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  • Bomb Towers Banner

    Bomb Tower – The Best Ways To Use It!

    What would a Wizard Tower be with a Wall-Breaker standing on top instead of a Wizard? Why it would be a Wall Breaker Tow.. I mean Bomb Tower of course! When the Clash Royale devs had this epiphany it would seem that the Clash of Clans Developers became green with envy. And thus the Bomb […] More

  • Air Sweepers

    Air Sweeper Mastery – Upgrades, Placement and More!

    Ah the Air Sweeper! Many an IPhone have been shattered as a result of this pesky defensive structure putting a stop to Balloon spam. Which is surprising considering the fact that it’s the only defense in the game that does not even do a single point of damage. Instead, what it does is, it puffs […] More

  • X-Bows Banner

    Clash of Clans – The Only X-Bow Guide You’ll Ever Need

    While not as cool as an X-Bow mounted to an elephant like the Domrey unit in Civilization 6, the X-Bow in Clash of Clans is just as powerful. Instead of slowly firing cumbersome wooden missiles it rapidly fires Elixir projectiles more akin to a machine gun. Introduced at Town Hall 9 as a late game […] More

  • town hall 3 farming bases

    Best TH3 Farming Bases of 2017

    You’re new to Clash and looking for a base to protect your hard-earned gold and elixir. Understandable, wise even, to come here and use an effective base design. While few defenses are available to you, you can leverage them effectively to keep your loot out of other people’s grubby hands. Use one of the bases […] More

  • town hall 6 farming bases featured

    Best TH6 Farming Bases of 2018

    What has sideburns and refuses to die? Why, it’s a Giant with a healer on him of course! Is there really no way to keep Giants from trashing a TH6 base? Fortunately, there are some ways to defend against this tactic; well placed spring traps and Air Defenses go a long way to stop Giant-Healer dead […] More

  • Barbarian Banner

    Clash of Clans Barbarians

    At no time is it more evident that the Barbarian is the troop most eager to fight than when he charges headlong into a wall or even the ocean! Who is the Barbarian? Fortunately, his enthusiasm isn’t the only thing he has going for him. The iconic Barbarian has an uncanny resemblance to the famous wrestler […] More

  • town hall 10 war bases featured

    Best TH10 War Bases of 2017

    To use an anti 2 star base or anti 3 star base, that is the question! It all depends on the type of clans you’re typically up against, and how maxed your TH10 is. If you’re in a more casual clan facing opponents who can barely 2 star your base, you’re best off using an anti […] More

  • town hall 7 trophy bases featured

    Best TH7 Trophy Bases of 2017

    TH8+ pushers love TH7 trophy pushers. As a TH7 in the Champion or even Titan League, pushing trophies is a challenge only the most committed undertake. While it’s incredibly difficult to protect your trophies as a TH7, there are some things you can try to protect your trophies. Below, I’ve listed a number of bases used by trophy pushers […] More

  • town hall 8 farming bases featured

    Best TH8 Farming Bases of 2017

    A building with wooden legs and a Larry on top of it. Which building are we talking about? Why, it’s the Bomb Tower of course! As a TH8 you now have access to more defenses including the new Bomb Tower, but how do we utilize our new toys to protect our base from those who want to steal […] More

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