How To Use Air Defenses To Defend Against Any Type Of Air Attack!

How do you deal with troops that fly across your base like a pesky swarm of gnats? It’s using oversized fireworks of course! #ClashLogic

anti airThis adorable looking defense is the clash equivalent of a ‘Flakzwilling 40’ anti-aircraft flak gun. It takes out flying troops as quickly as a bug swatter sends wasps on a one-way trip to wasp heaven.

In other words, the Air Defense is the de facto answer to air attacks with it’s high dps and long range. And that is all it can do, as it’s unable to target ground troops at all. That being said, the Air Defense is an important defense to protect your base.

In this guide, we’re covering all the upgrades, best placements, and strategies for dealing with these doom rockets.

Air Defense Upgrades

Damage Type: Single Target
Attack Speed: 1 attack per 1 second
Range: 10 Tiles
Targets: Air
Building Size: 3 units by 3 units

Air Defense Upgrades and Stats by Town Hall Level

Attack Speed
Damage Type
101sSingle TargetAir3x3
Town Hall Level TH
th 8
th 9
th 10
th 11
Number Available00011233444
damage per second
Damage Per Second
damage per shot
Damage Per Shot
hit points
Hit Points
hit points

Build Time
Experience Gained
War Weight
war weight
Town Hall Level Required
town hall
1808080022,5005 hours134504
211011085090,0001 day293994
3140140900270,0003 days5091475
4160160950500,0004 days5871956
51901901,0001,000,0005 days6572417
62302301,0502,000,0006 days7202878
72802801,1104,000,0008 days8313319
83203201,1706,300,00010 days92937510
93603601,2308,800,00012 days1,01841811


  • Very high DPS
  • Long range
  • Low war weight


  • Only targets flying troops
  • Only targets one troop at a time
  • Long upgrade time

Should I prioritize the Air Defense?

The answer to this question highly depends on which Townhall level you’re at and also if you’re mostly pushing trophies, farming or doing clan wars.


The Air Defense is the shiny new upgrade at Town Hall 4. But do you actually need it at that level? The answer to that is a resounding no, no you don’t. 95%+ of the attacks your base faces are Barbarians, Archers or a combination thereof.

This means that, from a farming perspective, you can hold off on maxing your Air Defenses. While your base may get hit by Dragons at Town Hall 7, it doesn’t happen often enough to justify prioritizing the Air Defense. Reason being that an army full of Dragons costs the attacker a small fortune in Elixir.

At Town Hall 9 and up, you’ll start to get attacked by flying armies more often. Prioritizing the Air Defense more at these levels is not a bad idea, especially considering their utility in Clan Wars.

Trophy Pushing

Air Defenses become relevant sooner when pushing trophies than when farming. While they come in handy at Town Hall 6 to fend off the Giant-Healer combo, they really start to come into their own at Town Hall 7 and 8 where they protect your base from mass Dragons, which is a popular pushing strategy.

At Town Hall 9 and up you’ll also have Laloon to contend with, which makes the Air Defense an important upgrade at the higher levels.

Clan Wars

Air Defenses are particularly important for Clan Wars. Their ‘war weight’ is very low and offer a lot of value against air armies. At Town Hall 4 and 5 they defend your base against Balloons, especially those donated to the enemy’s clan castle.

At Town Hall 6 they’re critical to defending against the Giant Healer combo. At Town Hall 7 and 8 you want to max them quickly to defend against Dragons. At Town Hall 9 and up they’re critical for defending against LaLoon variations.

The Air Defense is the only low-level tower in Clash of Clans that deals significant damage even from level 1. While this damage goes up significantly from upgrades, even a level 1 Air Defense tower is capable of dealing big damage.

Where do I place the Air Defense?

Where to place the Air Defense, as often is the case, depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and at which Town Hall level you are.

Up To Town Hall 5

When farming you can neglect your Air Defense placement, because the vast majority of attacks will consist of Barbarian, Archer and Giant attacks. However, for Clan Wars and trophy pushing your Air Defense placement is very important.

While the Air Defense does a lot of damage, you only have 1 until Town Hall 6. The attacker only has to take out your Air Defense in order to sweep in with Balloons to clear the rest of the base. Be sure to place the Air Defense at the center of your base where it’s protected by everything else on every side.

