Clash of Clans Archer Tower

The Archer Tower is the most common defensive structure that people have access to in Clash of Clans. In fact, players can have up to eight of them at Town Hall 11. As Archer Towers have long range and hit both air and ground troops, they’re great all-around defensive structures.

Archer Tower Upgrades

Attack Speed
Damage Type
100.5sSingle TargetGround + Air3x3
Town Hall Level TH
th 8
th 9
th 10
th 11
Number Available01123345678
damage per second
Damage Per Second
damage per shot
Damage Per Shot
hit points
Hit Points
hit points

Build Time
Experience Gained
War Weight
war weight
Town Hall Level Required
town hall
1115.53801,0001 minute71002
2157.54202,00030 minutes421992
3199.54605,00045 minutes512973
42512.550020,0004 hours1203954
5301554080,00012 hours2074915
63517.5580180,0001 day2935875
74221630360,0002 days4156816
84824690720,0003 days5097757
956287501.000,0004 days5878688
106532.58102,000,0005 days6579608
117537.58903,5000,0006 days7209859
1286439705,000,0007 days7771,00910
1398491,0506,500,0008 days8311,03110
14110551,1308,000,0009 days8811,05311
15120601,2309,500,00010 days9291,07511
Gear Up Cost
gear up cost
Gear Up Time
Gear Up Time
Home Village Archer Tower Level Required
home village cannon level required
Archer Tower Level Required
Double Cannon level required
Attack Speed
attack speed
Damage Type
Damage Per Second
4,000,0007 days (Master Builder)10670.25single target
(ground & air)
Double the DPS of a regular Archer Tower


  • Long range of 10 tiles
  • Fires twice per second
  • Targets both flying and ground troops


  • Only targets a single troop at a time
  • Somewhat low amount of hit points
  • Due to it’s long range it often gets distracted by tanky Lavahounds

Should I upgrade the Archer Tower?

Whether or not to prioritize the Archer Tower comes down to if you’re a trophy pusher, farming or war player.


Archer Towers are not very important for defending your base at lower trophy leagues where people usually farm, because ground type armies are by far the most common. Generally, the higher you go up in trophies the more common flying armies become, particularly at Town Hall 9 and up.

On top of that, Archer Towers don’t defend your base well against hordes of troops as it only targets a single troop at a time. For this reason, I recommend prioritizing defenses that deal splash damage such as the Mortar and Wizard Tower.

Do keep in mind that a level 7 Archer Tower can take out a level 5 Archer in 2 hits. A level 8 Archer Tower can do the same to a level 6 Archer, while a level 13 Tower can kill any level Archer in a single hit.

Trophy Pushing

Archer Towers aren’t important for trophy pushing either, due to the relatively low damage per second they deal. Relative to Cannons they become a bit more useful at higher Town Hall levels, due to the higher occurrence of aerial attacks. But to defend successfully against strong armies you’ll want to be prioritizing your X-Bows, Wizard Towers, Inferno Towers and Eagle Artillery.

Clans Wars

Archer Towers are great defensive structures for Clan Wars. They have low war weight and defend your base against any kind of army. Along with Cannons and Traps, they’re worth prioritizing over defensive structures that aren’t as useful like Mortars and Bomb Towers.

Where do I place the Archer Tower

Farming and trophy bases usually feature Archer Towers around the perimeter of the base where they can protect other defenses from easily getting taken out. There they also defend the base against Barbarians, Archers and Goblins that are after your collectors.

Clan Wars

The best way to use Archer Towers in Clan Wars, depends on at which level you are and consequently, which armies your base will face.

Town Hall 1 to 6

Up to Town Hall 6 you use Archer Towers in the same way as you do your farm or trophy base, at the outsides of the base, where they protect vital defenses like the Air Defense and Wizard Tower. There they will also be protected by splash defenses on the inside.

Make sure to do have your Archer Towers behind a wall to help compensate for their low hit points. You typically do want to spread them apart, so they’re not easily taken out by Balloons.

Town Hall 7 & 8

At Town Hall 7 and Town Hall 8 you may want to place your Archer Towers where they will complement your Air Defenses and Air Sweeper to defend more effectively against mass Dragon. For example, if you know the attacker will attack from behind the Air Sweeper, you could place your Archer Towers and Teslas some distance apart from the Sweeper.

Now while the Dragons may not have to worry about the Air Sweeper anymore, they’ll have to get through the rest of the base to get to the Archer Towers, if they don’t die along the way.

Town Hall 9+

At Town Hall 9 and up, your base has to be able to defend again Laloon (Balloons + Lavahounds). While the long range of Archer Towers is usually an asset, it’s counter-productive when you need the Archer Towers to take out Balloons, instead of getting distracted by bulky Lavahounds.

For this reason, effective war bases keep Lavahounds away from your Archer Towers, Wizard Towers and Teslas by keeping them away from Air Defenses which are Hound’s favorite target. This way, Lavahounds won’t be able to protect Balloons as effectively, because the hounds either fly past the towers or they tank for Balloons where there are no other air targeting defenses to eliminate.

What’s the best way to attack the Archer Tower?

You can easily overwhelm Archer Towers with a dozen Archers or Barbarians (if they can reach it). It’s also highly effective to use the Archer Tower’s long range to your advantage by tanking hits with troops like Golems and Giants while troops like Wizards make short work of it.

Balloons can overwhelm them, but if they have to slowly traverse a long distance they get whittled down quickly. Unless of course you’re using a Rage or Haste Spell. When you run out of these spells towards the end of the attack, you may want to have a few Balloons in reserve to flank any Archer Towers and/or Wizard Towers from a side where they can quickly reach them. In general though, you usually don’t have to plan for them.

How do I gear up the Archer Tower?

The Archer Tower is, besides the Cannon and Mortar, one of the few defenses you can ‘gear up’. You can gear up one defense if your Archer Tower is at least level 10, while you have a level 6 Archer Tower in your Builder Base.

Is the Geared Up Archer Tower Worth it?

The mod is quite pricy at 4,000,000 gold and taking 7 days away from your Master Builder. If you’re an active Builder Base player then it’s a huge sacrifice to give up your Master Builder for a week when you need it to upgrade the defenses of your Builder Base. If you already maxed the defenses of your Builder Base, then I would definitely go ahead and gear up one of your Archer Towers.

A geared-up Archer Tower is pretty strong against air attacks. Archer Towers are often placed at the outskirts of a base where some of their regular long range may end up being wasted. Also, a geared-up Archer Tower is particularly effective against Laloon attacks.

This is because the shorter range makes it easier to keep Air Defenses out of it’s range. As a result, it won’t lock onto Lava Hounds, taking down the more dangerous Balloons instead.

Over to you

How do you use Archer Towers in your base?
How do you use Archer Towers in your base?

Archer Towers are well-rounded defenses with great range while being able to target both air and ground troops. While not being particularly threatening on their own, they can give air armies a run for their money when you have up to 8 of them. With their low war weight they’re worth maxing out for clan wars, while being less of a priority for farming and trophy pushing.

Do you agree with our conclusion? How do you like to use Archer Towers in your base? Have you geared-up your Archer Tower yet? Let us know down in the comments below!

Written by GoblinGeneral

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