The Ultimate Giant Guide For Farming, Pushing And Clan Wars!

His epic sideburns intimidate even the mightiest of foes!

The unmistakable Clash of Clans Giant with his auburn sideburns is depicted as a gentle Giant who even leaves anything but defenses alone. It’s taking care of defensive fire what Giants do best, so that other troops can safely turn a base to rubble!

Who is the Giant?

Giants are the stereotypic “tank” type of troop. You know them from games such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends and first person shooters such as Overwatch.

As you’d expect from a tanky troop, they have high hit points and attract defensive fire, but do little damage on their own. This is why they’re always used in tandem with more frail (ranged) troops that deal a lot of damage, such as Archers, Wizards and Bowlers.

Drop some Healers behind them and they can go on for an entire raid!

In this guide, we will cover all the stats, upgrades and the best ways to use Giants for farming, trophy pushing and clan wars! So without further ado..

Giant Upgrades

Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement SpeedAttack SpeedRangeBarracks Level
DefensesMelee (Ground Only)5122s1 Tile3
Number of Available BarracksTraining Timetime
12 minutes
21 minute
340 seconds
430 seconds
Dmg P. Second
Damage Per Hit
Hit Points
hit points
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost
elixir cost
Upgrade Time
When Unlocked
War Weight
war weight
Lab Level
TH Level
Town Hall
1428360750100,0001 day293250lvl 2 TH4
19384301,250250,0002 days415375lvl 4TH6
24485201,750750,0003 days509500lvl 5TH7
31627202,2502,250,0005 days657625lvl 6 TH8
43869403,0005,000,00010 days929750lvl 7TH9
501001,2203,5006,000,00012 days1018875lvl 8TH10
571141,4404,0009,500,00014 days10991,000lvl 9TH11
641281,6604,500 12,000,00014 days10991,125lvl 10TH12


  • High hit points
  • Attracts defensive fire
  • Quick to train
  • Have great synergy with the Healing Spell and the Healer.


  • Slow movement
  • Deals very little damage
  • Predictable movement pathing make them susceptible to spring traps
  • Low damage can leave them stuck behind walls
  • Relatively expensive
  • More vulnerable to splash damage due to clumping up

Should I upgrade Giants?

Giants are good troops for farming loot at Town Hall 8 and upwards. With their high hit points they’ll soak up damage for more fragile troops such as Wizards. This allows you to break deeper into a base and go after the loot storages.

Giants are not that great for Clan Wars, due to their vulnerability to Spring Traps. They’re good for ground armies up to Town Hall 6, but beyond that they’re not a priority.

Basically, for farming loot, you can use Barch up to Town Hall 9 and then use Laloon for Town Hall 10 to 12. For Clan Wars, you can upgrade them until you reach Town Hall 7, where Dragons are far more effective. Beyond that, upgrading Giants can be put off until you get more important upgrades out of the way.

How to deploy Giants like a pro

The thing about Giants you’ll quickly learn is that they only go after defenses (unless all defenses are cleared). This makes their movement behavior very predictable. Smart players take advantage of this by leaving some defenses outside of the walls in order to force Giants to go after them and subsequently walk right over a Spring Trap!

Fortunately, you have some methods available to you to circumvent such a painful scenario. You can use Barbarians or Goblins to go down the funnel and trigger the traps instead. Or you can use Wall Breakers to open up the base so that the attack will proceed on your terms.

Best Farming Strategies for Giants

Giants are unlocked as soon as Town Hall 2. While they seem much stronger than Barbarians and Archers their bulk does not justify their cost at this level. Reason being that bases are still small, so Giants are simply unnecessary and inefficient for getting loot.

Barbarians have a lot of hit points and are enough to get (most of) the loot while they’re not as likely as Giants to walk right over Spring Traps.

How to farm with Giants for Town Hall 8 and up

GiBArch, the versatile farming strategy

At Town Hall 8 bases are starting to become big and more dark elixir is needed for upgrades. This is where Giants begin to shine. You can use Giants, Barbarians, Archers and Wall Breakers to break into the middle of the base to get to a full Dark Elixir Storage.

Simply drop a line of Giants to attract defensive fire. Then drop a few Wall Breakers to break into the first layer of walls. Drop a line of Barbarians and Archers to clear out outside buildings in order to funnel the rest of your army into the base.