Town Hall 6

At Town Hall 6 you could place the Air Defense at the center to counter Healers and Balloons, but if you don’t find yourself getting attacked much by flying troops you can move it more towards the outside.

Giant-Healer attacks which are more costly as a farming attack are quite effective for trophy pushing and Clan Wars. For this reason you will want to protect your Air Defenses at the center of your base where they’re well protected by other defenses and walls. Creating a ring around them with spring traps can keep Giants and Hog Riders from taking the Air Defenses out.

Town Hall 7 and 8

At Town Hall 7 and Town Hall 8 it’s a good idea to have them protected by other defenses and to place them in a triangle where you can have an Air Sweeper cover at least 2 of them. This will help defend against an army of Dragons.

Proper Air Defense placement is particularly important for Clan Wars and trophy pushing where DragLoon is a common attack. You never want to make it too easy for the attacker to come in from behind the Air Sweeper and take out two of your Air Defenses. She’d only have to use a couple Lightning Spells with an Earthquake Spell to take out the final Air Defense.

Six things you can do to counter Dragons

  1. Use anti-Dragon pathing. To make life more difficult for a drag-spammer you can make it difficult for Dragons to path directly to your Air Defenses. You can do this by leaving a 2 tile gap between the Air Defense and the buildings that surround them. You can for example have a wall and a single line of empty space. This will cause the Dragons to veer off to the sides unless all the buildings are cleared.
  2. Place 2 storages in front of each Air Defense. It will take a long time for a Dragon to get through a storage due to the high amount of hit points they have.
  3. Use Air Mines to counter Balloons. Place Air Mines next to the Air Defense that the attacker is most likely to go after with his Balloons in his Clan Castle. You can typically predict that the attacker will come in from behind the Air Sweeper with Dragons and drop Balloons on the Air Defense that’s more difficult to get to.
  4. Ensure Seeking Air Mines affect Dragons. A Seeking Air Mine taking out a Balloon is a waste. Usually a good bet is to place them next to Air Defenses close to the Air Sweeper, as attackers tend to come in from behind it. You can also place them next to the Air Sweeper if it allows you to take out Dragons earlier into the attack, as you get more value from the mine hitting a Dragon that still has most of it’s health.
  5. Don’t place Air Defenses too close together. Placing them directly together leaves them vulnerable to Lightning Spells. But even a short distance between them can make your base vulnerable to Dragons and high level Balloons under a Rage spell.You can actually bait their Balloons by utilizing an ‘Air Defense Island’ where you have an Air Defense with empty space around it that the attacker targets with Balloons because they don’t get distracted by surrounding buildings like Dragons do.
  6. Stall with your Barbarian King and Skeleton Trap. Use your Barbarian King and Skeleton Trap to distract Dragons that reached one of your Air Defenses, especially if you have any that aren’t protected by the Air Sweeper.

Anti GoVaLo tip: Ensure all Air Defenses are placed in different compartments to make it more difficult for Valkyries to take them out.

Town Hall 9~11

From Town Hall 9 onwards, Laloon becomes a big threat. Lavahounds have a ton of Hit Points allowing them to soak up hits so that Balloons can crush the base. Fortunately you can use these tactics to counter this popular strategy:

  1. Keep your Wizard Towers, Archer Towers and Hidden Teslas out of range of your Air Defense. You need these defenses to counter the Balloon swarm that always accompanies a LaLoon attack. Instead, combine your Air Defenses with your ground targeting defenses like Cannons. This will make it impossible for Lavahounds to effectively protect Balloons.
  2. Place Seeking Air Mines next to the right Air Defenses. A couple Seeking Air Mines takes out a huge chunk of the hit points of a Lavahound. Ideally then, the mines hit the Lavahounds early into the attack. Place them next to your Air Defenses closest to the outside of the base where they can intercept Lavahounds early on and offer protection against Queen Walks and Witches+Healers.
  3. Place Air Defenses in pairs. When you place them in pairs it’ll be much more difficult to take out all your Air Defenses with a killsquad.
  4. Make pathing hard. Don’t leave your Air Defenses so exposed that a few Balloons with a Haste Spell can eliminate them before you can say ‘rip base’. Use your external Mortars to keep Balloons from targeting your Air Defenses directly.
  5. Distract with Hidden Teslas. Draw Balloons away from your Air Defenses by using a Hidden Tesla to distract Balloons away from your Air Defense.

