goblin general

I started playing Clash of Clans at the end of October 2015. I quickly became a huge fan of the game, to the point where it’s the only game I play today.

I studied guides on YouTube and read up on the best strategies on how to attack and build effective base designs. As I own lots of accounts, I’ve gained lots of experience with every facet of the game and I’m still learning new tactics to this day.

With all that under my belt, it’s become my obsession to share all I’ve learned with you through creating the most in-depth online guide on Clash of Clans to help you master the game.

I believe that when people really understand the game and what works, they are able to enjoy the game a lot more, when they win and help their clan thrive, grow and be victorious.

The website is still a work in progress. I am planning on adding in-game screenshots to better explain concepts related to the game and add more content.

I hope this website will help you bring your game to the next level. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment! ;D