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coc Bomb Tower
The Wall Breaker Tower!

What would a Wizard Tower be with a Wall-Breaker standing on top instead of a Wizard? Why it would be a Wall Breaker Tow.. I mean Bomb Tower of course! When the Clash Royale devs had this epiphany it would seem that the Clash of Clans Developers became green with envy. And thus the Bomb Tower in Clash of Clans was born.

This defensive structure has been late to the party being in fact the most recent defense added to the game back in October 2016. It was introduced during an important time when high level ground attack popularity (namely Bowler spam) was at an all time high. The Bomb Tower with it’s splash damage and Giant Bomb-like damage it does when taken out is the developers answer to bring balance back to the game. It also had the neat side effect that Hog Riders could be balanced by removing the 1.5x damage multiplier Giant Bombs had now that the Bomb Tower serves as an extra Giant Bomb of sorts.

But the question is: have the developers succeeded at introducing a strong defense than balances ground attacks? We’ll be providing the answer in glorious depth in this guide below, along with upgrade info, whether or not to prioritize the Bomb Tower, ideal placements and how to counter Larry and his tower of bombs.

Bomb Tower Upgrades

Attack Speed
Damage Type
6 Tiles1.1sSplashGround3x3
Town Hall Level TH
th 8
th 9
th 10
th 11
Number Available00000001122
Damage Per Second
Damage Per Shot
Damage when destroyed
Hit Points
hit points

Build Time
Experience Gained
War Weight
Town Hall Level Required
town hall
2426.41506502,000,0004 days5874008
2830.81807003,500,0006 days7208208
3235.22207505,000,0008 days83112609
40442608507,000,00010 days929172010
4448.43001,0009,000,00014 days1,099220111
4852.83401,20010,000,00014 days1,099274111


  • Deals splash damage
  • Deals damage upon destruction
  • Faster attack speed than the Wizard Tower


  • Only affects ground troops
  • Low hit points
  • Short range
  • High war weight
  • Costly in Gold
  • Long upgrade time

Should I prioritize the Bomb Tower?

The short answer to this question is ‘no’. The longer answer is that unlike the Wizard Tower it only targets ground troops. It also has less hit points, less dps, shorter range and costs more gold and time to upgrade.

The Bomb Tower’s trump card is of course the damage it deals upon being destroyed which deals more than 5x as much damage as the amount of damage it deals per hit. This damage is similar to the amount a Giant Bomb deals.

This makes it quite effective at countering Hog Riders and forcing the attacker to use up his Heal Spells. But unlike Giant Bombs, the Bomb Tower is not hidden which makes it easier for an attacker to plan for it.

For farming bases it helps defending against both Barbarian/Archer armies and Giants, but given the cost and long upgrade time I wouldn’t max it out right away.

Where do I place the Bomb Tower?

Bomb Towers while not the best defenses in the game have their role in helping defend your base against various threats at different Town Hall levels.

Town Hall 8

Mass Hogs is stronger than ever at Town Hall 8 since Giant Bombs were weakened. The Bomb Tower somewhat compensates for this and you can treat it like a Giant Bomb. The goal here is to make the attacker run out of Heal Spells. When you combine your Bomb Tower and Giant Bombs with high DPS defenses such as Wizard Towers then the attacker will use a Heal Spell to keep her Hogs from dying out.

If she’s using Mass Hogs it means she can bring a total of 3 Heal Spells, while you have 3 Giant Bombs and 1 Bomb Tower available to you. If you decide to use 4 bombs together it basically counts as another Giant Bomb. Make sure you sufficiently space out your ‘Kill Zones’ containing your Giant Bombs and Bomb Tower so that a Heal Spell will only cover one of them.

You can also place a Bomb Tower close to two Giant Bombs to instantly kill a pack of Hog Riders even if the attacker tries to heal them. Just make sure that there is only one way the Hog Riders can path over the double Giant Bombs and that it can’t be simply triggered by a few ‘surgical’ Hogs.

The attacker may also decide to use a Kill Squad to take out a part of your base first. They will always try to get your Barbarian King and the Bomb Tower and/or Giant Bombs if they can. So try to minimize the value they can get by placing your traps and Bomb Tower away from your Barbarian King.

Town Hall 9

Where the Bomb Tower is mainly used at Town Hall 8 to defend against Hog Riders, at Town Hall 9 usually the best way to use it is to protect your Archer Queen. Reason being that Lavaloon is a very popular and powerful strategy at this level and the Skeleton Spell is a serious threat to your Archer Queen.

If you have some experience defending against Laloon you may have noticed that if your Archer Queen survives the first phase of the attack she can single-handedly snipe a pack of Balloons to death, while the Balloons ignore her. This is why attackers often bring a Skeleton Spell to distract and take her down.

The Bomb Tower happens to be uniquely suited to counter the Skeleton Spell, as you can use the Bomb Tower’s weakness of being unable to target flying troops to your advantage. While Wizard Towers and X-Bows get distracted by Balloons, the Bomb Tower will target the Skeletons spawned by the Skeleton Spell and take them out quickly with it’s fast attack rate and splash damage.

You can also use a Bomb Tower to defend against Witches by placing it in the outer compartment of the base. If you place a line of freestanding walls 2 tiles away from your base you can split up the Witches and Skeletons.

Town Hall 10

Using a Bomb Tower (or two!) to protect your Archer Queen is still very effective at Town Hall 10. Especially as defenders place their Archer Queen deep inside the base in order to protect her from what’s called Suicide Heroes, where the attacker uses their heroes to get your Archer Queen, the Clan Castle troops and an Inferno Tower or Air Defense.

If the attacker cannot take out your Archer Queen in this fashion then he’ll typically use Skeleton Spells instead, unless, of course, the Archer Queen is protected by lots of defenses that take out Skeletons faster than they can do much damage to your Queen.

