the attacker’s troops have to backtrack late into the attack he may run out of time to 3 star your base. If you find that your anti-2 star trophy base is easily getting 3 starred, consider using an anti 3 star war base instead.

Clan Wars

Hidden Teslas are important defenses in Clan Wars. A universal truth about Hidden Teslas is that you never want to place them together without a space in between. If you put them right next to each other you leave them vulnerable to being destroyed by the splash damage of troops such as Balloons and Valkyries. Leave a space in between Hidden Teslas typically makes them great for Spring Trap and Giant Bomb placements.

Below I discuss the best way to use them at the various Town Hall levels:

Town Hall 7

The best way to use Hidden Teslas at Town Hall 7 is to use them to support Archer Towers as a way to counter Dragons. Attackers always attack from behind the Air Sweeper, so place your Hidden Teslas and at least 2 Archer Towers on the opposite side.

These point defenses will have more time to hit Dragons as they have to make their way through the base. As Hidden Teslas have low hit points and limited range they ideally have some buildings in front of them to soak up hits.

Hidden Teslas can also help obscuring where your Giant Bombs and Spring Traps are. Experienced attackers will assume these are in between defenses, but since the Tesla is initially hidden you can make it much more difficult for the attacker to guess where they are.

Town Hall 8

At Town Hall 8 there are some more ways you can use Hidden Teslas to trip up an attacker:

  1. The Tesla Farm. Hidden Teslas can be used in the same way to counter Dragons at Town Hall 8. Place them on the opposite side of the Air Sweeper. While the Dragons may take out your Air Defenses they’ll be severely weakened by the time they arrive at your point defenses which may well finish them off. To demonstrate how powerful point defenses are, consider that 3 Hidden Teslas do nearly as much damage as a level 6 Air Defense. Keep in mind, you never want to have 2 Hidden Teslas touching because then Balloons can take both out in a single hit.Anti Hog RidersLeaving a single tile gap between them allows you to place Spring Traps there which is a perfect counter to Hog Riders. If you can predict where an attacker will drop his Hog Riders you can take them out while they’re still at full health. As attackers tend to drop a Heal Spell on the Tesla Farm you want to keep your Giant Bombs for areas that need more DPS.Anti BalloonsKeep in mind that the Tesla Farm is ideally covered by the Air Sweeper to protect it from Balloons. As a Tesla Farm is also a popular target for Balloons you may want to support it with a Red Air Mine, especially if you’re also creating a kill zone out of it in combination with a Wizard Tower. When the Tesla pops troops will pause for a moment to retarget, allowing your Wizard Towers to get more shots in. Anti Kill SquadSomething really unpredictable which would be going against common wisdom is placing a Tesla Farm exactly where you know a Kill Squad will come in. When protected by the Town Hall, some high hit point storages and maybe even a Bomb Tower you can cause a kill squad to fizzle out much sooner than an attacker intended.Note that this may only work on a fresh hit. But since this is Town Hall 8, your base would be likely to get 3 starred anyways on a second hit by a seasoned clan. If the Attacker using Hogs fails to take out your Barbarian King, his attack may well fail to 3 star your base.
  2. Double GIant Bomb Tesla. Hidden Teslas can be used to obscure where you have a double Giant Bomb. This can be a great option if your clan faces experienced players who use Hog Riders. They assume a double Giant Bomb will be in between 2 defenses.Making one of these a Hidden Tesla can make the double Giant Bomb appear as just more empty space in the base. Make sure there’s only a single way that Hog Riders can path between the 2 defenses to ensure they trigger both Giant Bombs simultaneously.
  3. Troll Tesla. You can place a Hidden Tesla in a corner of the map. If the attacker’s troops have to backtrack to take a Hidden Tesla out he risks running out of time to 3 star the base.If an attacker uses DragLoon it can force an attacker to drop his Barbarian King to take it out to prevent running out of time, which isn’t optimal, if she intended for her King to tank some defenses for her troops.
  4. External Tesla. You can place a Hidden Tesla up to 14 tiles away from where you know the attacker will drop a Golem to enter your base. By redirecting a Golem away from the ideal point of entry you can ruin the entire attack.
  5. Reinforce a kill zone. Killzones are areas in your base that contain 3 or 4 point defenses. By having multiple separated ‘kill zones’ you can force an attacker to run out of Heal Spells. If you have any part of your base that lacks sufficient dps, you can reinforce them with a Hidden Tesla.

