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    How To Smash Bases At Any Level Using Hog Riders In Clash Of Clans!

    Hoooooog-Riiiiidahs!!! Well.. obviously we got Hog Riders invadin’ our base They’re jump’in yo’ walls Attack’in yo’ defenses Tryna crush ’em, so ya’ll need to Hide yo’ Springs!, hide yo’ Bombs! Hide yo’ Springs!, hide yo’ Bombs! Hide yo’ Springs!, hide yo’ Bombs! And hide yo’ Teslas, cuz they’re attack’in every base out there! You don’t […] More

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    How To Effectively Use Minions For Farming, Pushing And Clan Wars!

    Due to the popularity of the movie Despicable Me Minions have pretty much become synonymous with the movie. Personally I’m not enthused by how the hype around these Minions has been force-fed through major marketing pushes, but then they are pretty cute and harmless! Fortunately Minions in Clash of Clans remind us of a more traditional […] More

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    How To Attack With Miners To 3 Star Town Hall 10 & Town Hall 11 Bases!

    Miners are another addition imported from Clash Royale. They function a bit like Dragons targeting buildings indiscriminately while being unaffected by Walls. While Dragons fly over a base, Miners dig underneath them, while impervious to damage when underground. As they can be unlocked at Town Hall 10, they’re only available to players who’ve progressed far […] More

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    How To Make Your Attack Strategies Stronger Using Baby Dragons!

    Aren’t they just adorable? While your village is soundly asleep, the Baby Dragon is up to some fiery mischief, setting valuables and people (accidentally) ablaze. But we still love them. Baby Dragons, freshly ported over from Clash Royale, function similarly to their parents, except they posses a nifty build-in Rage ability. You see, when Baby […] More

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    How To Smash Through Bases With Ease Using The Mighty P.E.K.K.A!

    Is the P.E.K.K.A a robot, a samurai, a knight or maybe a subconsciously repressed sexless idealized self conjured from the brilliant mind of the Clash of Clans developer who came up with it? No-one knows! What the P.E.K.K.A sorely lacks in identity it makes up in spades with firepower and hit points. One smack from […] More

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    How To 3 Star Bases Using Dragons!

    What fantasy game would be complete without epic Dragons!? Dragons are powerful flying beasts with lots of hit points while dealing a lot of damage. For all their might, they come with their weak points, such as slow movement speed and that they attack buildings indiscriminately. While fearsome in appearance Dragons in Clash of Clans […] More

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    How To Use Healers To Make Your Troops Immortal!

    Who better to call upon to remove any undue tension caused by a failed Queen Walk than the Healer. While every other troop in the game of Clash of Clans deals damage, the Healer, as the name suggests, recovers hit points. The Healer is therefor the main support troop in the game. The Healer will […] More

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    Ultimate Balloon Guide – How To 3 Star Any Base Using Balloons!

    Ballooooon-paaaaaarade -Hog Rider Nothing is more satisfying than raining death from above using a big pack of Balloons. With their powerful bombs that deal splash damage they make short work of any and all defenses. What keeps them from being totally overpowered is their incredibly slow movement speed. On their own they’re also very vulnerable […] More

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    Best TH8 War Bases of 2017

    TH8 is when attacks start to become more varied. While casual players still attack with Dragons, you also see people attacking with other army compositions like GoVaWi (Golems, Valkyries, Wizards), GoHo (Golems, Hogs), and  VaHoWi (Valkyries, Hogs, Wizards). It therefor goes without saying that a solid TH8 base should be prepared to defend against all types of attacks. […] More

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    Bomb Tower – The Best Ways To Use It!

    What would a Wizard Tower be with a Wall-Breaker standing on top instead of a Wizard? Why it would be a Wall Breaker Tow.. I mean Bomb Tower of course! When the Clash Royale devs had this epiphany it would seem that the Clash of Clans Developers became green with envy. And thus the Bomb […] More

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    Air Sweeper Mastery – Upgrades, Placement and More!

    Ah the Air Sweeper! Many an IPhone have been shattered as a result of this pesky defensive structure putting a stop to Balloon spam. Which is surprising considering the fact that it’s the only defense in the game that does not even do a single point of damage. Instead, what it does is, it puffs […] More

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    Clash of Clans – The Only X-Bow Guide You’ll Ever Need

    While not as cool as an X-Bow mounted to an elephant like the Domrey unit in Civilization 6, the X-Bow in Clash of Clans is just as powerful. Instead of slowly firing cumbersome wooden missiles it rapidly fires Elixir projectiles more akin to a machine gun. Introduced at Town Hall 9 as a late game […] More

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