What’s the best way to attack Air Defenses?

The best way to deal with Air Defenses depends on which Town Hall level you are at:

Townhall 4 & 5

If you can get Level 6 or higher Balloons at these levels you can easily crush any Town Hall 4 or 5 base. Simply use a Gibarch army to take out the single Air Defense the base has and mop up the rest with your donated Balloons.

Town Hall 6

Air Defenses can be tricky to deal with at Town Hall 6 as you’re now facing two of them and an Air Sweeper to boot. You can try to come in from behind the Air Sweeper and take out an Air Defense with  with your Wizards protected by Giants. Then support your troops with Healers and use Hog Riders in your Clan Castle to take out the remaining Air Defense before it gets the chance to fire at your Healers.

Alternatively if there’s a clear path to the Air Defenses you can take them out one by one while keeping your Healers out of range behind your troops.

Town Hall 7 & 8

The air attack of choice here is obviously using 10 Dragons. Knowing how to counter max level Air Defenses will make the difference between a 3 star and a 2 or even 1 star attack. Apply these tactics to take out Air Defenses efficiently:

  1. Funnel your Dragons. Take out trash buildings at the sides before sending in your main force of Dragons. This will ensure they will go into the core of the base where the Air Defenses are.
  2. Use Lightning Spells. Use 3 Lightning Spells at Town Hall 7 or 2 level 5 Lightning Spells and an Earthquake Spell at Town Hall 8 to take out the Air Defense furthest away from where you’ll be attacking.
  3. Flank with max level Balloons. Request level 6 or higher Balloons from your clan and use them to take out an Air Defense while your Dragons tank hits for them.
  4. Use Valkyries. If all the Air Defenses are at the core of the base you can simply use Valkyries to wipe them out and mop up the rest of the base with Balloons.

Town Hall 9 to 11

The two primary air attacks used at Town Hall 9 up to 11 is either Dragons with Balloons or some variation of Lavahounds, Baloons and possibly other troops. Laloon is generally more effective, but Dragons can be really strong against anti-laloon bases where the defender is leaving their Air Defenses too exposed on the outer layer of the base.

You can use these tactics to take out Air Defenses:

  1. Use your heroes. You often can get tremendous value using your heroes and just some troops to help funnel them. If you can get the enemy Archer Queen and an Air Defense or two, you’re golden. It’ll be easy to mop up the rest of the base with 3 or 4 hounds and 20+ Balloons.
  2. Use a full killsquad. If you add a Golem and Bowlers to your Heroes, you can get further into a base to take out vital targets. At Town Hall 10+ this means taking out the enemy Archer Queen, an Inferno Tower and optionally an Air Defense. This is particularly effective against ring bases making it really easy to funnel your Balloons  through the remaining part of the base.
  3. Zapquake an Air Defense. 2 level 5 Lightning Spells and 1 level 3 Earthquake or 2 level 6 Lightning Spells and a level 1 Earthquake can take out a level 6 Air Defense. This can be useful at Town Hall 9 to take out a part of the base in combination with luring the Clan Castle. With a part of the base gone, you can now more easily funnel your Loons to mop up the rest of the base.
  4. Haste your Balloons. Balloons are one of the slowest troops in the game, which makes the Haste Spell it’s ideal partner. Haste Spells are great to get your Baloons quickly in between the defensive buildings, minimizing the amount of time your Lavahounds are taking heat from defenses. A Haste Spell on a pack of 6 or 7 Balloons can be used to quickly take out an Air Defense that’s firing at your Dragons or Laloon army.

Over to you

How do you use Air Defense in your base?
How do you use Air Defense in your base?

As you see, Air Defenses are critical defenses against any type of attack that involves flying troops. They’re important for farming at Town Hall 9 and up, but particularly important at all levels for trophy pushing and Clan Wars.

Knowing how to correctly place them in your base and how to attack them makes a big difference to how much of your loot, trophies and stars you can defend.

Let us know in the comments below if you prioritize Air Defenses and how you like to use them in your base!


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