Finally drop your other troops, your heroes and clan castle troops which should enter the base at this point. I recommend using a Rage Spell in combination with dropping more Wall Breakers to quickly make your way through the base. If the base is maxed out, you may also want to drop a Healing Spell to keep your troops up longer.

Town Hall 10 to 12

While you can request a Freeze Spell as a Town Hall 8 or 9 player, it’s at Town Hall 10 to 12 where you can create them yourself. They’re well worth using to deal with bases that have their most powerful defenses at the very center of the base.

What about inactive bases?

dead base

Of course, if you encounter an inactive base with full Mines and Elixir Pumps, you may want to attack from all sides while keeping your Wall Breakers and spells in reserve for your next attack. If you do not need dark elixir and have enough patience you’ll be able to farm elixir and gold faster using simply Barch to raid inactive bases.

How many Giants should I use?

At Town Hall 8 you can get good results using 10 Giants. At Town Hall 9 I recommend using 12 Giants. At Town Hall 10 if you are farming and not Elixir capped, you need to limit your use of Giants. You should not even use Giants before Town Hall 8 for farming, and even then you should limit your usage.

Giants for trophy pushing

Giants are not the ideal troop for trophy pushing due to several reasons. First of all, Giants are vulnerable to Spring Traps. The last thing you want to experience while trophy pushing is losing all your Giants because you attacked the wrong side with all the traps.

The other reason is more of an economical one. As you’re going for trophies instead of loot you have to be careful attention to the amount of elixir you’re expending, lest your push grinds to a halt. Giants can quickly eat up a lot of elixir and this valuable resource is often needed for troops such as Wizards and Pekkas.

The Golem is a better alternative for trophy pushing as it’s immune to Spring Traps and uses up dark elixir which allows for a more balanced army composition.

Giants for Clan Wars

Giants practicing Fireballs for more DPS!

Giants, while not the most popular troops used in clan wars, see use at various Town Hall levels. As always they protect more vulnerable troops from getting taken out by defenses. It’s also as critical as ever to successfully funnel them into the core of the base by taking out ‘trash buildings’ such as Army Camps and proper use of Wall Breakers.

Town Hall 5

At Town Hall 5 your goal is to destroy the Air Defense so that high level Balloons in your Clan Castle can mop up the rest of the base. About 12 Giants, 11 Wizards, 3 Wall Breakers and 25 Archers (to deal with the Clan Castle troops) should work nicely.

Town Hall 6

At Town Hall 6 you’ll gain access to Healers, but as you have 2 Air Defenses to contend with you may not always opt to use them. If you can receive level 5+ Hog Riders for your clan castle, it can be easy to 3 star most Town Hall 6 war bases.

Since you have more camp space you can add more Giants to your army.

Make sure you keep an eye out for likely spring trap placements and clear them using your ‘kill squad’ containing Giants, Wizards and optionally a Healer. After you’ve broken into the base with your troops you can take out the rest of the defenses using the Hog Riders. Use Healing Spells to keep your Hog Riders alive.

Since some of your Wizards may decide to walk around the base instead of going through the middle you may want to keep a couple Giants in reserve to protect these wayward Wizards.

Town Hall 7 & 8

At these levels Giants are overshadowed by Dragons and Hog Riders. That being said, you can always start practicing HGHB Healers-Giants-Hog Riders-Bowlers) by requesting Bowlers for your clan castle if this is a strategy you’re excited to try.

Town Hall 9

A once popular tactic involving Giants is known as HGHB. This strategy has fallen a bit out of favor ever since Healers lost their immunity to Seeking Air Mines and Air Bombs. It can however still be very strong against town hall 9 war bases if executed properly.

Determine the ideal pathing for your troops. Carefully create a funnel for your Heroes and Bowlers (arguably the hardest part) as it’s critical that they go inside the base to deal damage while the Giants tank. Then watch as Air Defense after Air Defense fall keeping your Healers and as a result your Giants and other troops alive.

Town Hall 10

Since Inferno Towers were nerfed at the end of 2017 Giants have become more viable against TH10 war bases. More people are using Inferno Towers set to target a single troop. As a result Golems are having a harder time, because even a level 7 Golem will get quickly snuffed out by a single-targeting Inferno Tower once it starts to do a maximum amount of damage.

