The Ultimate Cannon Guide For Farming, Pushing And Clan Wars!

Do you remember the very first time you opened up Clash of Clans? The game’s tutorial automatically threw Goblins at your fledgling village with only a single level 1 Cannon to protect it.

This modest defensive building is worth upgrading all the way up to Town Hall 11. While it only targets single ground troops, it does quite a lot of damage to them, making them great counters against Giants, Wizards, Hog Riders and Heroes.

In this guide we’ll cover all the upgrades, amount of Cannons per level and the best placement for Cannons.

Cannon Upgrades

Attack Speed
Damage Type
90.8sSingle TargetGround only3x3
Town Hall Level TH
th 8
th 9
th 10
th 11
Number Available22223355567
damage per second
Damage Per Second
damage per shot
Damage Per Shot
hit points
Hit Points
hit points

Build Time
Experience Gained
War Weight
war weight
Town Hall Level Required
town hall
197,242025010 seconds31001
2118.84701,00015 seconds301991
315125204,00045 minutes512972
41915.257016,0002 hours843953
5252062050,0006 hours1464914
63124.8670100,00012 hours2075875
74032730200,0001 day2936806
84838.4800400,0002 days4157727
95644.8880800,0003 days5098628
1065529601,500,0004 days5879508
1180641,0603,000,0005 days6579709
1295761,1604,500,0006 days72098910
13110881,2606,000,0007 days7771,00710
14120961,3807,500,0008 days8311,02411
151301041,5009,000,0009 days8811,04011
Gear Up Cost
gear up cost
Gear Up Time
Gear Up Time
Home Village Cannon Level Required
home village cannon level required
Double Cannon Level Required
Double Cannon level required
Attack Speed
attack speed
Damage Type
Damage Per Second
1,500,0002 days7471.6sBurst - 4 shots at a single ground targetDouble the DPS of a regular cannon


  • Deals high amount of damage
  • Has reasonably high hit points
  • Has a good range of 9 tiles


  • Does not affect flying troops
  • Only targets a single troop at a time
  • Slow firing rate

Should I upgrade the Cannon?

Whether to prioritize upgrading Cannons depends on what you want to do. Do you just want to farm loot efficiently? Do you want to push trophies with ease? Or maybe you want to keep your war weight down to help your clan in wars? The answer to this question determines how important the Cannon is for defending your base.

That being said, whenever you get to place new Cannons, you’ll want to do so, because the first levels are much cheaper than higher level upgrades.


Cannons are of moderate importance when defending your loot. Reason being that the most of the attacks your base will face are Archers, Barbarians or some combination thereof. Defenses like Wizards Towers and Mortars do a much better job defending against these hordes of weak troops.

Since Giants and Wizards are also fairly common, especially at higher Town Hall levels, you’ll want to max your Cannons to take them out.

Trophy Pushing

Cannons are important defenses when defending your base against stronger attacks. Their high damage output against ground troops make them excellent against troops such as Golems, Pekkas and Wizards. Maxing your Cannons ensures they can take out a Wizard in 3 shots.

At Town Hall 9 and up air attacks become more common, which lessens the importance of the humble Cannon which can’t target them at all. Air Defenses, Archer Towers, and Wizards Towers will offer up better value at these levels.

Clan Wars

Cannons are great defenses for clan wars. They don’t add a lot of ‘war weight’, but they’re great for defending against Hog Riders, Wizards, Bowlers, Giants, Golems and heroes.

Where do I place the Cannon?

Cannons are best placed on the outskirts of the base where they can protect more important defenses such as Wizard Towers from being taken out too quickly. Not only that, it’s on the outsides where they can protect your base from Queen Walks at higher levels.

The Cannon pairs well with the Air Defense which will protect them from getting easily sniped by troops such as Balloons and Minions.

If you have too many defenses to fit inside your base, you may want to consider placing a Cannon on the outside to lure enemy Golems and Giants to them to make it that much more difficult for an attacker to funnel his troops inside your base. Keeping a Golem from going into your base this way can cause the entire attack to fail.

Clan Wars

At Town Hall 8, you’ll want to group point defenses like Archer Towers, Teslas and Cannons together into designated high dps ‘kill zones’. Make sure you separate these zones to minimize the value of heal spells.

At Town Hall 9 and up you’re dealing with powerful LaLoon attacks. To counter this popular strategy keep your Wizard Towers, Hidden Teslas and (most of) your Archer Towers away from Air Defenses, as you want these to target Balloons instead of Lavahounds.

Since Cannons don’t target flying troops they pair up perfectly with Air Defenses, so that they’re not easily taken out by ground troops. Placing Spring Traps in between Cannons makes short work of Hog Riders and also Valkyries. You may also want to place your Barbarian King there to counter Hog Riders.

Along with Mortars, you can also use external Cannons to make funneling troops difficult.

What’s the best way to attack the Cannon?

Since Cannons only target ground troops, they make for easy targets for troops such as Dragons. In addition, since Cannons only target a single troop at a time, they’re vulnerable to being swarmed by lots of smaller troops such as Archers and Valkyries. For these reasons, Cannons are often accompanied by Air Defenses, traps such as Spring Traps and splash defenses.

How do I gear up the Cannon?

The Cannon is one of the few defenses you can ‘gear up’. Being able to modify your Cannon involves the Builder Base. In order to gear up you need a Cannon in your main base that’s at least level 7 and a Cannon in your Builder Base that’s at least level 4.

It costs 1,500,000 gold and it takes 2 days for your Master Builder to gear it up. Keep in mind you’re restricted to only being able to gear up a single Cannon.

Is the geared-up Cannon worth it?

The geared-up Double Cannon now shoots in a burst of 4 shots. While the Double Cannon does more damage than a regular Cannon, it comes at the price of reduced range and an attack speed that’s twice as slow as a regular Cannon.

What this means is that it’s extra damage is most effective against troops with a lot of hit points, so that the Double Cannon doesn’t waste time re-targeting. For this reason, you want to place it where you’re expecting your base to be attacked by a kill squad. To give the Double Cannon more time to deal damage, consider surrounding it with building with high hit points, such as Elixir Storages, Gold Storages, the Town Hall, the Dark Elixir Storage, Wizard Towers and X-Bows.

Over to you

How do you use Cannons in your base?
How do you use Cannons in your base?

Cannons, while basic, are important defenses to protect your base from ground attacks. They do well at protecting more important defenses and buildings inside the base and, at the lower levels, at cheap and quick to upgrade.

Do you prioritize your cannons or do you keep them under-leveled? How do you use Cannons in your base? Do you use the Double Cannon? Let us know in the comments down below!

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