Town Hall 9

At Town Hall 9 and up you have to ensure that none of your Air Defenses are within range of your Teslas, because you don’t want Lavahounds to tank your Teslas. Hidden Teslas are best used in ways similar to those at Town Hall 8, except that Balloons are bigger threats than Dragons and Hog Riders.

  • The Tesla Farm. Tesla Farms work similarly as they do at Town Hall 8. Skilled attackers will plan for where the high dps zones are, so a surprise Tesla Farm can do a lot of damage when the attacker runs out of Heal Spells.Make sure the placement of your Tesla Farm isn’t obvious by making it the only place where you have high hp storages a couple tiles away from your walls. You can do this by placing some Teslas inside outer compartments in the base and some outside the base. Also keep the Tesla Farm away from your Archer Queen as you don’t want a kill squad to get a lot of value from easily taking it out.Combine the Tesla Farm with 2 Spring Traps to counter Hog Riders and an Air Mine and maybe a Skeleton trap set to air to counter Balloons. Place the Spring Trap in between Hidden Teslas but towards the outside. As always ensure there’s a gap between Teslas so that Balloons can’t take multiple Teslas out in a single hit. The reason why you don’t want to place a Giant Bomb with your Tesla Farm is because attackers will often drop a Heal Spell on it, because it’s a high dps area.
  • Double Tesla + Wiz Tower. You can force a Heal Spell by using a Wizard Tower in combination with a pair of Hidden Teslas and a Giant Bomb. Place the Hidden Teslas on the outside with a Giant Bomb. This will allow you to simultaneously counter Witches, Hog Riders and Balloons. As troops pause when they trigger the Tesla it gives your Wizard Tower more time to fire at the troops. This is especially a good option if your base lacks anti-Witch splash defense placement or uses a square layout.
  • External Tesla. You can use a surprise Tesla to throw off the attacker. Good potential placements are where you know the attacker will try to enter your base, typically easiest route to your Archer Queen and other high value items such as Giant Bombs and Air Defenses.You can also use an external Tesla to redirect Balloons from the intended target such as an Air Defense, Wizard Tower or Xbow. Using the Hidden Tesla like this forces an attacker to improvise on the fly which can result in a failed attack. If the Tesla is close to another external defense you can add a surprise Giant Bomb.
  • Troll Tesla. Troll Teslas are effective at screwing up a fresh hit on your base. You want to ensure that it doesn’t look obvious you’re using one. While typically placed in a corner, you can also use it elsewhere on the outside of the map, as long as you know that troops won’t go there until the end of the attack. You can further troll an attacker by placing a Black Air Mine next to it to take out a Balloon an attacker may try to drop on it.

Town Hall 10

  • Central Teslas are great for protecting an anti 3 star base from Laloon attacks. With Air Defenses towards the outsides of the base the Teslas will only lock onto Balloons. Combine them with a Wizard Tower, Air Mines, Skeleton Traps and Inferno Towers to put a quick halt to a group of Balloons.There’s also the added benefit that they’ll protect the Archer Queen from the Skeleton spell. Some people like to place Hidden Teslas in the Inferno Tower island but doing so makes them vulnerable to a Freeze Spell and can make it much easier for troops to path to the Inferno Tower.
  • Anti pathing Teslas. You can also use Hidden Teslas to mess up Balloon pathing. If you can path Balloons away from your Inferno Islands then you can often prevent a Laloon attack from 3 starring your base.
  • Anti Bowler-Witch Teslas. You can combine an external Tesla with a Giant Bomb to counter Bowlers and Witches going along the sides of the base. A Giant Bomb with 2 Bombs can take out a Witch as their skeletons do no trigger the traps.You can place the Tesla while it while also simultaneously will cause Balloons to path away from your Inferno Tower. Place some storages near them with high hit points to soak up damage for them.
  • Troll Tesla. Troll Teslas can still work at Town Hall 10 to prevent a 3 star on a fresh hit against your base.

