How To 3 Star Bases Using Dragons!

What fantasy game would be complete without epic Dragons!? Dragons are powerful flying beasts with lots of hit points while dealing a lot of damage. For all their might, they come with their weak points, such as slow movement speed and that they attack buildings indiscriminately.

While fearsome in appearance Dragons in Clash of Clans are only overpowered at Town Hall 7 and maybe Town Hall 8. Beyond those levels they’re effective against bases with exposed Air Defenses.

Dragon Upgrades


  • High hit points
  • High DPS
  • Splash damage


  • Slow movement speed
  • High housing space
  • Costly in elixir and time

Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement SpeedAttack SpeedRangeBarracks Level
noneArea Splash 0.3 Tile Radius (Ground & Air)20161.25s3 Tiles9
Number of Available BarracksTraining Timetime
112 minutes
26 minutes
34 minutes
43 minutes
Dmg P. Second
Damage Per Hit
Hit Points
hit points
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost
elixir cost
Upgrade Time
When Unlocked
War Weight
war weight
Lab Level
TH Level
Town Hall
1602002,10020,0002,000,0007 days777300lvl 5 TH7
1802252,30022,0003,000,0009 days881450lvl 6TH8
210262.52,60024,0005,000,00010 days929600lvl 7TH9
2403003,00026,0007,000,00012 days1,018750lvl 8 TH10
270337.53,30028,0009,000,00014 days1,099900lvl 9TH11
310387.53,60030,00011,000,00014 days1,0991,050lvl 10TH12

Should I prioritize Dragons?

guinea dragonsDragons are the strongest troops available at Town Hall 7. With some basic funneling you can 3 star any Town Hall 7 base. So if you’re a fervent trophy pusher or Clan War player then unlocking and upgrading Dragons is well worth the price. Dragons are not as great when you’re just farming for loot, because they cost a lot of elixir and time to train.

New Town Hall 8 players should consider upgrading their Dragons to level 3 as they’re still really effective at this level. Investing into Dragons with elixir allows you to save up Dark Elixir to upgrade your Barbarian King.

From Town Hall 9 on Dragons generally lack the firepower to get through a base. From Town Hall 9 onwards they now face 4 Air Defenses and 2 Air Sweepers, which limits their effectiveness to only certain types of bases, usually those trying to defend against Balloons to the point where their AIr Defenses are over-exposed.

So from Town Hall 9 onward I recommend you focus on Balloons and Lava Hounds instead of Dragons.

How to attack with Dragons

Dragons are best used in a giant swarm where most or even your entire army consists of Dragons. Your goal should be to take out Air Defenses as quickly as possible to minimize the amount of damage they can do to your Dragons. In order to accomplish this it’s important that you get your Dragons through the middle of the base where Air Defenses are usually placed.

Look for the Air Sweeper.

Before you attack take note of where the Air Sweeper is placed and which direction it’s facing. Against any base worth it’s salt you can expect the Air Defenses to be covered by an Air Sweeper. You can expect your Dragon attack to fail if you attack right into the Air Sweeper which will just blow your Dragons backwards keeping them from destroying defenses.

So look for a good angle to attack from behind the Air Sweeper. Drop 2 level 5 Lightning Spells along with an Earthquake Spell on the Air Defense that’s the hardest for your Dragons to reach. This will typically be the Air Defense opposite from where the Air Sweeper is aiming.

Carefully funnel your Dragons into the core of the base by taking out some buildings at the corners of the base from the side where you’re attacking. Quickly overwhelm an Air Defense using a Rage Spell on them to eliminate the Clan Castle troops as well.

Use Balloons along with a Haste Spell to eliminate the third Air Defense right after the enemy Clan Castle troops are eliminated.

What is funneling

As Dragons have a tendency to fly around the base instead of towards the middle it’s important to ensure that going down the middle of the base is the only option for them. You do this by taking out buildings at the sides which could distract your Dragons. Drop a single Dragon on each side and wait until they’ve cleared a few buildings.

Now deploy your main Dragon army in a line and watch them neatly path through the base. If you’re a Town Hall 8 player, Use a Rage Spell to help them clear the Air Defenses and Clan Castle troops more quickly. Also use Balloons from your Clan Castle (with a Haste Spell) to flank one of the Air Defenses while they’re firing at your Dragons.

How to attack with Dragons

The most effective way to use your Barbarian King is towards the middle of the attack. Place him near your Dragons so that some defenses will be distracted away from him while he can distract some Archer Towers looking to pick off weakened Dragons.