So if you’re facing a war base with Inferno Towers set to single target, consider using Giants instead of Golems. The single-targeting Inferno Tower will reset when targeting another troop, minimizing it’s utility.

Giants supported by Healers and Rage Spells particularly packs a punch and has long longevity. You can combine this with a Queen Walk to create a funnel for your troops. Just make sure you can keep your Healers out of range of Air Defenses.

Town Hall 11

At Town Hall 11 Giants see some use in combination with Healers, Bowlers and sometimes Witches. As with HGHB, Healers keep your Giants alive and if they do die out Healers can sometimes revive your Archer Queen or King. Bowlers are used to destroy defenses deep inside the base while being safe from attack. Just like with Town Hall 10, Giants can be more effective than Golems if the Inferno Towers are set to single-target.

How to defend against Giants

As the main purpose of Giants is to be a shield for high DPS troops, you can either use Spring Traps to eliminate Giants even at full health or try to seperate Giants from the troops it’s trying to protect. Since Giants have defenses as their favorite target you can design your base to do both.

Spring Traps

The ideal placement for Spring Traps is in between two defenses. This maximizes the odds of Giants pathing across it as they go from one defense to the next. This works well for farming bases, since Giants are often used on loot raids. They’re also critical for defending against Giants in Clan Wars up to Town Hall 6. From Town Hall 7 onwards Hog Riders are a larger threat, but because they also favor defenses Spring Traps will remain effective against Giants as well.

While not absolutely neccessary, you can ensure that Spring Traps will always affect 3 Giants by placing walls next to them so that there is only a single tile Giants can move through to get to the next defense.

As Giants path through this long rectangular compartment they are forced to move across the tiles containing Spring Traps to get to the next defense.

Wizard Tower Island

A ‘Wizard Tower Island’ is a compartment where a Wizard Tower is two tiles away from the Walls of the compartment. This puts it out of reach of Wizards who have a range of 3 tiles. In addition troops aren’t as likely to path to it when other defenses are in closer proximity to them.

In the example below the outside Mortar lures Giants (and Golems) away from the Wizard Tower. This allows the Wizard Tower to deal it’s powerful splash damage on troops such as Wizards going after the Barracks and other external buildings.

Wizard Tower Island
Giants get distracted by the Mortar, while the Wizard Tower targets other troops while out of reach of the ranged attack of Wizards.

Non defensive buildings

You can use non-defense buildings to prevent Giants from pathing into the core of the base in order to protect your Town Hall and strongest defenses. In the example below, Giants will move from one of the outer defenses to the next leaving troops such as Wizards behind. These Wizards subsequently get picked off by Archer Towers and X-Bows. This works extremely well for farming bases, but you can also use a compartment with Elixir Storages or Gold Storages in your war base to have greater control over how troops path.

splitting giants
The Storages and Clan Castle form a barrier between the outer defenses and the core of the base.

Compact Bases

As a number of Giant strategies depend on Healers to keep them alive you can try defending against Healers as well. A compact base with lots of smaller compartments will keep Giants stuck on Walls while staying under heavy fire. This minimizes the amount of hit points Healers will be able to recover.

Protect your Air Defenses

Having your Air Defenses deeper inside the base will make life much more difficult for Healers. You can put Air Defense in range of other Air Defenses so they protect each other, but from Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 12 it will make your base more vulnerable to LavaLoon attacks.

central Air Defense
While Giants path throughout the outer ring, the Air Defense at the center will take out any Healers.

Giants on defense

Giants are not an effective troop to use on defense. Due to their low speed and low damage output they’re easily taken out. They’re also completely useless for defending your base from aerial attacks.

Over to you

How do you use this big fella?

Giants are not efficient to use for trophy pushing, nor are they a mainstay troop in high level clan war armies. To actually 3 star bases, Giants face stiff competition from Golems.

These gentle Giants are however champions at farming loot -dark elixir in particular. With their high hit points they can keep your other troops alive for much longer which allows for deeper pushes into bases to get to those lucrative loot storages.

Do you max out your Giants? What do you think of GiBarch as a farming strategy? How do you use Giants in Clan Wars?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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