Air Sweeper Mastery – Upgrades, Placement and More!

Ah the Air Sweeper! Many an IPhone have been shattered as a result of this pesky defensive structure putting a stop to Balloon spam. Which is surprising considering the fact that it’s the only defense in the game that does not even do a single point of damage. Instead, what it does is, it puffs out a blast of air in one direction pushing back any unit that flies. Perhaps the fact that it doesn’t actually deal any damage has led to it being underestimated and underutilized.

Skilled base builders however know what defenses to cover with the Air Sweeper to defend against even the most overpowered air attacks. We’ll be covering how to best use this strategic defense down in the guide below.

Air Sweeper Upgrades

Attack Speed
Damage Type
1-15 Tiles5sNone (Knockback Only)Air2x2
Town Hall Level TH
th 8
th 9
th 10
th 11
Number Available00000111222
Push Strength
Hit Points
hit points

Build Time
Experience Gained
War Weight
Town Hall Level Required
town hall
1.6750500,0001 days293206
2.0800750,0003 days509396
2.48501,250,0005 days657577
2.89002,400,0007 days777758
3.29504,800,0008 days831919
3.61,0007,200,0009 days88110710
4.01,0509,600,00010 days92912711


  • Compact 2×2 size
  • Long range
  • Low war weight


  • Low hit points
  • Only covers one direction
  • Only affects flying troops

Should I prioritize the Air Sweeper?

While upgrading the Air Sweeper increases the amount of hit points it has, the biggest advantage of upgrading your Air Sweeper is the increased amount of tiles troops are blown back when struck by the air blast. This makes the Air Sweeper very effective at Town Hall levels where air attacks are common.


As nifty as the Air Sweeper is, it rarely comes into play up to Town Hall 8. Armies like Giant-Healer and Mass Dragon are simply too costly in elixir and too time consuming to use for farming loot. At Town Hall 9 and up your base will be hit by Laloon, especially in the Crystal League or higher, so that would be a good time to catch up on Air Sweeper upgrades if you’ve neglected them so far. Building the second Air Sweeper after upgrading to Town Hall 9 is without doubt worth it.

Trophy Pushing

Air Sweepers are relevant earlier than they are for farming. While not as big of a priority as high dps defenses such as Wizard Towers, Air Defenses and X-Bows, they still provide great value against Giant-Healer at TH6, Dragons at TH7 and TH8 and Laloon at TH9 to TH11.

Clan Wars

Air Sweepers are very useful for Clan Wars as they can seriously complicate attacks against your base and they don’t add much ‘war weight’ to your base either. Flying troops are powerful at every Town Hall level, so it’s important you max out your Air Sweeper.

Where do I place the Air Sweeper?

The obvious best way to use the Air Sweeper is to point it in the direction where your most valuable air targeting defenses are. Supporting these defenses with your Air Sweepers buys them more time to get hits in on flying troops. Up to Town Hall 8 this mean using your Air Sweepers to cover your Air Defenses, while at Town Hall 9 your other air targeting defenses are more important, but more about that below.

Town Hall 6

Both Healers and Balloons are threats at Town Hall 6. You wan’t to keep your Air Defenses protected at the core of the base and support them with the Air Sweeper. The attacker will usually attack with their Balloons from behind the direction the Sweeper is pointed at, so place your Archer Towers at the opposite end to help pick off the Balloons.

Knowing that people attacking with Giant-Healer will aim to take out your Air Defenses as quickly as possible you can use your Air Sweeper to push Healers into the Air Defenses.

Town Hall 7 and 8

As DragLoon is one of the strongest, if not the strongest attack strategy at this level it’s important that you carefully optimize your Air Sweeper placement.

A good way to place your Air Sweeper is to have it’s air blast range cover all 3 Air Defenses. With all the Air Defenses protected by the Sweeper the attacker will usually try to come in from behind it. While that negates the Sweeper’s threat, it does allow you to predict where the attacker will attack from and adjust your base accordingly.

You can use high hit point buildings such as your Town Hall and Dark Elixir Storage in front of your Air Defenses closest to your Air Sweeper. These buildings also offer great protection to Hidden Teslas which you can place behind them to do a lot of damage to Dragons.

Place Archer Towers on the opposite side of the Air Sweeper, because with their long range they can pick off the Dragons that came in from the opposite side.

Town Hall 9

With the introduction of Lavahounds at Town Hall 9, you would maybe expect that you should use your Air Sweepers to counter them. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the main threat are Balloons.

The most effective way to counter them is by having separate ‘kill zones’ against Balloons consisting of Archer Towers, Wizard Towers, X-Bows, Hidden Teslas and Air Mines. As Lavahounds go after Air Defenses it makes it much harder for the attacker to use them to protect their Balloons. Point your Air Sweepers towards these anti-Balloon compartments to buy these defenses more time to fire at Balloons.

Try to place them away from when you expect the attacker to come in with their kill squad and towards the core of the base so that they’re not easily flanked from behind. A great place for them is within a X-Bow Island since they neatly fit into the 2 tile ‘moat’ around the X-Bow itself.