Town Hall 9

To be effective with Dragons at Town Hall 9 you must be able to easily take care of the Air Defenses. Bases where this is the case will be bases set up to defend against Balloons. These bases have all the Air Defenses at the periphery of the base.

Against these types of bases you can use your Heroes to take out one or two Air Defenses. For the remaining exposed Air Defenses you can use Balloons and a Haste Spell to quickly take them out. You can then funnel your Dragons through the rest of the base using Rage Spells to power them along.

This can be particularly effective against bases with X-Bows set to ground only or when you know the Clan Castle contains a Hound you can just ignore.

Town Hall 10

Dragons can be used in the same way at Town Hall 10 against anti 3 star bases. If all the Air Defenses are exposed at the outer compartment of the base then use your Heroes, Hasted Balloons and maybe even Hog Riders to eliminate them. The only issue is that more and more bases use single-tar getting Inferno Towers which eat Dragons for breakfast, unless you can eliminate them first using Hasted Balloons.

Dragons can also be used as a crutch if you’re new to Town Hall 10 and are facing casual clans as it’s easy to get 2 stars with them against virtually all Town Hall 10 bases. Just make sure you carefully funnel your Dragons as ring bases are designed to cause your troops to path around the core instead of towards it.

Town Hall 11

Suicide Heroes + Laloon is very powerful in the current meta. We may well see Town Hall 11 bases that will try to over-defend against LaLoon and therefor leave their Air Defenses exposed. These bases can be ripe targets for Dragons.

The Grand Warden‘s Eternal Tome can temporary negate the damage from the Eagle Artillery and single-targeting Inferno Towers. A Clone Spell can be used to duplicate Balloons where needed, typically the core of the base where most of the high dps defenses are.

How to defend against Dragons?

At Town Hall 7 and 8 it’s difficult to defend against Dragons, especially if the attacker is very experienced with them. There are some ways to make it as difficult as possible. You can place Elixir and Gold Storages in front of your Air Defenses to given them more time to fire at the incoming Dragon scourge. You can also use anti-Dragon pathing by using Dead Zones to route Dragons away from your Air Defenses. For more detailed information I recommend checking our Air Defense article.

Town Hall 9+

The bigger concern at Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 11 is defending against LavaLoon as it’s a more powerful and reliable strategy, because you have more control over how troops path throughout the base. That being said, by placing all your Air Defenses at the periphery of your base you may be leaving your base vulnerable to Dragon attacks.

It’s therefor important to strike a good balance between the base being anti LavaLoon and anti-Dragon. Placing Air Sweepers deep inside the base, having your X-Bows target both air and ground troops and using single-targetting Inferno Towers will go a long way towards the base being difficult to 3 star with Dragons, or at least making it a risky gamble. Also look if you can keep at least two Air Defenses from being easily sniped by an Archer Queen or Hasted Balloons.

Dragons on defense

Dragon Clan Castle
Dragons have enough hit points to survive a single Poison Spell.

Ever since Baby Dragons have been introduced they’ve taken the spotlight away from their parents as one of the most popular troops to have in your Clan Castle when defending against attacks. Dragons do remain quite effective for defending your base from attacks, especially if you face more casual opponents or when you’re trying to defend your loot in multiplayer.

They will single-handedly put a stop to Laloon attacks, unless the attacker will go out of his way to see what’s in the Clan Castle. They’re also very effective against ground troops such as Valkyries as they’re unable to attack the Dragon. Dragons can take out Wizards in one shot as well as multiple Archers as their attack does splash damage.

In Clan Wars, I’ve often seen a Dragon causing an entire attack to fail as enemy troops fail to take it out. Remember a level 6 Dragon has a lot of hit points, so even a Poison Spell won’t be able to take it out. Especially an offset Clan Castle can make dealing with a Dragon awkward.

They’re also a good choice at Town Hall 7 and 8. A max level Dragon can take out an enemy Dragon or two, especially when they’re stuck on an Elixir Storage or Barbarian King.

Over to you

Do you often use fearsome Dragons?
Do you often use fearsome Dragons?

Dragons are one of the coolest looking troops in the game. While they may not be the most popularly used troops in Clash of Clans at the higher levels, they do see plenty of use in casual wars and against anti Laloon bases in high level wars.

They’re the go-to troops at Town Hall 7 & 8 as it’s relatively easy to 3 star any equivalent base with them. At Town Hall 9 and up, you’ll usually get more consistent results using more advanced strategies like LaLoon or ground based armies involving a Kill Squad or Queen Walk.

Do you like to use Dragons in Clan Wars or pushing? Does your base defend well against Dragons? Let us know down in the comments below!



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