It’s also a good idea to place the Bomb Tower where a lot of troops like Bowlers, Hog Riders and Miners come together, typically around the Inferno Tower and the core of the base. Alternatively you can treat them as another Giant Bomb and spread them throughout the base in order to force the use of Heal Spells.

Consider making it difficult for Bowlers to take the Bomb Tower out out through the bouncing of their rock-throwing attack. You can do this by leaving a gap of at least 2 tiles in front of it (like the backside of an Inferno Tower Island).

Finally, you can use your Bomb Towers at the sides of your base in order to take out a group of Skeletons so that your point defenses can take out the Witches. The problem is that the Bomb Tower can be easily destroyed by ranged attacks, leaving the damage it deals upon destruction ineffective. It’s there better to use Wizard Towers and Giant Bombs along the outsides to counter Witches.

Town Hall 11

Using a Bomb Tower to protect your Archer Queen is still a good idea for defending against Laloon. Other than that I recommend using the Bomb Towers near your Inferno Towers and the core of the base to counter the popular Bowler, Miner and since the December 2017 update, Hog Rider attacks. Just make sure that your Bomb Tower isn’t placed where an Archer Queen Charge will try to create a funnel.

What’s the best way to attack the Bomb Tower?

It’s always worth checking where the Bomb Towers are before you go in to execute your attack. Poor Bomb Tower placement can open up opportunities for certain strategies to be more effective.

Town Hall 8

If you spot a Bomb Tower next to the Barbarian King then here’s an opportunity for a GoHo attack. Even better when there are other traps placed near them as well. Simply use a Golem killsquad with Wizards, the Barbarian King and maybe some Bowlers to take out the King, Bomb Tower and any traps with your Kill Squad and use Hog Riders to mop up the rest of the base.

If you spot a 2 tile gap between the Bomb Tower and another defense there’s a good chance that the defender placed 2 Giant Bombs there. See if you can either use your Kill Squad to take it out or failing that, see if you can use a small group of hogs to set those Giant Bombs off so that your main pack of Hog Riders is safe from being affected by this massive dps zone. This is also known as using your Hog Riders ‘surgically’.

Of course you can entirely ignore the Bomb Tower when you’re using an air attack. Or if you’re using GoVaLo then you can either take it out with Balloons or use a Heal Spell on your Valkyries.

Town Hall 9

No matter what strategy you’re using it’s worth taking into consideration where the Bomb Tower is placed and have it influence what strategy you use to take out the base.


As strange as it may seem the Bomb Tower actually has an important role to play against Air Attacks by defending the Archer Queen from the Skeleton Spell. Fortunately, using the Skeleton Spell isn’t the only tool in your repertoire to deal with her.

Especially if the defender made the mistake of placing her close to an Air Defense. You can then simply distract her with your Lavahound and use a Rage Spell to eliminate her with your Lavapups and Balloon splash damage. Even an offset Archer Queen will fall to a massive group of Lavapups at the end of the raid, but this does require you to take out all the defenses before they can go after most of your pups.

Alternatively you can use a Kill Squad or maybe even just your Heroes to take out the enemy Queen.


As the Bomb Tower is often placed near the Archer Queen you should usually be able to get both with a Kill Squad. If it’s placed on the outside of the base to counter Witches simply deploy a few Hogs surgically to take it out, but beware of enough empty space in front of it that could be hiding a Hidden Tesla with a Spring Trap.

Witch Slap

If the base doesn’t use a lot of splash defenses along the sides of the base or uses them mostly at one side then using the popular ‘Witch slap’ attack can be very effective. Just make sure you take out the Air Defenses with your Kill Squad so they don’t take your Healers down.

Town Hall 10

If you spot a base that has it’s Archer Queen protected by a Bomb Tower you can still try to take her out with your King if you notice any side of the base where she’s not too heavily protected by defenses such as X-Bows, Inferno Towers, Teslas and the Barbarian King. If suicide Heroes can not reach her or if a Queen Walk can’t take out enough defenses that threaten Balloons then using a Laloon attack may not be the best option against that base.

Of course if the Bomb Tower is used to defend against Bowlers or Witches and is not protecting the Archer Queen then you can dispose of the enemy Queen using Skeleton Spells.

BoWitch is a solid strategy if the Bomb Towers are used in the middle of the base instead of the outsides where they threaten your Witches. Your Bowlers can take them out from a safe distance, especially if the Bomb Towers are right behind buildings like Elixir Storages since the stone will bounce and hit the Bomb Tower as well.

If you’re using Hog Riders or Miners you can simply heal them back to life using Heal Spells. Be however mindful that Giant Bombs may be placed on the outsides of the base, which can make you run out of Heal Spells.

Town Hall 11

Bomb Towers are often used around the Inferno Tower to maximize the amount of DPS against Bowlers, Miners and Hog Riders. This is usually a good time to trigger the Eternal Tome to negate damage from the Bomb Tower, Giant Bombs and an Inferno Tower.

Over to you

How do you use the Bomb Tower in your base?

So does the Wall Breaker Tow.. Bomb Tower effectively balance the meta game? Not entirely, Hog Riders are arguably too powerful now that Giant Bombs and Inferno Towers have been nerfed, while Bowlers are still overused at Town Hall 10 and 11. Sticking another level on it at Town Hall 11 made it more formidable but the Bowlers aren’t the most threatened by it given their range.

Not only that, the Bomb Tower is costly, takes long to upgrade, has a lot of war weight and only targets ground troops, but given the prevalence of power ground attacks it is useful. It’s worth building them, but it’s not a defensive building that you need to max right away.

Do you disagree with the conclusion? Or do you know of other solid ways to use or counter the Bomb Tower? Let us know down in the comments below!




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