One thing to watch out for is where your base is most likely to get attacked by Healers as you want to prevent your Air Sweeper from blowing them away from your Air Defenses.

Town Hall 10+

Most of what applies to Town Hall 9 also applies to Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11. Except instead of using X-Bow Islands, you can use Inferno Tower Islands and cover them and other air targeting defenses with your Air Sweepers. If you’re using an anti 2 star war base at Town Hall 1, then having Air Sweepers within the core of the base will help protect your Town Hall and Inferno Towers from Dragons.

What’s the best way to attack Air Sweepers?

Air Sweepers are formidable defenses that make air attacks a lot less predictable as they will often push your troops away from the targets you want them to be taking out. As a result you troops are shot down by the very same defenses you were trying to quickly eliminate! I fully understand if this has resulted in any broken phones.

Fortunately this pesky defense only has a 120-degree radius, while the actual air blast covers only a 30-degree angle. This makes the Air Sweeper less effective when troops are more spread out.

Below are the most effective ways to counter the Air Sweeper at each Town Hall level.

Town Hall 6

The most effective way to 3 star a max TH6 is using Giants, Wizards and donated Hog Riders as they’re very effective with Heal Spell support. This attack completely negates the Sweeper as it can only affect troops that fly.

Using Balloons can work, but if the Air Defenses are well-protected then you have to take those out first with ground troops. You can then simply use your Balloons to attack from behind the Sweeper. Since you’ll have less Balloons available you’ll have to be careful of any remaining Archer Towers shooting down your Balloons.

If you’re using Giant-Healer than the Sweeper can either be a nuisance or a boon. Because if the Sweeper is blowing the Healers out of range of Air Defenses it’ll help them stay alive while your Giants take them out. On the flip side, an Air Sweeper can also push your Healers into Air Defense range when they were safe before. Carefully look at the range of the Sweeper to determine how it may affect your Healers.

Town Hall 7 and 8

The most obvious way when using Dragons at Town Hall 7 and Town Hall 8 is to attack from behind the Air Sweeper. When you properly funnel your Dragons this can often result in a 3 star against your average base designs.

Things become trickier when that side is heavily protected by buildings with high hit points like the Gold and Elixir storages and the Town Hall in particular, all within range of 2 Air Defenses and maybe even a Tesla Farm.

You also have to watch out for ‘dead zones’. Dragons attack the building closest to them, so when there’s empty space that separates Air Defenses from the buildings surrounding them you have to pay extra attention when funneling your Dragons to ensure they will go down the middle instead of getting picked off from flying along the sides of the base.

Balloons can temporarily negate the Sweeper when you’re using a Haste Spell on them.

Town Hall 9

At Town Hall 9 and up you now have to deal with 2 Air Sweepers doubling the area where flying troops get blown back. This makes using spells such as the Haste Spell and Rage Spell that speed up your troops a must.

Rage Spells are great to use on Dragons and also Balloons when they move across an area of the base with a ton of firepower against flying troops. Haste Spells are basically the Sweeper’s counterpart, boosting the speed of troops more than the Rage Spell does, while requiring only half the amount of spell slots as Rage Spells do. A Heal spell can keep your Balloons under fire for longer, which

Before attacking a base you want to take note of where the Air Sweepers are positioned. If you plan on luring the Clan Castle troops make sure you’re not trying to lure right into the range of an Air Sweeper as you’ll only lose your troops before they get into the trigger radius of the Clan Castle.

If you spot any Air Sweeper placed towards the outside of the base you want to use a few Balloons to take it out to help your main Balloon pack move through the base.

If you spot an Air Defense that’s right next to an Air Sweeper you can take them both out at the same time using 2 Lightning Spells and an Earthquake Spell.

Town Hall 10

At Town Hall 10 you unlock yet another way to counter the Air Sweeper, namely, the Freeze Spell. If you can Freeze an Air Sweeper and an Air Defense or Inferno Tower with the same Freeze Spell, then you’re getting some decent value out of it.

If you’re trying to 2 star a Town Hall 11 and you notice that the Air Sweepers do not protect the Town Hall then using Dragons can be effective against the base. You can use a Queen Charge to take out Air Defenses and a Sweeper to clear the path fro Dragons to get the Town Hall.

Town Hall 11

If you’re using Lavaloon see if you can get an Inferno Tower with your Heroes. This will help the pathing of your Balloons. Ideally you can come in from behind at least one Sweeper with your Laloon army and use a Haste Spell when needed for when the second Sweepers starts to target your Balloons.

Dragons can be effective against bases that have all the Air Defenses, Sweepers, Inferno Towers and the Eagle Artillery on one side of the base, because Dragons can push through them using Rage Spells.

Over to you

If you’re an avid Clan War player or Trophy Pusher then upgrading your Air Sweepers isn’t something you want to put off for too long. This defense is of vital importance to slow down flying troops who are typically under the effect of a speed-enhancing spell. Those who brave into bases with their flying armies must learn how to counter it, lest their troops are shot down before they ever reach their intended targets.

How do you like to use the Air Sweeper? Has the Air Sweeper cost you your phone? Let us know in the comments below!



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