Town Hall 11

  • Anti Bowler pathing. If you’re using an anti 2 star TH11 base to prevent 2 stars from TH10 (or noob th11 attackers) you can use Hidden Teslas to distract Golems to path along the sides of your base while Bowlers will go through the middle using a Jump Spell.
  • Forcing Heal Spells. You can use Hidden Teslas next to Giant Bombs to do a lot of DPS to enemy Bowlers to force the attacker to use up his Heal Spells.
  • Anti Wall-Breaker Tesla. Queen Charges are very popular at Town Hall 11. Hidden Teslas towards the outside of the base can sometimes kill off Wall Breakers trying to enter the base. It can also sometimes work against Golem entries if the Golem misses the Tesla’s trigger radius.
  • Anti Pathing Teslas. You can screw up a fresh hit on your base by using Hidden Teslas to distract a kill squad away from the point where it’s trying to enter your base. A Tesla Farm can make short work of a Golem.

What’s the best way to attack Hidden Teslas?

Hidden Teslas are arguably the most flexible defense in the game. They have a range of 7 tiles and appear when troops come within 6 tiles of it. Also, all Hidden Teslas show up automatically when 51% of a base is cleared.

Because they’re initially hidden they can be used in lots of ways to throw off attacks which makes it hard to properly prepare for them. That being said, here are some ways to deal with these pesky defenses.

Farming Bases

With farming bases you can place them towards the outside to pick off Wall Breakers. You can also take advantage of their compact size to place them within the core of your base to protect your Dark Elixir Storage.

Trophy Bases

Hidden Teslas are often placed near the Town Hall at the center of the base due to their compact side. You could, however, also use them at Town Hall 8 and up to cause the Golems to path away from the middle while the rest of the attacker’s more vulnerable troops such as Bowlers go down the trap laden middle using a Jump Spell or Earthquake spells.

Clan Wars

Skilled defenders will use their Hidden Teslas to throw off your attack, causing you to panic as you’re forced to improvise on the fly. A smart attacker, in turn, will analyze a base to predict the most likely areas where a Tesla or a Tesla Farm might be and plans her attack accordingly.

If you go up against casual clans that have never heard of the ‘anti 3 star concept’ you only really have to look out for empty spots within the base to guess where the Teslas are. Particularly poorly designed bases make it blatantly obvious where they are by having 2×2 compartments, or they only have one area with empty space. If you know there a lot of Teslas placed together, it’s a perfect place for a Rage Spell and/or a Heal Spell to quickly eliminate it.

Town Hall 7

Few players think too much about how to place Teslas at Town Hall 7 and with mass Dragon being as overpowered as it is it doesn’t matter against a skilled attacker anyways.

Town Hall 8

You can sometimes predict where a Tesla Farm is if you see a couple of high hit point buildings 2 tiles away from the walls which may well be hiding a couple Hidden Teslas. Put yourself in the mind of the defender and think about where you would consider placing a Tesla Farm. While it’s not foolproof, a strong position for a Tesla Farm is opposite to the Air Sweeper where it counters Dragons. You’ll also rarely find a Tesla Farm close to Barbarian King and Bomb Tower as defenders try to minimize the value attackers will get.

Town Hall 9

You can spot a bad base design if it has Air Defenses in range of Wizard Towers and Archer Towers. Often you don’t have to worry about Hidden Teslas in that case, because the defender probably doesn’t know how to use them to throw off your attack. In fact, their Teslas may be defending Air Defenses, which is a terrible way to use Hidden Teslas. Reason being that it causes the Teslas to fire at Lavahounds instead of the more dangerous Balloons.

