How To Make Your Attack Strategies Stronger Using Baby Dragons!

Aren’t they just adorable? While your village is soundly asleep, the Baby Dragon is up to some fiery mischief, setting valuables and people (accidentally) ablaze. But we still love them.

Baby Dragons, freshly ported over from Clash Royale, function similarly to their parents, except they posses a nifty build-in Rage ability. You see, when Baby Dragons get lonely due to not having any other flying troops near them, they will throw an age-appropriate fit, doubling their DPS.

Being the cruel caretakers we are, we as the players revel at throwing these Baby Dragons into unfamiliar battle zones, keen on exploiting their despair-fueled rage boost. Or we just conveniently avoid pondering on the moral ramifications of using babies for war profiteering. After all, it’s just a game!

Baby Dragons in the Night Village function in the same way as they do in the main village. But while Baby Dragons are more often used as funneling troops, Baby Dragons are used as a primary troop in the Night Village supported by Beta Minions.

That’s not to say that Baby Dragons can’t be effective when they make up the majority of your army. They pair up nicely with a Queen Walk, but more about that below.

Baby Dragon Upgrades

Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement SpeedAttack SpeedRangeBarracks LevelEnrage
noneArea Splash 0.3 Tile Radius (Ground & Air)10161s2.75 tiles11x2
Number of Available BarracksTraining Timetime
16 minutes
23 minutes
32 minutes
41 minute, 30 seconds
Dmg P. Second
Damage Per Hit
Hit Points
hit points
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost
elixir cost
Upgrade Time
When Unlocked
War Weight
war weight
Lab Level
TH Level
Town Hall
85851,30016,0005,000,0005d 12h689310lvl 7 TH9
95951,40017,0006,000,0006d 12h749465lvl 8TH10
1051051,50018,0007,000,0008d831620lvl 8TH10
1151151,60019,0008,000,00011d 12h996775lvl 9 TH11
1251251,70020,0009,000,00014d1,099930lvl 10TH12


  • Rage ability doubles DPS
  • Good amount of hit points
  • Flying troop
  • Deals splash damage
  • Great as a Clan Castle troop on defense


  • Needs to be used in isolation
  • Fairly high housing space requirement

Should I prioritize Baby Dragons?

adopt baby dragonThe answer to this question is a simple no. Baby Dragons are primarily useful as support/funnel troops as opposed to using them to attack bases en mass. That their Rage ability only triggers when they’re isolated from other flying troops generally keeps them from being used in a spammy fashion.

At Town Hall 9, you can just unlock them by upgrading your Barracks to level 11 as they’re sufficiently powerful at level 1. At Town Hall 10 and 11 you may want to consider maxing them out after you’ve maxed out any attack strategy that could benefit from them for more effective funneling.

They’re also great if you can donate them at a max level to Clan Castles in Clan Wars as their doubled DPS offers great value.

How to attack with Baby Dragons

Baby Dragons buck a trend of increasingly more powerful troops getting unlocked at every Town Hall level. The Baby Dragon is a more advanced troop that requires a bit more planning to make the most out of it’s Rage ability which triggers any time when there are no other flying troops within 4.5 tiles of itself.

Baby Dragons for farming

Baby Dragons can be decent for farming loot, particularly considering that they will be already enraged and therefore won’t need support from a Rage Spell to deal a lot of damage. This makes this a good option during the time you’re upgrading your Spell Factory.

Generally you can get the same amount of loot using a cheaper army composition like GiBarch, but sometimes using Baby Dragons for farming can be justified like when there is an event that gives a magical item or gems for using Baby Dragons during your attacks.

When to use Baby Dragons to create a funnel

Their need to be used in isolation and the fact that they fly make them very effective support and funneling troops. In this area they have an advantage over Wizards and Bowlers, because Baby Dragons have more hit points and, as they fly, have less defenses firing at them.

The downside is that Baby Dragons take up 10 housing space, which is still a significant investment. To ensure they’re worth it they’ll ideally take out some trash buildings and a defense such as a Cannon or Archer Tower.

Using a Baby Dragon to counter the enemy Clan Castle

When you know or can reasonably expect the enemy Clan Castle to contain ground troops or Balloons then, after luring them, you can use a single Baby Dragon to wipe them all out. This works great against a Golem + Balloon combo that’s sometimes used to counter Miners.

Quadquake Baby Dragons

This is one of the few strategies that uses Baby Dragons as the primary troops. Four Earthquake Spells are used to create a path for the Archer Queen and four Healers to enter the core and take out all the Air Defenses.

The Baby Dragons are used to create a funnel and take out defenses at the sides of the base while staying (mostly) out range of Air Defenses. The attack hinges on a successful Queen Charge into the base as not only does the Archer Queen take out Air Defenses she also tanks defenses for the Baby Dragons.

In order for this strategy to work you want to be dealing with a more spread out base with fewer compartments so that the Earthquake Spells can actually give the Archer Queen access to all the Air Defenses.

Baby Dragons + Queen Walk

Baby Dragons pair up well with a Queen Walk, helping her go where she needs to go while taking out buildings and defenses to speed the Queen Walk along. A Baby Dragon can defend her and the Healers from Clan Castle troops. They can also tank some hits from an Archer Tower, which could save you a Rage Spell for your Queen Walk. The more Baby Drahons you bring the more elaborate you can make your Queen Walk.

If you’re up against a Town Hall 10 or Town Hall 11 ring base then it can be very effective to use Baby Dragons to add more damage to your Queen Walk and help create the funnel to get your Valkyries into the core of the base. Valkyries will make short work of a group of tightly clustered defenses, particularly with help from a Rage Spell and Freeze Spell.

How to defend against Baby Dragons?

plush baby dragon
So cute, it’s actually not that threatening.

A base doesn’t really need to be designed to defend against Baby Dragons. That being said, it’s often worth minimizing the amount of value Baby Dragons can get by having a balanced spread of air targeting defenses around your base.

Also don’t make it easy for an attacker to eliminate all your Air Defenses because that obviously leaves your base vulnerable to any and all types of air attacks.

Baby Dragons on defense

Besides popularly being used as funnel troops, Baby Dragons are one of the most popular if not the most popular troop to get donated to Clan Castles in Clan Wars. When combined with ground troops such as Valkyries, Wizards and Archers they provide a lot of value due to their Rage ability.

Over to you

Do you use Baby Dragons in your attacks?
Do you use Baby Dragons in your attacks?

Baby Dragons are a neat little addition to Clash of Clans. While they’re generally ineffective when used in large numbers, they have a solid niche purpose helping troops funnel into a base. They’re also great on defense enabling some varied and balanced combinations of both flying and ground troops to defend against any type of attack. They’re not a troop you rush to max out right away, but they can make a pre-existing army composition even stronger.

How do you like to use Baby Dragons? Have you maxed them out yet? Let us know down in the comments below!

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