If you go up against competitive war clans you have to analyze a base to look for possible Tesla Farm locations, Troll Teslas and external Teslas.’

Spotting a Tesla Farm

To spot potential Tesla Farms look for where the defender has placed high hp storages around the base. Often there will be multiple locations so you have to analyze the base further. Look at where the Wizard Towers and point defenses are.

Smart defenders will separate parts of the base into various ‘kill zones’ with the intention of making you run out of (Heal) Spells. If you spot a Wizard Tower without a ton of dps around it, it may well be supported by a Tesla Farm.

As a Tesla Farm is nearly always supported by Spring Traps you can predict that a defender will place their Tesla Farm where they expect you to drop a lot of Hog Riders to catch them at (nearly) full health.

While not guaranteed these questions can help you deduce the most likely Tesla Farm locations.

Single Teslas

It’s also possible the defender isn’t using a Tesla Farm at all. Single Teslas are also popular along the sides of the base in combination with a Giant Bomb and 2 Bombs to counter Hogs on entry, Witches walking along the sides and to mess up Balloon pathing. Analyzing the pathing of your troops can sometimes reveal if the defender is likely to be using a Tesla to direct your troops away from important defenses such as Wizard Towers and Xbows.

Hidden Teslas are also used more outside the base to distract your Golems away from the ideal point of entry. Make sure you’re prepared for this possibility so you won’t have to improvise as much it it happens.

Troll Teslas

Troll Teslas are hard to predict. Even if the defender has some huts and decorations in the corner he may just be trying to make you think there’s a Troll Tesla when there actually isn’t. If there aren’t 4 Builder Huts in the corner you’ll want to consider that there may be a Troll Tesla, if it’s a fresh hit on the base of course. If you know there’s a Troll Tesla you may need more than a single Balloon to take it down, because a legit Troll will place a Seeking Air Mine next to it. In other words, don’t feed the troll.

As you can see it’s hard to predict how a defender will use Teslas to throw off your attack. Through experience you’ll be able to sometimes anticipate where they are which goes a long way to more frequent 3 stars.

Town Hall 10

If you’re going up against ring bases or you see Air Defenses in range of Wizard Towers you don’t have to worry about sneaky Hidden Tesla placements that may ruin your attack. It is possible that a seemingly unprotected Town Hall is actually protected by Hidden Teslas, so keep that in mind for when your troops enter the core.

Anti 3 star bases.

If you see a lot of empty space in the core of a base you it’s likely to be filled with both Giant Bombs, Air Mines, a Wizard Tower and Hidden Teslas. This will make a Laloon attack tougher and guarantees the need for a heal spell.

If you’re using Laloon you want to keep in mind that there may well be external Hidden Teslas trying to throw off your Balloon pathing. Keep this in mind when planning to take out Inferno Towers.

Some defenders opt to use a Giant Bomb with a Tesla at the side of the base to counter Witches and Bowlers. However this way of using Teslas is less popular since Miners were buffed.

Finally, keep in mind that a defender may be using a Troll Tesla to prevent a 3 star on a fresh hit.

Town Hall 11

When attacking an anti 2 star Town Hall 11 base look carefully at how your troops will path. Hidden Teslas may be used to distract your Golems away from your Bowlers. Also be prepared to run into a Tesla Farm trying to take out your Golems. If you see storages with space for Teslas behind them there may well be some!

If you’re attacking an anti 3 star base with a Queen Charge you want have to be careful of Hidden Teslas sniping your Wall Breakers.

Over to you!

How do you use Hidden Teslas in your base?
How do you use Hidden Teslas in your base?

While Tesla Coils where a straightforward defense in Command & Conquer they’re everything but straightforward in Clash of Clans.The Hidden Tesla is the most strategic defense in the game. Expert base builders know how to use them to ruin attacks, while pro attackers know how to foil the plans of base designers by deducing where the Teslas are.

But how do you use the Hidden Tesla? Do you rage quit like me when a Troll Tesla ends your attack in a 99% 2 star? Let me know in the comments below!



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